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  1. Yes it has been disputed and verified 3 times .. this is through OC it does not show it has been sold this is the amount that they charged off at the charge off date was almost a year after DOLA.. no active collection going on but I need to have it paid in order to use My Va homeloan.. I am just going to keep calling hoping to get lower offer..
  2. Ok I have a charge oof 5 yrs old neeed to pay to get loan .. I called today the card was only a 200$ limit they said could only go down to charge off amount which is 590.... CR shows us owing $1047. does this seem like a reasonable settlement or should I push for more?? TIA
  3. I need to contact for settlement so I can get a valoan anyone have the info handy. TIA
  4. I only have one score EQ 525 other to CB no file I have 2 good trades and 2 bad (just Disputed 6+ yrs old) I just applied for secured CC to up my scores and reports to all 3CBs .. will applying for a joint loan on our first home hurt or help with my non existant scores?? DH scores in low 600s and also in repair. TIA
  5. I am in need of a pay for delete letter (sample) I have a negative TL with a bank that is in collections it is 5 years old ... we switched banks when DH joined Army and we were in Hawaii had some unauthorized transaction that they removed before we closed account then recieved letter months after closing saying we owed them money that they verified the transaction... Needless to say we did not respond and felt like they were in the wrong now its on our credit and we need it cleared in order to buy a house.. I did a search on site but didnt find what I was looking for .. TIA , Amanda
  6. forgot to ask about financing easier harder?? I beleive I was told by a realtor that manufactured homes are considered a higher risk to banks..
  7. I was wondering is it better to look at new homes and buy land than looking existing ones on land (used)? We are considering a 1995 on 10 acres 4bed 3 bath like new lots of extras and 2 car garage also built next to home.. but wondering if over all it is better buy new ..TIA
  8. Thank you for the info.. We are first time buyers DH active duty army reenlisting for 5 more years.. getting bonus and we are thinking of putting it towards buying our first home.. I have been working on credit thanks to this board and gotten alot taken care of..but I had some things removed then they jumped back on and I cant seem to get them off again. like I mentioned the bads are 5 years old 2 charge offs never late on auto at least 3 good trade lines there and then a 1 loan and 2 credit cards also in good.. We are to be moving to Fort Sill Oklahoma with inthe next 6 months and that
  9. Is it harder to get financed for homes that are in foreclosure process?
  10. Is there a set score for the Va homeloan?? No recent bads but some that are 5 years old and i cant get kicked off.. scores in low 600s-580..
  11. Thanks for the info everyone. I have the dispute results(stating removal) dated Feb 11 2005 that I recieved and then I requested report march 21 2005 with TLs listed.. Never recieved a letter form anyone about reinserting anything. I went back and filed a dispute online for all 3 TL's.. all accounts are over 5 years old. Thanks again for the info.
  12. Ok I just got the letter form CSC or EQ stating the results of dispute and that several TL had been removed well not 2 weeks later all af them are back on report!! Going to dispute agian they were not able to verify even one of the accounts.. Any advice or will this be an endless cycle until my 7 years is up? Watched my score go up 20 then drop 20 how depressing..
  13. I applied for Target guest card with Fico of 584 recieved letter denied but only due to not being able to verify address or home phone We did just move a month ago Scores show right address now but not sure if it did when they pulled it. Should I reapply and take another hit or call personally to clarify matter and maybe avoid the inq?
  14. no advice fico scores 584-EQ 620-EX 594-TU have a charge off with them CC that I paid off before I found this website .. listed on all 3CB Wanting to purchase furniture (live in Texas ) with store and Providian is one of the people they finance through also Citibank & wells fargo maybe I have a better chance with one of them .. TIA for any advice
  15. I have a paid charge off with providian paid off in 2003 opened in 2000 what are my chances of getting approved with them now ?? TIA