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  1. ITA with the title of your post, thank goodness it makes up for it by doing so much good, like with anything with so powerful, there is a great potential for good and bad I guess. Hiya Doc, hope ya had a good Turkeyday and what not, I've been very busy, as long as I'm getting further out of the hole I really can't complain. TTYL.
  2. I agree, Not sure if rating things or anything special "such as custom titles that only certain individuals get" are the best things for public forums, etc. Others may feel left out, get bad feelings, or have concerns about favoritism (even if / when not the case) but certainly, what comes around does go around.
  3. Well actually I think you about covered everything (I'm fairly sure you probably knew I was joking) heh.
  4. Are you sure you didn't want to keep the card open and for age as unsecured if they were going to waive the annual fee? you can't say they didn't try, you had your mind made up thats for sure.
  5. Sultan

    I did it!

    lol, WB buddy! Glad you had a good time and safe trip. I've seriously always wanted to visit down under (much more than going to Europe or elsewhere for some reason)
  6. Good question, its really up and down depending on whats going on, in times of tight money and excessive debt, I'll eliminate all leisure money for months at a time if need be, eating good and having the bills paid always come first, extra money usually goes toward debt, obviously all work and no play can make any of us miserable at the best of times. I've been investing in property so that I wont have to work as hard down the line, its a begin with the end in mind mentality, even though we live in a buy now pay later society.
  7. Awesome! thats great news .. Yeah never take no for an answer. TU does update slow, I bet they update it may just take longer.
  8. Hey kanes .. Could you maybe be a little more specific?
  9. I've been so out of the loop this year. Who's going to the superbowl? Colts, Patriots,Bears,Saints?
  10. Sultan

    I did it!

    Glad your having a good time, have a safe flight home at some point. Unless you decide to stay on permanently.
  11. Holy smokes 15 pages already! I just dropped about $1100.00 for new PC hardware for 2 machines, I have a lot of other existing good hardware that can and will be used, but heres the capper, it took me close to 24 hours of surfing and reading to ultimately make 2 seperate purchases from hardware vendors, Core 2 Duo's and 1333 front side bus speeds here I come, as well as an 8th Gen Geforce. UT 3 will be released later this week, I've been playing Crysis on my current rig, as well as Gears of War, both of them stutter at times, the frame rates are acceptable but not as smooth as last years games played on this machine, I know gaming is one of the driving forces in the ongoing hardware speed push. I've been fairly conservative, just so you know this year I've paid over 25K of revolving debt off, I think I've been careful and responsible enough to go ahead and break down and get the hardware I need for 2 awesome gaming machines, hopefully the hardware in my server box can handle running a UT3 dedicated server with out any problems, because the buck stops here for now. Did I ever mention that we used to run a PC consulting business, and did PC's a-z, we always had the best of hardware, our own lab to test and experiment with so to speak. Theres better money in the trades, what can I say, I tried to do both for a while, but I can only do so much. If DW had a little more personal motivation I'd certainly back her up, but i'm done babysitting and having everyone think I'll take care of everything all the time and they can just keep dumping more on my back like I'm some kind of bottomless dump truck that can take it. Oh well here's to 3 Ghz Core 2 Duos on a Abit IP35 Pro with 4 GB of ram running at 1333 front side bus speeds with Geforce 8500GT PCIE16 cards. I've never taken so much time to buy anything in my life. Seemed like the logical choice and best bang for the buck, I'll be sure to follow up with feedback!
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