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  1. First off, if you have no idea what arbitration is, there is no way you should be electing to have your case/claim heard in front of an arbitrator. Look at it this way, you are choosing the place where the action while be heard. Not in small claims, county, or Federal court, but by an independent person who has the authority to decide the case/claim. There are rules for one and rules for the other....you need to learn about the rules regardless of the venue you choose. Electing arbitration in a DV does two things from the get go that I can see: 1.) Protects you from them getting a summary judgment, as you have that defense if ever served, and could provide a violation. 2.) Puts the JBD/CA/Lawyer on notice you will not roll over and you are dug in and ready to fight tooth and nail. If those two things don't appeal/apply to your personality, you should really read up on your states civil procedures.
  2. I am in CO as well, Jefferson County in fact. PDF Copy of CO Simplified Civil Rules just Google this phrase: “colorado rules of civil procedure 2012” The first 2 items listed were correct. The first is the original, and the second is the revision (07/2012) You may also want to research the availability of arbitration. Great info here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/arbitration/314030-strategy-steps-arbitration.html If you can find the card agreement for your specific situation, you will be looking for something like this phrase: Even if you can only find an existing agreement from this year, this phrase should be in there and allow you to go the arbitration route if you choose to do so. COLORADO SUMMONS ANSWERS: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/301797-answering-summons-under-simplified-civil-procedure.html http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/293401-confused-complaint-answer-summons-received.html http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/312489-answer-summons-colorado-simplified-civil-procedure-halp.html
  3. Just found this too in the Card Agreement: 31. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement, along with the other documents listed in Paragraph 1 above, are the entire Agreement between you and us relating to your account. These documents replace any other agreement relating to your account that you and we made earlier or at the same time. This Agreement may not be changed except as provided in this Agreement. Anyone with a GE problem needs to examine their respective unit and check the newest version to see if this is listed in the new agreements as well. Could get you into JAMS without any problems.
  4. Sorry to say, Jefferson is licensed. You can find licensed collection agencies here: Collection Agency Board | Colorado State Attorney General Under General Information: Licensed Collection Agencies and Disciplinary History: http://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/sites/default/files/uploads/cab/CabReport.pdf The attachment is one I pulled from August. It says their license is "A" Active for this month. **EDIT** I saw you have 8/3 as their cancellation, and the attachment is from 8/2. I would pull the one for September to ensure this fact though.
  5. Collection Agency Board | Colorado State Attorney General There is a list published each month: http://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/sites/default/files/uploads/cab/CabReport.pdf
  6. Person X has an offer contingent upon obtaining a Security Clearance. Person X pulls their credit and finds several erroneous items there and DV each CA and disputes with the CRA. If the clearance is eventually denied due to the credit factor, but everything else is mitigated, would this constitute "actual damages" if ever brought about in a complaint? If so, would the actual damages equal the amount of the proposed employment contract or some other amount? If not, why not? Hypothetically speaking of course.....
  7. To tell you the truth, this was one of my main goals when I decided to come here. I know there would be some free time to focus and re-read all the DV do's and don'ts. Who knows how long I am going to be here..... 1, 2, maybe 5 years if I can stay that long. This was just one of the things on my list to do.
  8. So I am trying to get rid of a couple of TL on my TU and EXP reports and I need to DV. No problem right? Well, I am currently working in Iraq under contract. Our mail comes from the U.S. currently in about 14 days. It also takes that long to send something back stateside. So what are my options for disputes with the Big 3, and OCs down the road? Could I fax, use online disputes? Would FedEx / DHL be good enough for proof to build a case if it comes to it? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Google "creditpulls" and "creditboards"; they both have listings. Sorry, just don't have time to link to them.
  10. UnionPlus still works for 15% ($12.71 per) 10-9-05
  11. Exactly what do you mean by DV inquiries? I modified a Debt Validation letter to challenge the Bureaus on the validity of those inquiries on my report. Thanks for your input though, I might try that.
  12. First off thanks to all on this board for your knowledge and help!! In 8 months I have cleaned up my reports substaintially!! On to my questions: 1.) I'm trying to remove inqs, and I have sent all 3 a modified DV letter about removing them. Free report = 45 days. TU and EQ are way past that. (Green Card says received June 2 and 3) Should I send a modified DV letter #2 or just skip it and send an ITS letter. EX seems like a lost cause to me at the moment!! 2.) I'm having trouble obtaining new accounts. I have tried Amex Blue and Citi within the past month and am wondering how to apply for reconsideration. Should I write a VP, (higher up) call and speak to a CSR, and/or try on the PFB boards?? What's worked and why would they reconsider only 1 month later with more inqs?? Thanks again for all your help!! Kodiak
  13. Anyone know if I would have a better chance for reconsideration with Planet Feedback, or should I write a letter to someone in the New Credit Department? Anyone have any experience with this. I can show that my inqs were car related and the utilization is reporting wrong. Do I have a case?
  14. Just to let you all know, I received a response to my inquiry dispute, and none (0) were deleted. I have about 8 I disputed and EX says they all have PP. So what are my next steps? MOV letter maybe?
  15. I only meant that if you're going to take the time to to draft, write, revise and pay to send letters, that when (if) the time comes and you have proof of a violation, that you follow the basic steps of sending an Intent To Sue letter and then file a lawsuit. The goal (for me at least) is to leave a paper trail that ends up in deletion. I want to catch the CRA's violating the law, and ultimately get what I want. Whether that be inq's removed, negative tradelines removed, etc.