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  1. With you putting down 5 grand, Anyone will finance you...Trust me. Also you should get a pretty good rate with that much down....I would not accept anything over 10%apr, And even thats quite high. If you already have 5 grand then your probably almost 25% there...Why not pay yourslef that car payment and save up and pay cash for one!
  2. That may explain it then, I dont get a paper statement since I pay online....Which I find quite stupid. Oh well.
  3. I have this card, And I still had to make the full payment this month. When did yours change?
  4. Sure its not a "soft" inquiry? LOTS of creditors do that just to see what junk mail they can send you. Dont worry about a soft hit, They do not affect your score one bit.
  5. You could always dispute them with the CB's. Or at last resort try calling the original creditor to "negotiate" removal.
  6. little more detail.. Whats the largest debt you owe?
  7. Dude, Same here. After getting denied, I went back and started looking at some of their stuff and thought to myself "WHY would I want a credit card here when I could just pay cash for most of this stuff?!". Kinda just sat back and laughed at the denial and took my business to
  8. Man, I would double up on those payments and get that thing paid off, That way the rate really dont even matter. Bottom line, Pay that thing off and drive a "paid for" car!
  9. So let me get this straight, They will not raise the limit on this stupid secured card-ever?? I thought I have heard before that eventually they will give you an unsecured credit increase if you request one. If not, I am thinking I will just withdraw my money and close the account.
  10. I have had encounters with a couple of people in the forums who have had run ins with this "firm". Please PM me if you had.
  11. So I go up to the cleveland county courthouse and tell them I want to file a motion to vacate and they give me the appropriate papers to fill out there? We are supposed to talk to a lawyer tomorrow about this as well.
  12. Exactly! Wow, How did you know? Because I'm in Oklahoma...and know they're the biggest scum here. They often file in the wrong county and violate the FDCPA in almost every case they handle. Sadly, most people don't know what to look for. They're not the brightest crayons in the box, and, if you play the game right, can get rid of them easily. Unfortunately, your wife ignored it from the beginning. I don't know if you can file a motion to vacate based on jurisdiction - I would think so. But I can try to find that out. I have a meeting with an attorney tomorrow who is chasing these guys as we speak. I'll ask him what to do in your case while I'm there. Does your wife have ANY letters from them at all? Do you know what the debt is for? How old is it, exactly? The letter we currently have from them is the actual "garnishment affidavit" letter that they filed in Cleveland County. We have no idea why they would file there, She has never lived there, The car was purchased in MWC, And her ex husband never lived there. This was for a repo back around october of 99. When my wife got a divorce from her ex the car was HIS responsibility according to court papers. He quit his job when they came after him and claimed bankruptcy against them and now they are coming after her. If you could ask him that would be awesome We are really looking or some help with this one.
  13. Exactly! Wow, How did you know? Also, She did not show for court because she just "blew it off" which I did not find out about until after the fact.
  14. Wow, Congrats. I was turned down by them on everything I applied for and my scores are right around yours.
  15. My wife recently received notice that her wages were going to be garnished, But the CA Lawyers filed in a county in which she has NEVER lived. Also the debt is past its SOL in our state....The kicker is she did not show up for court when she was served, So they got default. Do we have a chance to beat this, Or do they win?