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  1. I think 12 teams with the top 4 getting a bye in the first round. That would make the season mean more and give some importance to finishing the regular season on top of the polls and playing a schedule meriting the ranking (such as OU's #1 ranked strength of schedule). I personally think USC would win a playoff this year.
  2. reverserguru

    Spray Paint...

    P.S. Don't let santa put any silly string in the kids stockings.
  3. Absolutely, then there would be no phonies and teams like Utah and Boise State would get a fair shake.
  4. I went ahead and looked at your peter steele pics, was he squeezing in a turd when he was getting photographed? He had a funny look on his face.
  5. Which other 6'4" 220 lb millionaire wouldn't be pompus?
  6. Did Enzyte donate to the Obama campaign?
  7. The BCS has many flaws, but at least it is better than #1 playing #10 in one bowl while #2 plays # 4 in another.
  8. I can imagine lots of things. Carrie Underwood looks like a hot pokemon in that green dress.
  9. Roll up for the mystery tour
  10. Mess with one of us, your messing with all of us (including all the texans who come up here to play), and I didn't start this.
  11. It could seem that way, but in my little world, I am cracking myself up with my wit.
  12. False, I've had my ball gladder removed. TNP supports Blowjobovich's senate appointment
  13. Are you going to give him 1redbottom? San Fran style?
  14. You make-a my dreams come true
  15. And which over rated team got in this year jack a$$?
  16. Hmmmm Don't be suprised, its not like this is the first time I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Stoops bashing makes me go on the offensive though. Switzer wasn't run out of town and never will be. He resigned because his QB was selling crack on the streets (and a small matter of an alleged gang rape by some players). I guess some alum should have been paying them off better and hiring more ho's (colorado and texas style) so they wouldn't be doing that. He is still revered here (except Okla state fans) and will never be run off.
  17. HIS violations or alumni violations? And I did say at least in San Fran.
  18. Utah should be #1. Get real if you think Stoops kept his starters in longer than Mac Brown did against pretty much the same schedule. Stoops is the best thing that has happened to OU in a long time and except for maybe Pete Carrol is the BEST coach especially considering he has to recruit people to Norman instead of LA. Any team in the country would jump at the chance to have Stoops except maybe USC (and they would if Carrol left). Colt McCoy played more than Bradford and saying he didn't deserve the heisman is just sour grapes. There wasn't any outcry against USC when they put 50+ on OU. Bradford missed more than 2 games due to getting pulled due to substancial leads. Stoops left him in against Mizzou because thats what he needed to do and guess what, they are in the BCS championship game. That is a smart coach who knows when to pull his starters. No coach except Carrol has accomplished more than him in the last 10 years Stoops is whipping Brown recruiting in his own state. Just think what he could do if he had SoCal to recruit to.
  19. And practice is probably an important and meaningful thing to run don't you think?
  20. I am more delusional than delirious, but if Phillips doesn't run his team then thats on him. At least Switzer won a superbowl which is more than a Walsh cronie has done (at least in san fran).