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  1. Hi Been-Ponzied, I hope you are feeling better. Please, please do not commit suicide over your credit problems or anything else. Things will get better and this will pass. I have never been divorced, or married, so I don't have much advice other than, maybe you should contact a divorce lawyer, through free Legal Aid. Perhaps his Verbal Agreement with you could possibly be enforced. As for your credit cards, etc.. were they in your name, or were you an authorized user? If you were only an authorized user, I believe I read that some people were able to have items removed from their credit report based on this because as an authorized user they are not responsible to pay for the cards. If the cards are in your name and you cannot pay them due to SSI then don't worry about it, if there is nothing you can do. You may want to consult a bankrupty lawyer also. I'm sure that with bad credit you can still find a place to stay, as several people over 50, and under, that I know had bad credit and bankrupties but were still able to rent a nice apartment. The landlords just wanted to make sure they had steady income, but the deposit was higher. Also, there are Low-Income Housing Programs for individuals such as your self on SSI, regardless of their credit. I hope this helps, and that someone else here on this board can offer you more information on this. May God bless you, honeycomb
  2. Hi, Following is how I handle my reinsertions, since, at the moment, I do not feel like suing the CRAs (yet). This is from my post on another board: I had a reinsertion on TU. I disputed with TU as such, but no luck getting it removed, as they sent me a letter about about the 7 year negative reporting stuff. I really didn't feel like suing TU, so I decided to go after the OC, (or CA) and I sent them the following letter. And they deleted shortly after receipt of my letter below: I figured it was worth a shot. Re: Acct Dear XXXX, Attn: Legal Department In XXX 2005 I discovered the above referenced account on my Transunion credit report. On XXXXX,2005 I disputed the above referenced account with Transunion. Under FCRA 15 U.S.C. §1681s-2b, after receiving notice of dispute from Transunion, Dumb Bank was required to investigate and report the results to Transunion within 30 days, but Dumb Bank, in violation of the FCRA, failed to do so. At the end of the reinvestigation period, having received no response from Dumb Bank, Transunion deleted this account from my credit report after 30 days in compliance with FCRA 15 U.S.C. §1681s-2b(1)(E). On XXXXX, 2005, I discovered that Dumb Bank re-reported the above account to my Transunion credit report six months later on or about XXXX 2nd, 2005. FCRA 15 U.S.C. §1681s-2b provides a private right of action for a consumer against furnishers of information who have willfully or negligently failed to perform their duties upon notice of a dispute. As a result of the above violations of the FCRA, Dumb Bank is liable to me for statutory damages in the amount of $2,000 as per FCRA 15 U.S.C. §1681n. At this time, I offering Dumb Bank the opportunity to resolve this matter as follows before my lawsuit is filed: (1) pay me $1,000 One Thousand Dollars to redress a portion of the statutory damages, and (2) permanently delete the above account from all credit reporting agencies, by Friday,XXXX 30th, 2005. Should Dumb Bank chose not to resolve this matter as stated, I will proceed with legal action against your company without further notice. Sincerely, Ms. Mad as Hell Sweet Honeycomb So far, they all have deleted upon receipt. hee...hee .. .. if they hadn't I would have sued them.
  3. The current status of 120+days past due appears to be wrong and will hurt your score very much. Since you settled the account it is no longer past due, therefore, it should read "paid" or "settled" - something like that. I wrote to Cap1 regarding incorrect status reporting on my account and surprisingly they corrected it within 30 days. honeycomb
  4. Hinky, TMAC01 asked if anyone had any luck with Providian. I did. And I gave him MY advice. I did not have to sue Providian to obtain a settlement. I did not state that verifying in 2 days is a crime or violation so I don't know why you mentioned that. I don't need to know what is inaccurate, I was merely giving him quick advice. I don't dispute things that are accurate, thus, if someone disputes something I assume that whatever they dispute is a valid inaccuracy. So if the OC is reporting inaccurate info, and verifies it, and continues to report it then that IS a violation. Tmac01 "tried everything" - So to me the bottom line is if tmac01 has error(s) that the OC won't fix after repeated requests via the CRA disputes and letters directly to the OC, then the last option may be to sue if he/she desires to get the matter resolved. Anyway, didn't you notice that I said "initiate" legal action and send an ITS with Complaint attached, er? I also said "or IF you just sue".... "IF" meaning that it up to tmac01 to decide to sue. Did you have any luck with Providian that you would like to share with tmac01? honeycomb
  5. TMAC01 wrote: "I have tried everything and all they do is verify my account in like 1-2 days, Its ridiculous." So, for something to be verified in 1-2 days, it is obvious to me that tmac01 has disputed some inaccuracy in the tradeline with the CRAs. It is stated that he/she has tried everything, SO, if the OC repeatedly refuses to correct an error in the tradeline then tmaco1 can sue for whatever violations there are. honeycomb
  6. Hello, You will have to initiate legal action to get them to go away. Send them an ITS for their violations with a Complaint attached (marked "DRAFT") and they usually will settle with you (payment & deletion) without you having to file, or if you just file, then shortly after receipt of Summons. Send an ITS to this corporate office: Providian Financial Corporation Attn: Legal Department 201 Mission Street, 28th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 honeycomb
  7. Who is reporting incorrectly on your credit report? From your post above I thought Macys was. You could just sue Federated Department Stores and FACS since Federated owns Macy's, and FACS services the account. Serve FACS at the address I posted above and then serve a Principal Officer at Federated Department at their corporate office since we are unable to find a registed agent in Florida for them. Federated Department Stores, Inc Mr. Terry Lundgren, CEO 7 West Seventh Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 www.federated-fds.com honeycomb
  8. I had two accounts with them that was charged off in 2002. Balance on one was $4,900 and the other was $1,200. I did not get sued. Actually I had about 9 other acccounts that were charged off and I did not get sued by any of them. Lucky?.. maybe, I don't know. But I wonder if it was because I did not respond to any of them because I knew that could not pay at the time. I ignored all calls and letters (this was way before I found this board) When they called I just said they had the wrong number and the calls stopped. Then I moved and they did not have any of my new info. honeycomb
  9. Hello, I wouldn't call them anymore. Dispute with the CRA's and write a couple of letters to the collection agency and/or phone company. And if it is not removed then you will just have to sue them. If you have already done this and have the documentation then just go ahead and sue them. Once they get the Summons things usually get taken care of very quickly. Of course, demand deletion and cash. honeycomb
  10. Hello, Sue Macy's, Federated and FACS, Group. I couldn't find an active registered agent for Federated in floridia. So you could just sue the store and FACS if you want. You need to sue FACS Group, Inc also because they service the Macy account. Here is their registered agent info in florida. FACS Group, Inc. is (Financial, Administrative, and Credit Services, Inc.) FACS GROUP, INC.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 4705 DUKE DRIVE MASON OH 45040 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAILING ADDRESS C/O FEDERATED CORPORATE SERVICES, INC 7 WEST SEVENTH STREET CINCINNATI OH 45202 US Changed 02/27/1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registered Agent Name & Address CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY 1201 HAYS STREET TALLAHASSEE FL 32301-2525 Name Changed: 07/23/2003 Address Changed: 07/23/2003 Here's the link: http://ccfcorp.dos.state.fl.us/scripts/cordet.exe?a1=DETFIL&n1=F94000000608&n2=NAMFWD&n3=0000&n4=N&r1=&r2=&r3=&r4=FACS&r5=
  11. OMG!! I am so happy and I cannot believe it!! I just purchased my score and I made it to the 700 club on my Equifax report! My score is 703 - Finally! I have worked so hard on my reports this past year! Thank you to everyone who has helped me and answered my questions! Thank God for this wonderful site! - Thank you, Kristy! I found it by accident a year ago. I almost paid about $1,400 to have a credit repair company work on it but when I was ready to do it, I called them and found out they went out of business. So I'm sure I would have lost my money. Before I found this site, I never thought I would have been able to fix it and remove 16 negative items. My last negative was finally removed from Equifax this week. Now I just have two items left between TU and Exper, and hopefully I can get them removed in the next 60 days. honeycomb
  12. Hello, I just completed a 1st Amended Complaint and was wondering if an amended complaint had to be formally served like the Summons & Complaint, or can I have a non-party serve it CMRR, rather than paying a process server again. Thanks, honeycomb
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