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  1. You're welcome. Just make sure you print out a copy of what you send, including the date and time
  2. I have the same problem. I wish I could tell you why, but I am clueless. All the information I enter is accurate, including my report info. Maybe they're on to us I have e-mailed most of my disputes to them online with excellent luck... they dont delete them all, but they have never "accidently" lost my dispute, either. I believe there is a link for that on the main dispute page somewhere. Wish I could have helped you more! Good luck.
  3. If you are willing to pay the $50, you could contact the CA and offer to pay for deletion of the TL on your report. Or you can just DV/dispute until it comes off. Paying for delete would be faster, if time is an issue for you. Personally, I would pay it. Just my opinion. If you decide to do that, its best to do all contact thru the mail, but if you are comfortable calling, go for it. Just get the promise to delete in writing before you send the check. I would also try to get them to knock off any additional fees and interest. DocDon has a really great letter somwhere here specifically for med collections... you can do a search for it and modify it for your purposes if you like it. Good luck.
  4. Same problem here... CAs coming outta the woodwork it seems.
  5. No, its not correct. If it was included in bankruptcy, it should be listed as IIb. And you can dispute it that way... "MBNA Account XXXXXXX is listed as a charge off, however this account was included in my bankruptcy, discharge date XX-XX-XXXX" or howver you want to word it.
  6. Forgot to add: use the sampole dispute letter you can find under SAMPLE LETTERS at the top of this page. And welcome!!!!
  7. Hi Sassy. I would start by deleting any and all old addresses you have on file with the CRAs if you haven't already. You can do that over the phone. Then dispute the Charge Offs as "not mine." That's a good place to start, and it may get them deleted. If that doesn't work, start nit-picking: wrong high balance, wrong DOLA, wrong anything. Good luck!!
  8. Yes I believe they can; you may want to check your state laws... I saw something about certain states not allowing interest on Med collections. I think it's 12% per year or 1% per month.
  9. Congrats!!! Sears can be a b*tch; good job!!!
  10. They did the same thing to me... a new collection agency popped up on my report, and they are "notifying" me it's a public record. Don't worry... its not. Its some kind of glitch in their system. As for the score... I have no clue. Sorry.
  11. You could ask for a PR/MOV (procedural request/method of verification). See if they can prove to you that they really investigated these items. Try doing a search for "MOV" and see if any good tips pop out at you. I haven't done that yet myself, but time isn't an issue for me yet. Good luck.
  12. That's the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time.... EQ blows. I would send a dispute letter: outling the differences in your name and "whoever's" name; all the accounts that belong to "whomever"; quote the EQ rep's response to your phone call and threaten to sue if they do not investigate and delete these items immediately. JMHO. Maybe an expert can jump in here and give better advice. Hope this helps.