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    Thank you for the quick response. Ok, you've echoed both what I was thinking AND my confusion. This isn't a great attorney first impression, then....lol...at the least he's a lousy communicator. LOL
  2. Lorian


    Is anyone familiar with what a 'C-7' is? I contacted an attorney regarding bankruptcy, and he responded that, with no assets, I may not need to file bankruptcy; that a C-7 may be more appropriate. I've never heard of this. Help?
  3. I may have to do that. In frustration, I made up 8 letters, summarized the entire experience and suggested that at this point I was considering legal remedies, addressed each one to a top member/director/etc of the hospital, filled them with copies of ALL correspondence from day one to the hospital all the way down to NCO, and hand delivered them to the lobby. The woman was taken aback and actually asked me as I passed her on the way out what the letters were FOR. I received a phone call from the hospital, but was not home at the time and have not yet returned the call. Will let you know what
  4. Opinions would be most welcome! I get a phone call out of the blue back in November from a collection person at a major hospital. She tells me I owe a bill. I say I know nothing of this, and ask for the name, etc and the amount. She tells me the bill is over $4k. After I am able to get off the floor, we talk for a brief time, and I keep explaining that I know NOTHING about this bill; could she please send me whatever papers she has regarding this. She says I can apply for financial aid. (I actually - much later - looked into this in desperation; it turns out you must also have previ
  5. Have I misunderstood the follwing case laws regarding this? Ippolito v. WNS, Inc. 864 F.2d 440,451 (7th Cir.1988) St Paul Guardian Ins. Co v. Johnson 884 F.2d 881,883 (5th Cir. 1989) Mone v. Dranow 945 F.2d 306,308 (9th Cir. 1991) Or have there since been rulings that overthrew these?
  6. It's my understanding that FACT doesn't provide for consumers civil actions against the OC (isn't Congress nice to us..>snort<) - your leverage comes from complaining and reporting the OC and their violations to the FTC, state AG, etc. I'm pretty new at this, so someone correct me if I am in error here.
  7. Also...not intending to defeat the purpose of upping your credit ratings, but you can always look for owner-financed houses-for-sale; often times you can find a great deal with creative financing, and no high bank interest or broker bite. If you lucked out, you could then take a modest home-improvement loan (check your city and county - they might offer 0-to very low interest improvement loans for a variety of reasons) and pay down/off your credit cards... I think it's great to repair our credit, but we should also be wary of thinking it and the money mongers, are our only path to anything. Th
  8. That's actually not funny, Sultan...I would be pursuing thatta' one! ::thinking of a female derogatory nom de plume used liberally in rap music:::
  9. Right! Speaking of which; had a '850' (my new code name for the phone debt-chasing serfs...lol) from NCO call today, and thanks to all of you and this site, I not only immediately took control of the convo (ah, knowledge IS power indeed...and SWEEEET), but after only about 2 minutes had the poor woman apoplectic. She did manage to choke out 'have-a-nice-day' before hanging up faster than I've ever seen in my life. It was GREAT! 8)
  10. More...: Job ID: ER Spec Position Type: Full-Time Employee Company Name: NCO Group Location: Getzville, NY Salary: $30K -$35K Date Posted: February 25, 2005 Experience: 5-10 Years Experience Desired Education Level: Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor's degree, 5-10 yrs experience...and that's all they pay?
  11. Here are more a publicly-available (but they didn't expect you to find them) list of contacts for various CA agents: http://www.csu.org/extrx/procureops/39193_credit_card_payment_processing_ph.pdf Specific to Ohio: http://www.ohiobursars.org/assocmembers.htm To Pennsylvania: http://www.pacollectors.org/html/pca_members.html
  12. Even funnier is in their glossy ads aimed at obtaining commercial accounts, they use this line: "We employ hundreds of industry proffesionals in our state of the art commercial service centers. It is our priority to invest in the recruitment and training of the highest caliber of individual...blah blah"
  13. NCO's hiring! 1. TELEPHONE Sales Representative | Full time Positions Agent Profile: • At least the age of 18, grade 12 or equivalent schooling and customer service experience, or currently working towards their grade 12 Wages To Start: • $10.00 per hour based on 71 hour commitment in a 2 week pay period • $ 8.50 if the hour commitment is not met • Sales/ Performance bonus Commitment hours • Add extra .50 per hour for 78 hours or more PTO’s • 3 Paid time off days per anniversary year after 3 months (Three YEARS later...you can get TWO MORE DAYS..wow!)• 5 Paid time off days per anniversary
  14. For further information: At NCO Group, Inc. Michael J. Barrist, Chairman and CEO Steven L. Winokur, Executive VP, Finance and CFO (215) 441-3000 SOURCE NCO Group, Inc.