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  1. Some of NC's laws are tougher than the Federal. If this debt is past SOL, then by NC law it is time barred. They can contact you, but they are not supposed to do anything (such as court action) to attempt to collect this debt. At least that's my understanding. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. How old is this debt? You should try to sue them here since NC seems to have tougher laws for this. I think damages are easier to get against the companies for pulling crap like that here in NC.
  2. You may be better off uping your security for now. I have an orchard account. It used to be secured for 300, but is unsecured now. They raised it up twice in the past. It's at $700 now. However, I called them today to try to raise it again, and the rep told me that ALL raises are suspended for now. They are not giving any to anyone right now. She said that they hoped this would end in a few months. I think the only way you can get yours raised up right now is by keeping it secured and raising your deposit.
  3. If they were to make a national appeal for Hay, they would have that stuff coming in from all parts of the country.
  4. I've been charging as little as possible, and paying off each month for that reason. I don't want to give them any more of my hard earned money than they deserve.
  5. Hopefully, this won't come back up on you again. Best of luck.
  6. I agree. From what I've seen, leasing is only a good option for about 20% of car buyers. I definitely know it doesn't work for me. I think leasing may have been more viable for more people years ago. People didn't travel as far away from home as often, usually just for vacations, family affairs, etc. It was more realistic that a family would put many less miles on a vehicle per year as they do now.
  7. Thanks, that's what I needed to know. We had already pulled the free reports 3 months ago, but were checking for an update for an old tradeline that was due to fall off this past month. That was our main concern, and then we wanted to check the score just to make sure we were in the right ballpark. I had already been told that individual reports are more compklete and accurate than trimerges, that's why I ordered individual reports with scores. I didn't have a problem with Experian and eqifax, the problem was with Transunion and an individual report. they don't sell it that way anymore, so thats way I was looking for a quicker way than a mail option for them. It looks like myfico will be the way to go. Thanks. (BH - better half)
  8. I do know that pulling my own report is a soft pull, but as I have never worked with myfico before, I wanted to make sure that they had it set up correctly. I have even dealt with banks that said thier updates are soft, but then they pulled them incorrectly, and it showed up as a hard. I just want to make sure that THEY have it set up right.
  9. I've had a PO box for years, mainly because I live in the country and don't want people able to rifle through the box on the street. Here's what works for me. I tell all of my creditors that I have a physical addres of ..., and that I get my mail at PO Box... Go get a PO Box and tell everyone that this is your new mailing address, but your physical address continues to be the same. The PO Box will end up in the credit bureaus as your new address, but in the future when you apply for things, they will all understand that the previous physical address is still actually your current address. You can do a change of address with the POst Office if you want. Either way the mail will end up still at your house or in your box Even after you move back in the house, keep the PO Box for a while, so that the addresses on your report don't keep changing. Also, once you get the PO Box, you still need to go by the house once every week or so. Things will slip through. You will also continue to get junk mail at that address no matter what. If you don't keep a check on it, the box will get too full, and a passerby may take notice. They will take the mail out of your box, and end up with info they can use for identity theft. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks for the answer about myfico. I want to get this quicker than the mail option, but before I order it, I have a few questions. You said there are gaps. Do you mean a whole complete item may be missing, or just certain info within an item (such as date opened, high credit, etc.)? If its just parts within a creditor listing, I'm okay with that. Our main purpose for doing this is to see if an old item has come off now, and what the score is. I don't want to order if its so incomplete that I can't be sure about the old item. Also, I'm going to assume that this will show up as a personal inquiry and not a hard inquiry, causing a point loss. Is this correct?
  11. Maybe you guys can help me with this. My bh got his free reports from all 3 a few months ago. He had a few things getting ready to fall off. We wanted to pull a seperate new report with score from each of the 3 rather than a tri-merge. I've read that sometimes the tri-merge is not accurate. (He's looking to get a mortgage soon, so we are tryinh to be sure) We paid the fee for a single report and score from Experian and Equifax (great news by the way-the old stuff's gone now) Our problem is with transunion. I can't find anything on the website for a single report with score. I called their toll-free number and she said its no longer available. We don't want to have to join their service just to get this. The lady claims this is available from some third party providers, but I'm not having any luck with this. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. My EX BF is getting ready to refinance the equity line on his house. He is going to use some of the money to pay off some cards. The bank, however, wants him to close some of them because he has too many. It should not hurt his available revolving totals because his equity line will be more than what he will be losing. Now, here's the situation. I have good credit now, but my oldest history is 4 years. We were thinking that he could add me as a JOINT user on a few of the cards he has with older history than that. 1. I won't have to worry that he will run the bill up because they will soon be closed out. 2. I will gain extra history on my credit. I know my score may go down when the line closes because of loss of available credit, but I'm thinking that it shouldn't drop lower than where I'm at nowand I'm hoping the extra history will actually help. Am I wrong or right about this? I've also read on the boards here that some cards will give me credit for all the history where others will start my history at the time I'm added. That would defeat the whole purpose. If this will work with selected cards, then I'd like to do it, but I don't want to screw myself up. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I've searched, but still can't find a definitive answer to this question.
  14. Thanks for the responses so far. I think we will wait until they are past due to fall off before we dispute. Just in case we have to try to get a mortgage before then, I don't want any updates screwing with the score.
  15. Thanks for the replies so far. I'm just afraid as this will be for a mortgage, they may want me to account for everything that I withdraw as well as deposit.
  16. Maybe someone here can answer this. On loans where they are willing to use past bank statements as proof of income, what are they looking for. I do contracted work and put all my checks in the bank, but then i also pull a lot of that money out to pay bills, food, etc. Are they looking just at whats coming in, or are they looking at ending balances?
  17. Your welcome. Also, a lot of credit unions offer secured credit cards as well as secured loans. You might want to get one through them then add him as an authorized user for piggybacking. however, with the scoring system changing in a few months, its probably not worth it to add him on. If he's trying to build up his credit, he can open up an account at the credit union also and do his own secured loan seperate from yours. That way, you are both building without him being on your stuff.
  18. If you are uncomfortable with having credit cards, then build up your credit with secured loans. You put money in a savings account and then borrow against it. These loans are guaranteed so the income issue won't be much problem. This way you don't have a card you are tempted to use. 1. Dont go to a bank to do this unless you cann do at least 5,000. The banks don't do these in small amounts. Go join a credit union for this. 2. You can do small amounts at a credit union, but I would suggest at least 1,000.00. It may help your score better than a 200 or 300 loan (though I'm not sure about this-I've just been told this). 3. Make sure that the credit union reports to all 3 agencies, not just one. Get the maximum effect of your loan. 4. Now, its best to put money in savings, borrow against it, then put the check they give you back into that savings account, or one somewhere else with higher interest. That way the interest you make helps make up for the interest you pay on the loan. But in some cases, you may not have the extra money to spare. If that's the case, here's what you do. Lets say you have certain times of the month you pay your bills. You take the bill money a day or 2 before you pay those bills, go to the credit union, put that money into the savings account, then do your secured loan right away. They will give you a check for your loan which gives you back the money to pay your monthly bills on time. i did this the 1st time I did one of these. The great part is that when I paid off my loan, I had forced myself to save and had money in my savings account!! Also, with most credit unions, as you pay down, the balance in your savings account is available to you in case you need to withdraw it. 5. You can't piggyback these loans, so if you are trying to also build up your husbands credit, then you need to have the savings account and loan in both name. 6. Set the loan up for 18 months. That will give you an account with over a year history once you pay it off. Hope this suggestion helps you somewhat. I built up my credit this way.
  19. My 2 cents. I've done this several times. It works great, but do two things: 1. Borrow at least 1,000, higher if possible. I've been told larger loans score better than smaller ones. 2. Make sure the credit union reports to ALL 3 bureaus. Some of them only use the one in their region. To get the best effect of doing this, you want one that does all 3. And it is that easy! Afetr I did a few at 2 different credit bureaus, one of them sent me an automatic UNSECURED loan of 5,000.
  20. Do I have to dispute it as not mine, or can I request it be removed for privacy issues. I'm afraid it might be like addresses, tied to whichever creditor reported it. If thats the case, it may well pop up again.
  21. I pulled my experian report today and my home phone number is on there under personal info. Everything on my report is clean, and I'm paying my bills on time.All my creditors have my phone number already. I really don't want this on my report. Has anyone else had this happen, and can you have it removed?
  22. Thanks for the replies so far. We are hesitant to contact the CRAs until after the deadline date. We don't want to stir anything up. We are hoping they will quietly fall off according to the dates. When we pulled the credit bureau reports, there was a month difference between one of them. We thought it would be best to ride it out, then go shopping for the best mortgage rate we could get. We are looking at a property we want to make an offer on, but we want to get the best rate we can. The sooner we can start this, the better. That's why we were hoping that someone here had been watching something on their own credit report that was due to fall off and could give us an answer based on their experience.
  23. I don't know if anyone can answer this, but here goes. My bf has an old collection that is due to fall off his report soon. The credit bureaus list the month/year that it will be removed. Does anyone know if this typically happens at the beginning of the month or at the end? Any personal experience on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. My bh has the almost same situation except the debt is still open. It went from MBNA to 1st select to providian to credigy, and is now with a new one, portfolio. The old MBNA account is now showing as B of A and we are trying to figure out the best way to handle this whole pile of ****.
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