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  1. Mr Busch doesn't want you to feel your orgasms, that is why they spend so much money on lobbyists keeping MJ (which makes e'm feel really good) illegal.
  2. Roughing the kicker..... 1st and 10 (maybe that wasn't such a bad timeout after all)
  3. And then nada, except for the great use of a timeout on a punt, then another false start. Woo Hoo
  4. 10 bucks says lady in red used to want to do fonzie
  5. Who stole christina applegate's boobs?
  6. Damn, what a way to end the half. At least Bradford's INT was a dropped pass. Tebow's (2) were pretty crappy. Looks like OU played some D in the first half. What a game 7-7, whod'a thunk it? Maybe the BCS got it right after all.
  7. Possible sig counterbets: Red1: Gaping san fran hole Deanna: Anxiously awaiting reverser's freedom (chelsea can have seconds if I'm up for it, athough tar baby might get first dibbs) J Snow: Just moved to suckville
  8. Put in a good word for me because I would make a good drug czar
  9. Maybe you can be the new director of homeland security
  10. Last minute wager I'll put "slack jawed okie yokel" in my sig for 2 months if someone will wager a similar equivalent.
  11. A fox? I didn't know about the Carrie Underwood thing. Not that I will ever have the choice, but I'd take Carrie.
  12. OH YEAH!!! The stupid Tulsa World (newspaper) "picker" took Florida by 11. He is usually fairly accurate but hopefully he is in for a suprize and OU has their 8th national championship (only 1 split). I hope Utah gets the AP #1 whoever wins this game.
  13. Damn I quess we won't be agreeing on much Just ask Sheldon Williams and Iscis Tillus how Duke "fans" treat okies. Screw e'm.
  14. Why stop at a trillion? lets make a lasting impression.
  15. I used to like Duran Duran.....
  16. Thats because of the dimples, which are always showing cuz he's nailing jessica.