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  1. If you get this message does this mean that you are being turned down? We have received your application but need to perform additional processing before we can provide you with a decision. Within 30 days we will send you more information at the address provided on your application. Thank you again for applying.
  2. We are from SE Louisiana and have been affected by both hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Back in late August a couple of days after the storm while evacuated out of town in Alabama we began contacting our creditors starting with CountryWide and eddind with HSBC Auto. With the tradegedy that just occurred in my hometown of New Orleans one would have thought that HSBC Auto more than understanding, not the only thing they offered was a 30 day deferment that was to be evaluated on a month by month basis what a crock of you know what, like we have time to call them every month to ask them can you please defer the payments for us please! To make matters worse my job was totally destroyed as my wife's job sustained massive damage as well both was still functional. So finally in November we began making payments again with some B.S. provision that we had to make one in half payments to make the account current, not a problem. Keep in mind all other creditors marked our credit report "AFFECTED BY NATRUAL DIASTER" no adverse information was reported by any other creditor with the exception of HSBC Auto! My wife called their butts and read them the riot act only to get know where that's all she kept getting is "we must report late or negative information to the CRA's" One can only imagine the rage I felt when I pulled my wife'a EX report and saw late pays for September through December eventhough they offered us to defer the payments! With the grace of the good Lord we did not loose everything like most people did in New Orleans but we did sustain over 60k in damages in a house that was only three months old ata time Katrina struck. HSBC is the worst and would would appreciate any info on how to expose those basturds.
  3. Yes them. Do you have any experience in dealing with them?
  4. a CA called American Coradius out of New York. I pulled my TU CR and noticed that they pulled a hard inquiry on me?
  5. I have a mortgage with CW and I was wondering how long does it usually take for the loan to appear on your CR. We closed in May and we have already made our first payment?
  6. Cool thanks I will keep you guys posted!
  7. I disputed it through EX and of course they verified it so I redisputed it and I am still waiting on the results. I still want to DV them.
  8. A good mailing address for Superior Assest Management? I tried to send them a DV letter in regards to a bogus account but the letter was returned as undeliverable. I sent it to this address. Superior Asset Management 18167 US 19 N #200 Clearwater, FL 33764
  9. Thanks Sky. I will have one in the mail by tomorrow!
  10. Has anyone ever dealt with Superior Asset Management they have me with a TMobile from about three years ago that has been reaged by them to reflect a current status. Are they a JDB or a bonifide CA?
  11. I wanted to take the time to thank all of you guys on this forum. My wife and I finally closed on our first home on Friday and it would not have been possible without all of you. For those who may have doubts trust me this stuff really works!
  12. We are set to close on either friday or next tuesday our broker had CW rerun our CR and CW advised that they will give us a new rate on tomorrow.
  13. We are all set to close all that's is left to do is to have the final apprasal done on the house but over this last past weekend my DW FICO scores shot up pretty high. We are dealing with CW as far as what our broker is telling and they quoted us 7.55% on a 100% financing loan but that's when my DW middle score was a 601 it is now a 661 My question is can we still try to negoiate a better intrest rate or would we be considered as LOCKED IN?
  14. what FCRA or FDCPA rule reaging falls under?
  15. I had a tri-merge CR pulled on me the other day for a mortgage loan and there is someone other than me credit infomation with a name that is close to mine credit info appearing on my CR. I called the wonderful folks in the Consumer Affairs department at EQ and they basically told me that they could do nothing about it until this persons file updates. Can someone please provide me with some insight on how to deal with this? I asked them if my file was split and they told me no but it was on the verge of being split.
  16. As usual you have been most helpful.
  17. Flipper762

    Thank You

    I would like to take the time to thank anyone and everyone that has answered questions for me. Because of you guy's my DW and I are about 5 to 6 weeks from closing on our first home. Keep in mind before we found this site and purchased the Good Credit is Sexy book and CD we could not finance a cheeseburger and now we are about to purchase a 200K home with 100% financing. For those who may have doubts about credit repair trust me it works, I will put to you this way about 30 days ago my DW score with EQ was at 510 and now it's over 600! Again I thank all of you this could not have been possible without you, God Bless.
  18. My wife and I have been monitoring ours scores on a daily basis and we finally got them to where they need to be for either a 80/20 loan or 100% financing. But where the confusion comes in what scoring system do lenders actually use. I have been told that your FICO scores are the real deal but I was under the impression that each of the three CRA's used a different system?
  19. Has anyone on this board ever had sucess with getting TU to remove inquries. I keep disputing them stating that the companies ran my CR without PP but they insist on telling me that they do not investigate inquries.
  20. Tried talking to a manager on yesterday but the rep left her on hold for 45 minutes. She is going to try again today and boy will she let those low lifes have it
  21. My DW did a dispute with EX and now she can't have access to her CR. Between Credit Expert and Experian no one can answer why. The rep she spoke with on yesterday told her that "as long as her report is in dispute that she will not be able to gain access to it", bullsh#t there is nothing in the FCRA rules that indicate nor is this indicated on their website. Oh to make matters worse they told her to feel free to purchase another copy from EX. Sounds like exortion to me.
  22. Advice needed ASAP. I had a account with Providian that was charged off back in 02/2000. I have tried DV letters and disputes with the CRA with no results. My question is should I pay these fools to clear it off my CR or just leave it alone. My main concern is having it listed it as a paid charge off and it tanking my score. Keep in mind the SOL in Louisiana on revolving accounts is three years and the balance is less than $600.00. And will the lender require me to pay this before going to close?