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  1. No, I wasn't sure what my financial outlook was going to be and I have lots of neices and nephews. I am getting real close to having a Chuck Norris world combat league MMA fighter as a BIL.
  2. What happened to the rav news?
  3. monkey butt powder always comes in handy.
  4. I guess thats better than an underpass. I remember watching faces of death in high school and someone was chopping up a box full of free white puppies they got in a walmart parking lot for dinner.
  5. Have you ever seen the show "okie noodlin"? Especially the guy that has had fingers bitten off by beavers (on different occasions). I'm a little more suburban than country, but I have my redneck moments.
  6. Yes, settling the debt with a dismissal of the lawsuit might be the best thing now if you can afford it. That will usually call for a lump sum settlement payment because if you ask for a payment plan they will probably go ahead and seek judment in case you stop paying.
  7. I'm so dumb I just now figured out it was my spelling that was at issue.
  8. Looks like the top 3 are moving north
  9. 1800 since 3/2006? Whore.
  10. Troll? Im not really a troll, although my hair is occasionallyh messed up and I may find myseof stinky and have to take my shower at night instead of in the morning. I can see where the confusion comes from man with a plan but I can accept private comments from ignorant people. Just ask Love, Beal, and Nixon, I don't hold a grudge or embark on vendetas, I also don't cow to innuendos, but am invigorated by them. If you want to start one, be my guest. Win or lose, at least it is something to do.
  11. I for one have never masterbated on leftover turkey. I haven't even really though about it. It really doesn't apppeal to me. I think I'd rather eat it.
  12. Well, I am officially divorced. But I am freaky and I have learned not to define the lowest point because I have an uncanny ability to surpass it.
  13. Sorry, I forgot I live in conservative country, I guess I should least spell it right. Disillusioned. That is a harder word to spell than Gah though. That might only be a real word in batman sitcoms. 6 years of Gah has made me go Blah.
  14. In Oklahoma, we like to make even though we lost to texas big 12 championship turkey burritos. Yummy, but we don't use sour grapes, sorry.
  15. I love smirking at disallusioned people.... Post away.... JK, I luv u
  16. I'm into a lot of things... I can meet you in McKinney
  17. You should try some other places then. This one is mild. Listen to fox news or radio if you want to puke.
  18. Ive got a little paper cut, wanna pour some lemon juice on it?
  19. LOL I am delicious and evil. I actually like fake fairiy boobies better than pamela anderson fake ones. Fairies usually have nice tushies.
  20. I only watched a couple episodes and your comments are completely correct IMO. If you justify this conduct based on conscious you could not object to others using similar tactics in other similar yet opposite tactics you might not agree with.
  21. If that doesn't work, you can try a little more boobie in your avatar.
  22. My 3 living sisters are all hott, 2 are single but one of them dates a Chuck Norris World Combat League MMA fighter (she looks like cindy crawford) and the other one should be racking up mega child support (3) and alimony (she looks like michelle phipher). My married (2nd marriage) sister looks more like me. My 4th sister (actually third) was stillborn and didn't make it. I would be hott if I was a chick.