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  1. My wife has 2 cars with them. They constantly give killer BT options. But they told her the highest they go is $2400 max on both cards. That's what they're at. One is Orchard, 1 is Household. Neither one have a name on them, they both just say "Platinum Mastercard" Same terms, rate, etc. I don't see how one is Prime and one is not, other than just Orchard being associated with "SubPrime". Peacock
  2. You have a home, you have a car right? Unless you plan on making a specific purchase that is score sensitive right now, get rid of those secured cards (get your money back) and get some better cards. Your score might drop 20-30 points temporarily, but it won't last long. I would apply for a card or two and wait until they start reporting a few months if you can wait that long. Then it will only take a few more months to recover. No sense in continuing to throw money away. Just my $.02
  3. I think this is going to be a "skip" month for Providian. We've had one before but then the little graph updates but you never got to see the score in that month. The funny thing is, that's one of the major points that WAMU is now selling with their cards. What a joke.
  4. Well, I helps shave a few months of my last few COs if I can get the OC or JDB to remove. If not, maybe I can get some money out of them! LOL. Thanks Raysway
  5. Really, is this for all their cards? When is this supposed to start? LNY, you heard anything about it?
  6. I found this from this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sears about half way down the page. Don't know if it helps or not that the CO ocurred before they sold out ot Citi or not. "In 2003, Sears sold its retail credit card operation to Citibank because the credit cards were draining profits from the company. The remaining card operations were sold to JPMorgan Chase & Company in August, 2005. This launched the new Sears Gold MasterCard."
  7. Depends on if it went bad before Citi acquired their accounts. Mind didnt, so I've got that one, the AT&T Universal card I had, and the Citibank Visa I had. I doubt they'll forget me. I stiffed them for over $5000. Not that I'm proud of it, but just for perspective.
  8. My wife was recently denied due to too many inq's. And don't want to spend the money for bumpage so we'll just wait until next year sometime. I however screwed them in several ways, and then BK'd them. So I fear I may be blacklisted FOREVER! Along with Chase, and Discover, and......
  9. SSSSooooooooo so sorry about the reference to you being male. I don't know why but the avatar threw me. Thanks, I'll go look for the thread.
  10. Might want to post this in the Mortgage forum...might get more responses. However I do know one person that has gone through this and it does show as "short sale" on her CR. I've been told that it doesn't have the affect on your CR that foreclosure does, but will definately hinder your next home buying process.
  11. LNY, No worries, just wanted to make it apparent I wasn't contradicting what you were saying. BTW, how's Juniper these days? You know, I have a question. I think I saw a post floating around you may have commented about about in reference to Juniper. (Sorry OP, this is way off toppic.) Did you say you had luck combining two cards into one, and then after a certain time applying for another Juniper card like the National Parks one. Did this process get you buy the usual "no more than 2 card rule" ? Or do I have the wrong guy altogether! LOL.
  12. ybrew, have you bought your house yet? Maybe it's supposed ot be in January. Anyway, Once your all moved in you'll find the need for FICO will slide to the back burner. You can get that new grill, pick up some angus and slap it on. You'll find it to be a nice substitute for FICO.
  13. Agreed. My comment I think basically supported that idea. Regardless of what comment showed, the score didn't change. The EX and TU scores changed simply because of the age issue I believe. $300 would barely have affected my utilization
  14. Interesting addition I have to this. I closed a small Household card earlier this year because they refused to waive $39 fee on a $300 card when I had limits of 10 times that much . Anyway, the guy wasn't willing to budge so i closed it. I asked him to make sure that it shows closed at consumers request. Well, it showed correctly on EX and TU, and there was a small drop in score as this was my second oldest account. But ON EQ they showed closed at credit grantors request, no drop in score and at all. I had the comment updated by Household, and when they did there was still no change in score. Fortunately now, I eat steak instead of buy FICO but I was more of an adict then. YMMV
  15. I would think a 50% down would almost be a shoe in. If you default the probability that they will get the other 50% of their money prettty good.
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