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  1. CAs are some of the biggest clowns... They should include a line on their letters - "Please validate this debt for us, we don't have a leg to stand on."
  2. And watch the signatures, too. Remember who you're dealing with.
  3. AFNI was a pain to deal with for me. I would suggest that you go ahead and get together your DV, 2nd notice, and ITS. Keep 'em handy.
  4. From my most recent copy... In the account box - It's on the left hand side, 1st column, 9th row.
  5. Does it have instant activation or do you have to wait?
  6. xena - I believe what they are saying is that if you are going to pay a collection, make sure that you do so in terms that are favorable to you. Cutting a check to a CA 2-3 years later does you no good - paid or unpaid, a collection is still a negative on your credit report. There are ways you can pay what you owe without having it hanging over your head for several years.
  7. I'm up and running again, thanks to Heart. The home page is still showing that message, but the other pages load normally. hmmm...
  8. Wow...this is ridiculous. I truly sympathize with your situation, our fine men and women in service shouldn't have to deal with scumbags like this. I have no legal expertise whatsoever, but if I were an attorney, I would be at your doorstep begging for this case. Seriously, from what I've read, you could put this CA out of business. I would head over to the legal forum, there's alot of good folks who can give you some guidance on this. Best of luck.
  9. Sounds like you've got them on numerous violations. I'd take the fight to their doorstep. Congrats on the new card!
  10. No, I haven't called tech support as of yet. I suppose I'll give them a ring shortly. It just seems strange I'm the only one getting this. Can't even get to the login screen.
  11. The past two days, I've been getting this - "Credit Keeper is temporarily down" Anyone else seeing that?
  12. The geniuses that work for these companies... I can hear that meeting now... "Sure we have identical features and format, but if we use a different COLOR for the site, nobody will be the wiser!"
  13. Or not. I gotta remember to look at all the topics... MCK may be joining PG in the once monthly pulls, per Mannerheim. ARGGG!!!