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  1. How were you able to get them to remove the late payment? I am going through that right now with Santander. I wrote them a letter and they wouldnt budge. Curious how you were able to get them to remove the late pay.
  2. On friday morning I received a call from the number 619-342-3715. Because the number was unknown to me I didnt answer. In the voive message a person by the name of "Sam Wilson" with a heavy east Indian accent said that either myself or my attorney should call back and if I do not call then good luck with what is going to come my way. Normally something as stupid as that would not bother me...except when I got to work that evening I got a message in my mail box from my supervisor telling me that the same person had called and to tell him he is NOT to call here again. I do not understand how in
  3. I have a verizon cell phone charge off that shows on my credit reports that shows the date open of 07/2008, and reported date of 05/2009. I would like to know when did the time start with regards to the SOL. Any info is greatly appreciate.
  4. Very true.....because the SOL is up in November of this year anyways...Im thinking maybe at that point if nothing comes from this I will write them then. But I think that perhaps after the conversation I had with "Connie" from Chase Receivables they probably will back down or either come right after me...but you are right....I dont think I should give them any ammo or a way to try to come up with a way to get around whatever ammo I am using. I will just sit back and see what happens...thanks!
  5. I received a correspondence from them on 02/15 The amount referred was $2172.12 Their current balance is $2563.10 So they paid pennies to the dollar on the debt and then turns around and charges me the full balance plus $390.98. Then they turn around and violate the FDCPA many and many times over..(at the very minimum six). I think I have a better bargaining chip than a pay for delete. Once I get the phone records I think I am going to go draw up a letter explaining their violations and that they need to send me a letter stating the debt has been settled in full and not transferable to anyone
  6. Yes and the SOL is up in november of this first intention was to try to lay low until then..but once this happened I figured perhaps I have a much better negotiation tool under my belt. Im just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what should happen next. I am going to order a copy of the incoming phone calls for at least the last 30 days.
  7. Im sorry should have been more receivables is a collection Agency attempting to collect on a debt they bought from Verizon Wireless with regards to myself.
  8. I have an interesting issue that came to my attention just a few minutes ago and I am a little unsure of how I should proceed. I am hoping that some of you credit junkies can give me a little advice. Ok this morning I received a call from Chase receivables about a debt (of course) Anyways I had written them two letters....actually I sent them two validation request sent on: 11/23/10 and received:11/28/10 signed by a Victoria Cuevas. In the validation request I added the cease and desist request as well. Ok so after about a month going by and me not hearing from them I sent a sec
  9. I have sent two letters to the collection Agency trying to settle, no reply. So on 11/30 I sent a letter to the OC (SJM Marketing Corp.LLC) and on the USPS website it shows that they have not received it yet. So we'll see what happens. I am in Oregon, and they are in Kansas. Whatever..still doesnt take quite this long.
  10. As well I thought they could not attempt to collect a debt until it has been validated. I will have to do a bit more research.
  11. Well its Chase Receivables a Collection Agency, not Chase the bank. I just thought since I requested in writting in the DV letter not to contact me at anytime or any third party. that all collection needed to stop. I thought at some point they could not continue to call.
  12. Thanks for the info, I will send letters to the OC's and see if anything happens. Thanks!
  13. Needless to say, I am in the middle of credit repair. I have DV'd a few collection agencies and have had the debt validated. I have sent a few settlement offers out and have received no response. I am curious if this is the norm, has anyone else receivedthis sort of treatment? Usually collection agencies will pester the heck out of you, but when I communicate wanting to resolve the debt I am being ignored. Not just by one but by a few collection agencies. Am I doing something wrong? I thought collection agencies like to deal with people who are willing to negotiate or pay their debt. I am curi
  14. So I am in the process of repairing my credit....I have been sending validation letters and settlement letters to the various creditors who are on my credit report. Well just this morning I received a phone call from "Chase Receivables". When I look through my records I show that I sent them a certified request for validation letter , included in this letter was a request that no telephone contact be made to my home or place of employment. Is this a violation? what would the experts do in this situation? btw, they are trying to collect 2500.00 from me on this particular debt. Thank you for you