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  1. Thanks Isislc, yeah that is what I figured, I guess all I can hope for at this point is that it stays on my TU and EX reports, this way all scores do not take a dip just yet. I am about to start looking for my home loan next after that, it can fall off if it likes, I have plenty of credit cards with pretty good limits. The best part is, most if not all of my credit education and progress has come from CIF and the people like you that take your time to be helpful. Thanks again, proof that you can change people starts here!!
  2. Wow guys, thanks for the info there, that clears some confusion on my part. I try and look out for everyone invovled in every situation, I will read up more on the laws to make sure the referrals I pay out are compliant as well. Of course as an Insurance agent, I certainly do not make much on one Home policy!!! So it is more of a numbers game for me. And on this side the only big no no I am well aware and have not practiced the idea of having my referee's tell their clients they HAVE to go with us. The great part about the Insurance Company I represent their rates are great in CA, I can quot
  3. They were one of my 3 builder cards I grabbed when I was just starting to be responsible, they will increase the limit over time, you can even pay them a fee to increase sometimes if you want to. But they do report to all 3, I had no problems. Only kickers are the $7.50 monthly fee that is charged every month to make up the annual fee. But if you are not getting approved by others, a great place to start. Also I would recc trying with the BofA 99/500 secured card. If approved, you only have to come up with $99. they give you $500 and if you stay straight for one full year, they will take off t
  4. Not sure about the inquiries, did you apply at the branch and then apply again online? You may want to call the cards approval department and speak to them. I can tell you that card can become one of your keepers, after my first year..never late, they took off secured status, bumped the limit to $5000, 6 months later up to I think $7500 or $ I am at $17,000 limit. I get offers for Balance transfers at 3.99 for 12 months. Good luck with the card.
  5. Got a general question, thought maybe someone has had a similar experience. Back in my disputing days EQ split my file and I ended up with 2 of every tradeline, that seems to have been fixed for the most part now. I just pulled my CR and my EQ is 11 Points Lower than EX, 7 lower than TU. I was not sure why at first, then I saw that one of my oldest good TL, about 10 years old is not reporting on EQ. This is a closed account with wells fargo, and I think what may have happen was the average length of credit history was lowered by this. My scores are not bad, but teetering close to 700 so I am w
  6. Good info everyone. Looks like there it may be worth looking into. I am going to contact some of these programs on Monday. I have not gotten pre-approved yet, I am getting my paperwork together now. I am probably going to go FHA and 3% down, which I do have. I am hoping I can get all closing costs taken care of. The home price is going to end up somewhere around $225,000 and I was hoping to keep the money I saved so I have at least 6 months of emergency cushion in the bank. Those of you that did successfully get assistance, how long did it take to get approved? I do see for the most part once
  7. Yes, thanks for bringing that up, that is important, however, in our instance we were working together to help our clients, I only work with people that have high integrity. There is no funny business going on, I know there are those out there that can some how swallow the pill of taking advantage of others. But I am the polar opposite. But As far as I have understood the law you are speaking of, if I am helping him do is job,and referring clients to him and helping him get the loans completed, then it is ok for him to pay me some of his earnings...?? Now in regards to my home, I can see wher
  8. Whats happening, I had a close friend that left the country for a little while, I am an Insurance agent and he and I worked together a lot of referrals in the last couple years, so I am used to kickbacks. I am looking for a new partner for now, and I am going to buy a home myself very soon. I am hoping to close on or around 07/01/2008. Thanks.
  9. are treading a thin line there, if there are no records and you now have a new mortgage...this one may be deleted if you dispute with the CB's as innacurate and ask to have it changed. They may try to verify with the mortgage company, then if they do not, they may delete the file entirely, maybe someone else can chime in on this one as well that had this experience.. I do not think that late, especially if that is all you have it effecting you all that much anyway, so I say not worth the downside consequences..thats my vote!! good luck
  10. I do agree the PFD does not always work, this will always depend on the CA, like those that are assigned by the debtor cannot make this agreement usually because they are just assigned to collect...however, I did get the success of calling and paying the smaller CO's I had when they recalled from the assigned CA, then sold the debt to another..keep in mind I am not saying this will work for all CO's. I can tell you that if I was recording the other day when I called on the CO's I mentioned at the top of the thread I could have a potential locked violation. This particular CO is from an electr
  11. I see some of you have been hard at work, you have been posting away I see. If there are any questions I might be able to answer I will probably get back on in about a week or so. But I would also find others like me where you see the improvements, and search their posts and try and see what they asked and what they posted. Start with mine if you like. If any questions come up, let me know. On the rebuilding your credit side, I first started about 5 years ago when I was in the mid 400's I had to get builder cards like, First Premier, Credit One Bank, Orchard or Household...the downside to thes
  12. Yeah Yeah, congrats!! I did the same thing a year and a half ago 99/500 ..went unsecured in a year..CL went to I thin k $3000 $14,200!!! I cheated a little to get it up to $14,200 though, on my own it got up too $10,500 and my fiance has a Bofa and has had perfect credit, I had put myself as an authorized user on hers a while I was looking to transfer some balances to Bofa and the guy brought up her card, and said we could increase her limit and move over the increased amount to my card!! It worked out pretty well, kept my Utilization low..keep on plugging guys and gals!!
  13. The doctors office may very well do just that, especially if the collection is just assigned to a collector, when did you get the letter for collection? They will probably report soon, even for the $49. Either way, if the doctor or the collection agency accepts payment and they have not reported, I would try my best to get a letter stating there is a $0 balance and it will NOT be reported to the CB's Good Luck.
  14. Great job..if you happen to transfer a balance or are using it for small purchases you should get a $1000 CL increase in 6 months.