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  1. First things first... If AMEX is the one reporting the trade-line on your CR, why are you even bothering with the CA? Ideally you would want to have the OC report the trade-line as "PAID AS AGREED/NEVER LATE", but it sounds like you are negotiating with the CA. They can't deliver what you are asking for.
  2. Regardless of what the CU or EX say, this is what the law says: Directly from the FCRA § 605 ©(1): "© Running of reporting period. (1) In general. The 7-year period referred to in paragraphs (4) and (6)(2) of subsection (a) shall begin, with respect to any delinquent account that is placed for collection (internally or by referral to a third party, whichever is earlier), charged to profit and loss, or subjected to any similar action, upon the expiration of the 180-day period beginning on the date of the commencement of the delinquency which immediately preceded the collection activity, charge
  3. I have to agree with DH on this one... don't let a judgment scare you into paying just yet. especially one for $1900. If you went 4 years without knowing a judgement was out there, I am going to guess that it isn't on your credit reports. If it is not on your credit reports, it can't hurt you (the judgement itself that is) unless a potential lender sends someone to the courthouse to do a judgement search. And that will really only happen when you are applying for a mortgage. Sounds like shady service of process...
  4. but this one is in PA: ALLIANCE ONE 4850 STREET RD BENSALEM, PA 19020 UNITED STATES TEL: 215-942-7693
  5. or: ALLIANCE ONE 930 BLUE GENTIAN RD ST PAUL, MN 55121-1674 UNITED STATES TEL: 651-255-2000
  6. or this one: ALLIANCE ONE RECEIVABLES INC PO BOX 719002 SAN DIEGO, CA 92171-9002 UNITED STATES TEL: 858-560-6000 FAX: 858-560-0250
  7. There are several companies with that name but this looks like a match: ALLIANCE ONE COLLECTIONS 3550 N CENTRAL AVE # 1402 PHOENIX, AZ 85012-2112 UNITED STATES TEL: 602-264-8566 FAX: 602-264-8506
  8. IMHO: First dispute as "NOT MINE". Let the CA verify that the account is yours. If you dispute that the info is wrong and tell them what the correct info is, you have just told them that it is yours. Like you said, you want to shoot for a deletion. If it comes back as "verified", shoot out another dispute stating that "several innacurracies exist with this account...please verify all information." And keep doing it until you get your deletion or TU tells you that your dispute is "frivilous". Then you can direct your attention to the CA. At the same time you send in your first dispute with TU,
  9. I finally got an answer from their Exec office in Salinas, CA. Basically, they said my 747 EQ FICO did not matter. The secured account needs to be opened 18 months before it is eligible for a review for "Graduation" into an unsecured account. They invited me deposit more into the savings account or close it. So I took their suggestion and closed the account. I'm not waiting till 3/06 to be recognized. I now have a $6000 BOA Signature Visa. What do I need an Orchard secured w/ a $650 CL?
  10. Equifax and TransUnion are easy to deal with on addresses. But Experian is a stubborn pig. "We report data that has been furnished to us by creditors, including addresses..."
  11. Yes it is illegal. They cannot harass in any way. If they are told to stop calling, they must. Do they give any information to your Grandmother as to why they are calling? If so, that is another violation. They are not allowed to release info to 3rd parties. Start building your case. Record any further calls and start a journal with all the calls, time, duration, name of person, etc. Send a Cease Comm letter to them immediately. Then the violations will start to pile up if they continue. BTW, who is the collection jackhole?
  12. Charles, What difference is there between a Tri-Merge and a Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)?
  13. Congratulations. first things first. Before you go to a bank or broker, get your credit reports. All 3. A good place is Cheap and it gives you the info you need for now. Check for any innacuracies. Dispute if needed. If all is well, get your FICO scores. is the only place you can get all 3 FICO's. Use promo code 2005FICO or FICO2005. If you have over 580 middle score, with no collections or charge-offs, you can easily get 100% financing. Good Luck.
  14. Don't Don't Don't send in the letter to the bureaus. Then the bureaus will have proof that you owned the account. That does not help you. After you get your credit report from all 3, dispute the account. Now that they got paid, they might not verify. Remember that a collection or Charge-off is NEVER good on your report. So don't think that if it gets changed to Paid that it will all be good. It hurts you no matter what the status is. You want all mention of those accounts to be deleted from your file. As if they never existed. Good Luck.
  15. Has anybody with a secured Orchard had success in changing to an Unsecured with CLI? My credit is drastically different and I have 2 prime cards with generous limits. It seems odd to keep my Orchard secured though. But I do have some age there and don't want to close.