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  1. I have been to Washington. Went hiking for 3 days in the cascades around Packwood near mount Ranier. It was awesome, but carrying 50 pounds up and down mountains for 10 to 13 miles a day was a lot more than I was ready for.
  2. Are there a lot of crappy teams in the playoffs this year or what. This was a weird year.
  3. That "professor" is way off. Alaska and Colorado will go to Cali along with me, and we'll party down since most of the nukes will belong to us and we will be legalizing anyhthing we F'n want to.
  4. They should only sell big trucks and SUV's to people who can park them in two tries or less. That is one of my biggest pet peaves, waiting on some dumbbutt who takes 4 or 5 tries to park their freaking car.
  5. I dont work on reversers anymore either. It sucks getting stuck.
  6. Hmm... pale and lips... no reason to think I like those.
  7. Thats a lot harder to figure out than most vanity plates, and I'm lost on most of those.
  8. Ok, as long as you've sobered up since you made that name And that's 602!! That was a quick hundred (although a little slower than you give me credit for)
  9. Ok, I guess girls with "certified sexing legs? creamy sucking lips? I better stop....." could be slightly more conservative than me, dependin on your definition of conservative
  10. I dunno, can I say I'm drinking and leave it at that? Admin can change my name to Bad Humor anytime now.
  11. Playboy is way too tame to pay for or bocott. Celebrating Sol Iviticus rocks though.
  12. I was going to say I've never been called a CSG (or whaterver) but that would be meaner than a 2 pump chump poem
  13. I dunno, in some states if you don't raise the defense in your answer, you can't add them later. Just because you raise a defense in your answer doesn't necessarilary mean the question will come before the court. We are talking about JDB attorneys and their form responses and usual lack of evidence. The more defenses you raise, the more aspects of discovery you can use. Since most JDB lawyers don't pursue ably contested cases without good evidence, I would raise every defense possible and hit them with discovery before they hit you. It takes the wind out of their sails and sends them looking f
  14. It really was pretty good, both throws were on the money. I was impressed by his reflexes.
  15. Crap, ever since I downgraded my dish network, I'm stuck with CNN headline news channel instead of the regular CNN. That primetime news guy is even more annoying than Lou Dobbs. They are disgusted and calling for a boycott on Playboy because the december bunny is dressed like the virgin mary on the cover. Do Playboy readers really care? Is that going to keep them from jerking off to the seniorita? I think not. I want my Wolf Blitzer back!!
  16. False, I wanna be dooked by you, by you, and nobody else but you. I wanna be dooked by you alone, poo poo pa doo. TNP has fuzzies between their toes
  17. Looks like George has been hunting with Dick a few times, he is really good at ducking.
  18. Google and Wikipedia is the new authority, except in Sudan.