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  1. To say hi, and because so many of you were following this: My daughter finally left for good two days before her 18th birthday. I have not seen her since, and the only thing I heard from her was an email, telling me that her and her 20y/o loser b/f are living together at his parent's house. (for those of you who don't know, the history is long, and most of it can be found here.) I tried my best to help her, but when my DXW and his parents were both working against me, the task was impossible. Oh well. I figure that life will teach her what I could not, and she will have to learn the hard way.
  2. I meant if their attorney did not approve or review the letter, it is a possible violation of the law on their part.
  3. 1 When LHR bought the debt, did you receive a letter notifying you? 2 This letter demands payment WITHIN 30 days even IF the 1692g notice is there, it is overshadowed. 3 Like the previous poster said, did they include the language about 30 days to dispute? 4 If an attorney has not reviewed this letter personally, there may be other state and federal violations there.
  4. Watch this video. It is FFFFFUUUUUNNNNYYYY. This guy is a
  5. When you log in, you will get a page that looks like this. Look towards the bottom of the page, and you will see "PLUS Score and Experian Credit Report" Click "Order Now" It will give you your daily report. For free.
  6. On all 3, I have a paid collection. It will be 7 years since DOFD on 10/24/2007 On EX, I also have an unpaid one for $21 from the same CA. It falls off May 12, 2008. They would not PFD, so they get nothing. I was outside the 30 day window for DV. They aren't trying to collect, so I haven't been able to get any violations on them. I have the following CC's: Cap 1 Visa $700 limit Cap 1 MC $500 limit Best Buy Card $2000 limit HSBC MC $1500 limit Rooms 2 Go card, $2500 limit (not reporting) Chase Visa $5000 limit Chase MC $9500 limit BofA Platinum Visa $15,000 limit I have also bought 2 vehicles
  7. Searching for threads with "FAKO" in the title yields 65 hits. Some of the ones since May 1st are here: FICO vs FAKO again again and again and again and again and again and again
  8. Remember that if you dispute an otherwise positive TL to get rid of a late payment, you run the risk of the entire TL being deleted. Also, once a collection has been paid, it becomes exponentially harder to get a delete. If you have already paid it, give it your best shot, but do not pay a collection in the hopes that you can get a delete later. It may not happen. I have a paid collection that is due to fall off next month, because I paid it 6 years ago in the hope that it would fall off. Remember that you are most probably beyond the 30 days for DV if you have already paid it, so a DV may not
  9. I am trying to get a guarantee that I can sell the receiver to someone, and that they will activate it. I sent them an email, and this is the reply I got: They are ignoring the fact that I bought the receiver, and are still asserting that it was a lease. They are claiming that whether I bought it or not, as soon as I activated the receiver, the sale was negated, and the receiver again becomes property of DirecTV. They are happy to go to arbitration, though. I urge everyone to be very careful when dealing with them. I now have a receiver that I cannot sell, because they will refuse to activate
  10. You would have to. One thing at a time. Of course, the CA would then have to prove that he is licensed to collect in the new state. At least the court will be in his backyard, instead of halfway across the country.
  11. Numerous members here have lost on those grounds, and been stuck with the 5 year SOL. This isn't a cut and dried issue. You need to be prepared to defend your position if you are going to claim the 5 year SOL.
  12. That illustrates what I was getting at (although I don't know why you posted the entire case) So many people misuse case law, and I worry sometimes that it will get them in trouble. The paragraph that helps the most is this one: A review of the statute shows, consistent with common sense, that those actions on which proof is less likely to deteriorate over time are subject to longer limitations periods; those actions on which proof is more likely to deteriorate because of faulty memory or otherwise are subject to shorter limitations periods. Unlike a written contract containing all the terms s