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  1. And Utah won decisively, not with gimick plays.
  2. Screw the brits, they are the ones who got most things screwed up in the first place including Israel, Africa, and Kashmir. We just got stuck with the mess.
  3. Phillips is the head coach, if he has no say he shouldn't be in the position. Can you imagine Stoops or any real coach not calling his own shots? Phillips was a losing head coach well before he took the cowboys job. At least Switzer called his own shots and took credit when they didn't work (4th and 1)
  4. Seems like a big bad SEC just got whipped in a BCS game to non BCS team (like Boise). Does that disqualify Bama from the championship game next year if they end up #1 or #2? No. OU made a BCS game last year with a (3 star) freshman QB who deservidly won the heisman this year. Wah Wah Texas boo hoo. At least OU lost to a good team. If you compare losses, OU's is the most reasonable yet the haters want to say they don't belong. Looks like Utah has more to bitch about than Texas. Boomer Sooner
  5. Ok, I think I just went over 30, so 10 might not be so difficult Can you sing that zombie song for me? zombie zombie zombie yeah yeah yeah
  6. Ok, my lexapro renews in march so I'm good for at least 10 when my insurance kicks in.
  7. But they will never get in the big one. I think the Pac 10 is consistantly underrated, which shoiws up in the bowl games. I am an OU fan, but I would never bet on them beatin USC. I will bet on them beaing the big phony christian Tebow though. Poor little f'n baby.
  8. Well.... I could probably go 5 for you, cutie
  9. Maybe they shiould hire a Bill Walsh washout
  10. I worked my way up from a two pump chump Nice mug shot, what did you get busted for?
  11. Hmmm.... someone is wanting an a$$ whoopin. All I can say about Oklahoma is (besides that I'm glad they aren't playing USC) damn they are good and have a sustained top 5 calliber program and one hell of a coach who can get the best players from texas to move north. Boomer Sooner! Bob Stoops gets players to go to Oklahoma and consistently puts together NC calliber competitive teams yet people think he is some kind of a$$. I like that kind of a$$ more than my tongue does. Pete Carrol and USC are the only consistantly better coach and team yet they seem to always get the shaft for some unknown reason. Better for OU that way since they don't have to beat them. LSU, (I'm bbviously leaving USC out of this equation) Boise, and WVU would love to have the berated Stoops coaching their team. Wah Wah Wah Stoops is sooooooooo Cocky (..heh) and arrogant.
  12. I need some altered state intellectual and sexual stimulus, but I would preffer it not to be in "package format" since package seems to mean something different than a nice little box.
  13. False, unless you consider licking chelsea's toes big plans TNP likes foreskin
  14. Lets just go with Nevada and send Utah and their magic spectacles somewhere far, far away.
  15. False, theres only 3 left TNP never considers how many places that shower scrubbie has been.
  16. Its about bowling alley beer time for me, but I do like root beer and pepperoni. Last time I drank long island teas I got to spend an incredible no expenses paid night in incarcerationville with cold coffee and no morning aspirin.
  17. OOOhh... nice... I'd flip you some one's but all I have is a ten.
  18. We will see which team has the better defense You are judging SEC defenses by their playing against SEC offenses, which (ahem...) aren't too intimidating. BIG 12" defenses are used to playing against real offenses, and I think OU will have a party up in Tebow"s grill. "We'll do it for Johnny man, let's do it for Johnny! (Susan Hinton)"
  19. OU 55 Fla 31 Go Sooners, time to punk the poor loser.
  20. The best part was waking up at 3 am to take a whizz and seeing stars like I have never seen them.