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  1. Yes back in the day when I had TU's True Credit and I was checking my CR every day they banned me and they put Inq's back on my CR. Okay I have not been monitoring my CR other than maybe once every 3 months (not using True Credit) and today I look and WAMMO !!!!! I have 10 TU inq's....WTH ? My score dropped 34 pts I have been away from the board for a little time but did a search and couldn't find anything on this happening again to anyone else here recently. Has anyone else had this happened to them recently ? Thanks and I look forward and appreciate any advice
  2. Hey Credit Superstar What's Up my friend Hey you helped me so much and taught me a lot. I'll respond to your PM we need to talk. Sorry you are gonna have to go through this again but hey I feel bad for the Companies that will have to deal with you
  3. When I called HSBC to see why I was denied she said because of all the school loans. I have a mortgage and a car payment as well and my CC debt is not a lot. I have been in education for 14 years and at my present job for 5 years. I don't have a single late on my CR but Guitar Center denied me. I just don't want all these inquiries or I would do it. Well maybe I can do it and dispute the Inquries with EQ since the backdoor method doesn't work anymore .....Thanks
  4. Dont know you personally but I had my fingers crossed for you ....Congratulations :BigDance:
  5. I applied for an HSBC Guitar Center CC and was turned down regardless of my excellent credit especially with the HSBC. Now I want to apply for either a Musician Friends or Sam Ash CC but guess who they use HSBC ..... does this mean they will turn me down as well ? Any help is appreciated
  6. I tried this yesterday one more time and I got the dreaded email stating that they needed all this info within 24 hrs or they could not investigate ! Anyone else get that email ? I'm just gonna send a letter to EQ to remove these inq's that use to work years ago !
  7. I agree Chester but The Guitar Center owns all the big music companies and they all use HSBC who I have been a good customer of. On top of everything my scored dropped 16 points for one inq. ughhhhhh
  8. Well maybe for them but not in reality ! I can buy a new home and bought a new truck one year ago because my old car needed to be replaced. I don't splurge on things and I'm not materialistic. It just seems that those who are good credit customers are punished for that. She even said that it was not fair but that I had too much in school loans which I pay monthly. Its just frustrating now a days if your not super rich then they just don't give you credit anymore !
  9. I was looking to buy a new drum set and The Guitar Center has no payments for a year with their CC so I said why not I have great credit well they denied me. I have a 770 EQ score, no lates nor any other baddies and utilization is good plus good salary. They give you a number to call so I did and asked why I was denied and the lady took forever to look I mean it seemed like a year but she finally said "why your too educated." Yes she said I had to much money in school loans then asked if I had graduated yet. I told her "Ma'm I have my doctorate and it wasn't cheap" but how can they hold that against me ?
  10. I'm in the same boat with Sears as I was going to get a refrigerator from them but they only gave me a $700 CL. I wanted to close it because I don't shop at Sears but I posted here and everyone suggested I keep mine as well for my sock drawer
  11. Sort of its a different scoring system that is used. When ever you apply for credit they always check your FICO scores and you can only get your EQ and TU scores from MYFICO.com ...... FAKO's are just to give you an idea but they are always off and never accurate
  12. Thanks WTC I just see my Fakos going up on my CMS and I kept saying " Wow I'm getting close to the 800's " yeah right
  13. My FAKO score for TU is 770 but my FICO is 718. I always thought it was the other way around and the FICO was usually 30-50 points higher than the FAKO
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