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  1. it's a tri-merg. so they collect from the "big 3".
  2. I dipsuted some for my sisters report a few days ago. Gone today. Did the same with another one yesterday. Guess its a YMMV kinda thing.
  3. Previous before I got burned out: CRNA Current: Securities Analyst/Broker/Trader And in my spare time I flip houses...would love to do that full time..but with todays economy..i think not.
  4. Read the title and was like "getting a divorce already??". Yea..so outta the loop.
  5. Who is the creditor? You can send a gw and ask them to remove the co notation..but I doubt they will. Never hurts to try.
  6. Internet and email. I didn't go for violations. Just wanted my reports clean. IMO it works just as well.
  7. 1. A settlement is better than a collection account being added. But not as good as a payment in full or a deletion. Hard to say how much it will help your credit..but it shouldn't hurt. 2. You should send a goodwill/pay for deletion kinda letter. Do a search on here to see if anyone has had any luck with Citibank for goodwill. However I doubt a settlement would help with getting a deletion. Payment in full would prob work better. 3. So I take it they already charged off the account? How behind are you? It looks like a good deal money wise if you don't have the money to pay in full. Not sure about taxes...i've settled a few accounts back in 06..never filed it on my taxes..so unless i get hit with an audit i'm not concerned about it...it's up to you.
  8. Is the bill with a ca or still with the hospital/dr's office?
  9. Before you just stop paying...list what you have and maybe we can help with a plan. Tanking your credit s/b a last resort.
  10. So I sent a goodwill via PFB. I checked the reports on credit secure and now the account said "paid as agreed". The only mark that shows 30days is the little boxes for the past two years. Looks like his fako's went up too. So is that good..or do they always change the comments?
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