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  1. there are collection agencies that collect for the DOT, DOE, DOR, etc. I know cause I work for one of them.... Not happy about it but it pays my bills. My advise is to work only with the DOT and work out a payment plan with them. Send in a letter requesting a payment plan that will meet your needs and pay this thing off. DO NOT SETTLE this debt with a collection agency. If you do the DOT will hire another one collect on the remaining part of the debt. This is one debt that the only way you are going to get rid of it, is to pay. The fifa on these things that I see is nuts. I see people pa
  2. I have successfully sued my landlord for such that you are going through. Most states (GA) allow you to collect 10 times your deposit if you win. My (old) landlord came to court in a wheel chair and she produced things like Repair to the garage doors that were rotting and she knew this leakage in the basement that she wanted us to repair. She stated that the carpet was trashed and had to have someone come and clean it. She owed us $3000.00 security deposit. She claimed over $6000.00 in damaged. Well I took pictures of the outside of the house and everyroom and wall before I moved out. The o
  3. Do nothing with them anymore cue them. You have enough to get a rather good settlement out of them. I know this is cause, I just cut a check for $2000.00 to cover a settlement check for a debtor. Sorry I just started working here and they will cut you a check to that they will not look bad with the BBB. And will always have a good record with them.
  4. All she has to do is send in the discharge papers that the court sent to her and with a letter stating that if they processed with collection she will sue them. Get an attroney and sue the socks of them
  5. We give the letters on DV's (certified) to one person and then they send it to the original creditor for validation. Most of the letters that say cease we forward and notake the account. I read all kinds of letters from Cap One, cingular, att (the worst) and people trying to pay $$$$$$ off to these people and they collectors are bad. They tell these people that they have to get a loan, checking account etc. NEVER SEND IN A CHECK TO THESE PEOPLE WE HOLD YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNTS THE SYSTEMS!!!!!!! ALWAYS SEND FUNDS FROM ANOTHER BANK OTHER THEN YOUR OR A MONEY ORDER FROM THE NEXT TOWN. Most co
  6. I use to live in florida and I rented. Go into the florida laws. (google florida laws tenant landlord.) Now if they can not produce the original signed year lease with you signature take them to court it cost next to nothing in small claims ( I did it and won) If they do produce a signed lease look over it carefully. and note the early termination.. Did it say 60 days notice. etc. If this is so them they can only charge you for 60 days plus your deposit. If you did not give notice you might have to pay until the end of the lease. That's way I say read you lease that you have carefully. e
  7. Question 1? Is she in a nursing home? All you have to do is have HER doctor sign a Affidavit stating that she is incapable of her own care and she is in a nuring home or home care. You can type this up and have hinm notarize it in his office one of his staff should be a notery (If this is so question 2 will be invalid) Question 2? Did you send a cease letter to all her creditors. You may do this only if she is in a nursing home or 75% to 100% homecare. They can not collect on a dying patient. The nursing home will sue for harrassing the patient. Main assests are priority. House,car etc. N
  8. Do not file chapter 13 if you do not have too. send a demand letter of verifing the debt. Since it has been so long and florida is very different then any other state. It can take up to 9-16 months to foreclose. Go to the clerk of court and file suit against him for voiation of not sending you the information that he bought the loan and he did not provide you addresses and the information for you to pay your payments. He is required by law to provide this information to your before and after the purchase. I lived in florida and it is so easy to sue him back. just do not be scared.
  9. Go into the county clerk of courts web site in your county (google search --example orange county clerk of courts property appraisals) look for your property by your name or address. look and see what liens are on your property. If you can not find any information on these sites you will need to go to the court house and find out what liens are on there and who is holding them and what dates they got them. ALL the information on your property and liens are free for you to look at and you will find all that information on when the JERK bought your property and who sold it to him. Also ask
  10. Yes debt elimation is possible and I have done it. And I am very proud of myself for doing it. It has taken me over 3 years to do it. I did not use any one of those people that take your money I figured that if I have to paid them i can pay my bills. You have to take a hard look at your financial budget and get a STRICT budget and stay with it. Now I get to go on VACATION twice a year and pay my bills at the same time.
  11. do what I did with my medical. I sent them $5.00 a month until it was paid for. If they take the payment they can not come after you for it. You just got to make sure that you send in that $5.00 a month and hope that there is no interest included in your bill. Also next time you go to any medical office DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. IT IS NOT A LOAN THAT YOU ARE TAKING OUT. NO LOAN NO SS#
  12. It will affect your security clearance. I use to work for the government (layoff). Depending on the Level of your clearance, it will affect it. You will be required to pay all your debts within 30 days of receiving the position. Since you are going for this type of position you need to clear up any open accounts. Once they are paid. All they will do is ask you for a copy of the final payment from the company and why you were late on those debts.
  13. 15 mo. lease that expired on 12/31/04. buying house around 12/20/04. 30 days written notice, as stated in the lease. I gave them 30-day verbal notice, but did not give written until mid-Dec. Anyway, they are claiming that I owe them for rent through most of Jan. 05, 30 days out from my written notice date. OK One look of the status in your state for tenant landlord laws. since you had a lease that was to expire on 12/31/04. You do not have to give notice. (double check your lease to make sure). Take them to small claims court on this one you will win. As long as you did not renew your l
  14. When you go to court have all the imformation from your husbands insurance company for what they paid. Then have the medicaid number that your daughter had when she was covered. Sometimes medicaid back dates and pays for other expenses due to her pregnancy only. They did for me when I was 20. Contact medicaid and request why they did not pay (play blonde) and they will request that you send in the bill and see what they pay. if she was covered they will pay. (you can fax copies of the bill to them) Have all the information with her when she goes to court about the conversation. name of
  15. I am having the same problem with these people, I paid the OC and they still state that I owe $30.00. I have contacted ATT wireless, waitting for a reply. Thanks for the advice. Need Georgia law on voilations. Anyone have these. Thanks to all of you who have helped