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  1. Weird, they have safeguards so you can only pull your credit every 24 hours + 1 minute, but they don't let you use it? I wasn't interested in bumpage anyway, just looking at my report. It doesn't matter either way, the rep told me just to use another service. I just use CreditSecure through Amex's website.
  2. TU booted me as wasn't because he paid a large amount on his cc though...and certainly TU didn't put anything on his file. Just coincidence. If you pull every day through TC they will eventually get you "for trying to subvert the credit scoring system". They don't even have a real FICO score yet they say you're trying to manipulate it, go figure.
  3. This is one of those posts (for the newbies reading) where it pays to hire an atty. Basically when I went to court the judge asked "is the debt yours?" and if the defendants said anything other than "no" they lost. If you can't claim the SOL for this debt, and you did take out a credit card, there's really no defense. The judge at my court didn't even get into if the CA had the right to collect or was like an assembly line. For me, I hired a naca atty, was the last one of the day and the only person who won. Had I tried to go pro se (I thought about it) I most certainly would have los
  4. kevin3344


    It's in the FCRA, take a look at this link:
  5. Sometimes. Don't forget to read your rules of civil procedure for how your court does things...that's very important.
  6. Lots of stuff isn't listed on a court's website, so don't go by that. It's highly unlikely a CA would go through the process of serving you if it wasn't real. If you don't know what you're doing (or you really don't think the summons is real) hire an atty. By all means though, ANSWER IT!!! You don't want to wake up one morning with a judgment because you didn't "see" it on the courts website.
  7. One more thing, and this is an important distinction to keep in mind, that you did not receive the summons from a CA or atty...a summons comes from a court of law. It is telling you someone is suing you and you have to provide an answer, to the COURT, not the CA. Having said that, and having been there myself, courts have specific ways of doing things. So make sure you understand the rules of civil procedures (RCP) for the court so that you do everything correctly. If you're not sure enlist the help of an attorney.
  8. Once you receive a summons you do everything through the court and copy the CA. Hopefully you entered SOL as your defense, if you're not sure make sure you get guidance from an atty.
  9. When you say 'not reporting' do you mean too old to report or just not showing up on your CR? The first step is to DV any CA...if they provide documentation at that point you might want to think about your next step.
  10. This is where you will need an attorney. If you don't answer the summons specifically, they might (and can) rule against you, no matter what other motion you file. Then again, you might have a point if you weren't informed of a court date. Bottom line is if the court denied your motion, then you are more than likely on the hook for the judgment. While reading online can get you started in the right direction, it's only to give you an overview of how the system works. In my case I hired a naca atty and while it was costly I wouldn't have won my case without him. He knew all of the time frames,
  11. Did you receive notice of a court date and/or attend a hearing?
  12. Yes they will. Make sure you answer the summons...file it with the court and send a copy to the CA. Get help from an atty if you need to but they will most certainly try to win by default. I didn't get a court date until I answered the summons and the CA requested a hearing...don't worry you'll get one. Just provide an answer now and go from there.
  13. It's probably not technically right, but you know these attys...they'll still petition the court to enter a judgment against you eventually...happens all the time. I would open it up and answer it, why not. The last thing you want is a judgment...and no matter what it costs to solve this now it's worth it than to have this follow you around for the next few years.
  14. This is an excellent site if you wish to dispute a repo. Check out the "Letter to dispute repossession deficiency"
  15. You will need to do some more reading, make sure you understand the rules of civil procedure for the court inside and out. (A) Once the judgment is vacated, that's it. ( See above © Once it's vacated this is no longer an issue (D) Counter claims should be included in the answer you file with the court. For example: - Answer - Defenses - Counterclaim <-- goes here Here is a link that shows a sample filing for the state of washington: Remember, I'm no lawyer and that's just a sample, so read up on how it should