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  1. I was desperate to help out two relatives in a hurry, so I made the dumb move of taking out a title loan on my car. It is a Cadillac, and I got the maximum amount of $5,000. My payments were $1,300 per month, with a total amount due (if I went the full term) about $21,000. It's a total ripoff, I know, but I needed to help these relatives. I paid on the loan from July through November, paying probably a little more than the principle in total. I am in Michigan, where title loans are illegal, so I took it out in Ohio. Ohio outlawed them last year, as well, and I was told that I would be e
  2. I have a Cadillac that died long before the loan was paid off. I let it be repo'd. As it didn't run, I'm sure that it sold for peanuts at auction. GM Financial has posted the repo on my credit report. It says "date opened" is 9/1/09. Is that the day the loan opened, or the day it went to repo, or the date that the collection was posted. Can I demand that it be removed, if it's after 7 years? How can I get this removed? I challenged it years ago, and they did send me the docs. Thanks!
  3. Hello I really think I voluntarily returned my car to GE Financial in 2015. The credit bureaus report that my account was opened (for their purposes) in 2009. Every other collection account lists the date that it defaulted as the "open date". Can I use that 2009 date to my advantage, to get it removed from all three bureaus. Thank you! Andrew
  4. I appreciate the facts! I don't want to screw up!
  5. Hello. Re: bankruptcy deletion. I recently read an article, that said the only way a CRA can verify a bankruptcy is by linking an account (tracks?) on the credit report back to the bankruptcy. None of the items on my credit report were around at the time of my bankruptcy. Does that mean it won't verify? How should I handle it? Thanks!
  6. Hello.  

    Re: bankruptcy deletion.

    I recently read an article, that said the only way a CRA can verify a bankruptcy is by linking an account (tracks?) on the credit report back to the bankruptcy.  None of the items on my credit report were around at the time of my bankruptcy.  Does that mean it won't verify?  How should I handle it?


  7. Hello I am 8 years into Ch 7. I read an article, that if you disputed a bankruptcy, it could be removed. It's my understanding, that for the CRA to verify, it relies upon "tracks", which I believe are accounts still listed on both the bankruptcy and credit Report. I have none. Can I take advantage of that, to get the Ch 7 removed early? How best to do it? THANKS!
  8. Hey! I'd appreciate any help or input. I voluntarily turned a car back to GM Financial last year. My dad had cancer, and insisted I take his car. Ended up with a chargeoff balance of $14k+. I need a new car now, and no one will touch me because of this balance. GM pulls Transunion. I just noticed that EQ and EX report my loan date as 9/1, and TU reports it as 9/3. Would it be possible to dispute the TU listing, and get it removed permanently for bad date, or would it just be corrected, and remain? Any other ideas to get rid if this chargeoff from OC? THANKS!
  9. Hello Several years ago, I bought a used 2005 Cadillac CTS. I wasn't thinking! I took out a long term loan, so my payments would be cheaper; and with the assumption that I would get rid of it after a few years. That didn't happen, and the car is now almost 11 years old. As a result of the bad loan choice, I still owe about $10,000 on the car. Ridiculous, I know! To make things worse; last week, during a snow storm, a tow truck operator burned out the starter motor, and it was eventually discovered that the car wasn't starting, because the timing chain was bad. Total needed repairs are n
  10. Thank you. Back in 2006, I wanted to be completely anonymous, so I put Finland (dumb, I know). I thought that when I started back again, that I had changed it back to Michigan.
  11. Hi again Denita. Thanks again for all your help. Back in 2006, I really got into this, and was happy to help lots of people, as well. It's nice to see that the circle continues. The mortgage default did not end up in a judgment. Sometimes, if I recall correctly, even if something is negative, it is still a net positive on a credit report. For example, my mortgage balance is roughly $465k. Even though it is showing 95% negative reporting and a foreclosure for the past two years, is it actually helping me at this point, because it is a high value loan (or am I nuts)? If I got the mortgage c
  12. Hey Denita Sorry to be a pest, but I really appreciate all the help I am getting. I did consult with my BK lawyer, and he didn't quite know what to do. Do I go back to the original court of jurisdiction for the judgments, or do I have them vacated by filing a motion in the bankruptcy court? As you can see below, the Citibank judgment was received before I filed for bankruptcy. The smaller one from dentist was filed after filing, but the service occured prior to filing. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, could you tell me what to say to the judge, when I appear before him, reque
  13. Thank you for all the good suggestions. First, both debts WERE incurred prior to the bankruptcy filing. Second, if I nail them both for trying to collect post-bankruptcy (which I assume is provable by the fact that they are still reporting the liability to the credit bureaus), that would indicate that I owe both "0". If that's the case, can't I get the two judgments removed from my report? THANK YOU.
  14. Yep, the house sold at Sheriff's sale for $465,000, which happens to be the exact amount that the mortgage company said that we owed. (The original mortgage was for $318,000, so they're really making some nice fees on this one). A second mortgage was for $80,000, but that doesn't appear anywhere on my credit report anymore. (Isn't that strange?). (It would've been totally unsecured, as our market dropped about 60%). So, it is agreed that the 1st mortgage holder should list me as "0", and "included in bankruptcy". Do I do this via a debt verification, and insist that they provide documenta
  15. Hello This is my bankruptcy history Date Filed: 8/25/2008 Bankruptcy 13 – Dismissed Ref.: #0860600PJS Michigan Fed Bk Ct – Det Liability: $0.00 Date Filed: 4/16/2009 Bankruptcy 7 Ref.: #0951913SWR Michigan Fed Bk Ct – Det Liability: $0.00 After the bankruptcy, we were foreclosed upon, and lost the house. There was a debt of about $465,000 owing. A buyer bought the house at the sheriff's sale for $465,000. On our current credit report, our lender lists our current liability as $435,000ish. and that foreclosure proceedings have "begun". My overall credit report shows my current liability