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  1. Thanks for the replies all. I don't think BK is an option for my situation. I honestly have about $8k in bad cc debt that is in collections. Both are with AMEX, no other cc lines. I don't think It's BK worthy. I would like to make some arrangements with AMEX but through arbitration only because that's what the majority of the folks on this and other boards suggest. I really just need to know how to start that JAMS process. The JAMS site has multiple arbitration options and I'm clueless to which to use. No offense taken on previously posts from other folks. A little drama is worth reading. Thanks again.
  2. Forum members labeled you as the best guy, so please assist me! I was served on 09/21/2016. Attempted morning of but left a letter on my door. I ended up meeting the lady at a gas station because I had no clue what it was, turns out its for an AMEX I stopped paying on earlier in the year. The balance is $5500 and from my reading, I could use the arbitration to fight it from going to court through JAMS? Donald Degrasse firm is the AMEX attorney. I downloaded my agreement and confirmed American Express Centurion Bank issued the card and is the same name on the suit. How do I file with JAMS? And who do I send it to? I need help, literally a step by step on what to do. I know I need this before the deadline...which is coming soon! Any help to steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Quote Edit
  3. I guess the next step is to send a Debt Settlement Letter to pay off and agree to have them put account in as PAID AS AGREED.
  4. I have a charge off account for some furniture that I stopped paying on in 2007. I pulled a CR because I am seeking a mortgage. I noticed that this company is pulling CR inquiries from me on two different times within a week. Can they do that?
  5. I have an auto loan that I paid on for 5 years. Not one payment late, and I just found out they never reported it to all 3 CR's. I also have a Visa card through them that is currently not reporting as well. Its a Credit Union. How can I get them to report?
  6. Happened to myself as well. Someone filed a my 2011 Return in my name and used my SSN. Big hassle to fix and delays your return my 3 months. My resolution was to file taxes with my CPA, can only send US Mail now, and have the IRS fix the mess. Sucks big time...
  7. Thanks... I just checked the PCE site and my report is gone. I have to purchase another one for 39.95 to see my CR and scores. I thought the monthly fee covered that??
  8. I just activated a Household Bank card yesterday and signed up for the Credit Keeper Service. I currently am also signed up on Premier Credit expert as well. Which is the better of the two?
  9. I think the best route is your employee Credit Union, if you have one. I have so/so credit with an old repo and I was approved instantly for 15,000 loan with a 4.95% APR. I also just received an unsecured CC with a decent limit. Give it a chance.
  10. I think I got too excited. I was reading some posts and came across one that the Citi Premier Pass was an easy qualify and I got the "pending approval...send you something in 30 days" notice.
  11. I just received an Orchard Card and a Visa from my Credit Union. Hip Hip Hooray!! Is Visa from a credit union a good thing?
  12. I am crossing my fingers and hope that this works. I just sent out debt validation letters to the CA's and God willing they don't have any records of the accounts. These are old collection accounts, one for Cap One, an auto insurance cancalation fee that I had no clue about, and one for an old gas card that went our of business. Should I have done something differently??
  13. How about the dealership?? Should I disppute with them as well. They are only reporting to TU and I would like if all the CRA's show this TL as PAID IN FULL.
  14. Do you have a sample letter for reference?
  15. Here's the story...I bought a car from a low grade dealership that qualified me when they saw my 1000.00 down payment for in-house financing, interest rate was high but I had a car. I had the car for 2 1/2 years and paid on time, everytime. I noticed that they did NOT report any payments to any of the three CRA's. I called them on it and they reported to TU...PROBLEM is they reported that its was a "OTHER" account type with the total loan balance (8000.00) and balance owed (3900.00)...and that all. They also gave me some crap about, "We are a small dealership so we can't report the CRA's"....WHAT?? Is that legal? I sold the car two months ago and paid off in full and they still have not reported that the loan has been satisified. I think that a letter to the dealership would be helpful...anyone has one I can use? What other steps should I take to get them to report correctly?? HELP ME..someone!! Thanks in advance.
  16. I have been trying to pull some old stuff off my credit report. I have some collections and a repo that TU is only reporting. What is the first step I should take to get these possibly taken off.
  17. I have paid collections stilling showing full balance owed and thye have been paid. How do I get these deleted??
  18. I am a newbie to this board so bare with me. I just settled some old debts and I was wondering what' next? Would it be in my best interest to have those on my Credit Report ot have them deleted? I am also in the process of trying to purchase a home. Last month my scores where in the low 600's and I would love to get them in the higher 600's. Any help would be appreciated.