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  1. False and True, although after considering my post it was embellished a little bit. I purposely went down the enbankment since I couldn't get up the hill. I sat there for 5 before doing so to see if the trucker wanted to say anything about the little bump I gave him. It was his fault anyway for parking on the shoulder. I still have that bottle if you want me to send it to you, but it is mixed in with skoal spit and frozen solid so it is a little gross. TNP wouldn't mind if Dick Cheney and Ted Nugent go hunting together and there is another "accident".
  2. You have a crawl space? I just have regular rooms. So, do they taste salty?
  3. Midget (PS Flesh for Fantasy top 25 all time great)
  4. True, it took me 3 1/4 hours to get home yesterday after work and it is a 25 minute drive. I was sideways most of the time and was only going 5 mph, clipped a semi while somehow going backwards in drive and went down a 40 foot embankment luckilly ending up on a service road that led to a backway home. Jeez, I had to pee in a water bottle and only got about 90% of it in the bottle. TNP secretly likes The Cure.
  5. Add 2 oz of crumbled Lay's bb'q potato chips to the sandwich, then the onions aren't so noticeable.
  6. And you have to correctly type a code word so that they know for sure you are not some stupid illeterate robot randomly searching intrigeing credit questions and put it in the correct box. You would think that would be simple enough, but your probably not from Oklahoma.
  7. True, life is good TNP has had to pick little curly red hairs out of their teeth after eating popcorn shrimp in a small town restaraunt (and the chef's hair was red but wasn't curly).
  8. And no, I didn't spell incorrect wrong on purpose.
  9. Ta Da 700 posts of mostly grammatically incorect nonsence.
  10. What Ashton does to the old lady"s a$$ Joker
  11. Does adding a question mark make a sentance a question?
  12. True TNP would feed a bird trapped in their place of employment even if it pissed off their boss
  13. False, not anymore anyway, no internet TNP would do numerous degrading things to look like a woman again.
  14. True, if being evil is really fun. TNP likes a little smack to the rump
  15. Fat chance on that, too much unfinished business. Even so, how long has it been since a Stoop's team has been outside of the top 25? Ever? I give Florida credit. Going into the game if someone said they would only score 24, I would jump on OU's odds. The 2 dropped passes (one quite skillfully stolen) ended up the difference. I look at the game stats and the overall performance of OU and I am not nearly as disappointed as the last 3 BCS losses. They played well, but Florida made the plays they needed to. Like a Nebraska fan, I can be satisfied with a hard fought loss. That Percy guy made the difference for them. Bradford was poised under tremendous pressure and considering they were missing their best running back (and kick returner), top middle linebacker, and one of their better defensive lineman due to injury, it is much easier to stoumach than last year when key absences were discipline / academic related. I can't second guess any decisions Stoops or Venables made. I would have went for it on every 4th down that he did. It just didn't work out. Florida made the plays they needed to. There were only a couple dropped passes and missed blocks by the fullback that hurt them. OU will be top 10 going into the bowl season whoever the QB is next year and probably back in the championship game if Bradford returns. I'd rather have a coach who loses the big games than one who never gets to any.
  16. reverserguru


    Roll with the anarchy, ye oppressed. Do what needs to be done. Do the opposite of what Bill O'reily says.
  17. It will take more than losing a good game (or 20 for that matter) to shut us up. Probably need a sadistic person with a good pair of scisssors. Odds are they will be right back in the BCS next year, so more mouthing opportunities await.
  18. Looks like the OU receivers blow the game along with their 33 regular season drops.
  19. Another perfect throw from Bradford picked off.
  20. They can be trained to take out the trash and give foot rubs depending on how skilled you are.
  21. Yes he can, he is pretty good at throwing to the OU defenders tool