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  1. The link LadynRed posted above says: "In most cases, the judge will lift the stay within a matter of days and the landlord can proceed with a termination and eviction." So now I am not sure if filing bankruptcy will let me stay in my apartment or not. Methuss, What exactly did your lawyer tell you, if you don't mind sharing. Thank you.
  2. I forgot I had an account with from last year, and I got them thru that web site. Thanks for the help! Anisah
  3. Has anyone done it Pro-se? How long does it take to get it all together and file it? I am still working on getting my reports, but I want to be ready. Does it stop actions immediately, or not until they are notified? I am trying to keep from getting evicted, and I can't afford a lawyer. Thanks.
  4. I tried to get it through the free report place, but I think because I was at several addresses before and I wasn't sure which one ot put, and they asked some questions that I don't know unless I have my report. Is there any easier way to get them, even if I have to pay?
  5. Thanks for the reply, Methuss. I have to wait and see if they will accept what I have offered (which is a longer period for payment than you specified but it is all that I can afford). I feel they will accept it, as 3 out of their 8 units are vacant, and it would take them a month or more to get me out, thereby losing another month rent. Give me your opinion of this letter to the house owner: Dear Name, I am giving notice of the termination of our lease for ADDRESS because of your breach of contract. According to the Indiana Code IC 32-31-8-5, Section 5 (1), you are required to deliver the rental premises to me (the tenant) in compliance with our lease. The start date of the lease was January 2nd, and you have not provided me access to the property nor do you have any date you can provide me for moving in. I will suffer undue hardship if I have to wait indefinitely to move in. I am requesting the money which I paid to you for the rent from January 2-12 to be returned to me within 15 days. Thank you. Should I threaten to sue, or just leave that to the imagination? I don't know if I will encur any financial hardship that can be documented, although I got a cell phone after we got our lease with a local number of the house, and it will cost me $36 to change to a local number where I am. If I have to pay any fee or interest on the January rent that I will have to repay, that could be a financial hardship caused by his not providing the premises to me to move in. Thanks for your help! Anisah
  6. I was supposed to move into a house on January 2nd. We signed the lease in late December, and I paid a partial month rent (rent was due on the 13th of every month, so I paid Jan 2-12 rent). I live in SW Michigan, and this house is in Indiana about 20 minutes away from me. The woman who is in the house didn't move out. The landlord was trying to get her to move out instead of trying to see what the law was. He went to file in court to get her out saying she gave a written 30 day notice, and he found out that her 30 day notice wasn't specifically a 30 day notice so he had to give her 30 days first (in her letter she said she MIGHT move out by the 2nd if she didn't get a job). I don't know if he will be able to get her out even after going to court. She does owe some rent from June he said. I owe about 2 months rent where I am (I owe January's rent because I paid him and was supposed to move in, and don't have the $ to pay the rent now). I am about ready to forget about the house and am trying to make a payment plan with my landlord so I can stay here. What are my options as far as if I do stay here, then eventually he says I have to move in the house, am I in breach of contract? If I don't make a payment arrangement with my landlord I will be out, and I don't have the $ to find another place. Can I sue the owner of the house for more than the $ I gave to him? Is there any way to cancel the lease since he has not let me move in? Thanks. Anisah
  7. What's the quickest way to get your credit reports? I am considering filing for bankruptcy, and if I do have to try to do it quickly because of my bank rent. I need the info on my debts if I want to file bk. Thanks. Anisah
  8. I may try to get a free consult with a bk lawyer and see what they say. But I am trying to make a payment plan on my rent. I was supposed to move out at the end of December and signed a lease, but the house isn't free yet (another big hassle and possible legal problems). I may end up trying to stay here.
  9. Someone told me you can do this if you file bankruptcy but I wanted to see if anyone else has done it or knows if it's legit or not. If you haven't paid rent in a couple/a few months and you have enough other debt to file bankruptcy, you can include your late rent in the bankruptcy, and as long as you pay the current rent after you file, they cannot evict you and you don't have to pay the rent you didn't pay. Thanks.
  10. I don't have any money for an attorney. If I did I would have consulted one by now. I don't even have money to do laundry this week. I don't have a camcorder. What I may do it try to find one that is not working from someone, and put it in plain view inside my window, so they think they will get in trouble if they mess with my car. That's not a long-term solution though. I don't have money to buy one that is working, and don't know anyone who has one. Nascar, there is something in my lease like that: "In exchange for Tenant's timely payment of rent and performance of all the terms of this lease, Property manager on behalf of Landlord must provide peaceful and quiet use of the premises throughout the tenancy." My rent has been late several times because my ex has paid his child support late, however I don't think that would negate that part of the lease, would it? And if the property was not inspected before I moved in and is not up to code, that may be another way to get them and perhaps get part of the rent I paid back. I have no other place to live, and no money to find one. But now it is past just being let out of my lease. Even if I had a place to live, I would not let it go at that. My life has been miserable the last few weeks, and they need to take it seriously. Thanks for all the advice. I haven't found any specific laws that might help my situation, but I'll keep googling. Anisah
  11. I'm having problems with the people in my building, and I am seriously considering trying to sue the Realtor who manages the building. Has anyone done this before, or have any advice? My problems were the realty company are first: according to the building inspector (verbally, for some reason he hasn't come here to inspect), the apartments in our town in Michigan have to be inspected Before they are rented. He has no record of inspecting mine. Mine had a hole in the bedroom wall when I moved in, which according to him would not have passed an inspection. My biggest problem has been the neighbors downstairs. Ever since they moved in 2 months ago, they have their radio up quite a lot. I have talked to the realtor who manages the building, and she was supposed to talk to them. Then she just couldn't get ahold of them. I had called the police once, and gave her the log of the police call (they didn't do a police report, they just gave me a copy of their log). A few days after I gave her a copy of the police log, I called the police again. A few minutes after the cops left it was louder than ever. I called them back and said listen this isn't working, what can I do. They said I could sign a complaint against them. So I said come out and let's do it. I left a message on the realtor's off-hours phone (they told me they get a page when someone leaves a message, so I know they know about it when it happens). When the cop went downstairs, I heard a lot of yelling. I again left a message on the realtor's phone, telling them I signed a complaint and that I was afraid of retaliation. The next day when I went to my car, all 4 tires were slashed, and the driver's side window was busted. When I called the realtor on Monday, they said they only come out if there's an emergency. They denied any responsiblity for my car or anything. When the cops had come out, they kept asking me if I had told my landlord, and I said the landlord did nothing. I faxed them the copy of the police report, in which the officer states that the music was loud and he issued them the ticket. He also stated that the man was very loud and beligerant, obviously intoxicated. He told me on the phone that he almost had to arrest him. The realtor has no idea why I should be afraid. I had to enforce my rights when they wouldn't, and doing that to a car is obviously retaliation. And to me it shows that they are threating me. If I get it fixed, what is stopping them from doing it again? Nothing, since nothing happened to them after doing it the first time. Can anyone give me advice about how to find out what my rights are and what the realty company may be liable for? I cannot stay here, I am afraid for myself and my kids. Thank you. Anisah in Michigan
  12. My ex got fired and filed a motion to get the child support reduced. He didn't get a regular job and is working for cash so he won't have to pay as much in child support. I am trying to find an example of an affidavit, so I can see the layout and respond to his motion. Does anyone know any web site that has some kind of example for me? or any they have they can share with me?I can't afford an attorney. My head is barely above water as it is. Thank you very much! Anisah
  13. I'll see someone at legal aid and see what they say. I just wondered if anyone did something like this in case of anything happening to them.
  14. Methuss, I thought the DOLA changed, or some date changed when it was paid, to make it seem more current and hurt your credit more.