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  1. Hey Dive, I found this under FL landlort-tenant laws. I'm not sure if it fits your situation. (http://www.800helpfla.com/pdfs/landlord_statute83.pdf) (3)(a) Upon the vacating of the premises for termination of the lease, if the landlord does not intend to impose a claim on the security deposit, the landlord shall have 15 days to return the security deposit together with interest if otherwise required, or the landlord shall have 30 days to give the tenant written notice by certified mail to the tenant's last known mailing address of his or her intention to impose a claim on the deposit and the reason for imposing the claim. The notice shall contain a statement in substantially the following form: This is a notice of my intention to impose a claim for damages in the amount of _____ upon your security deposit, due to _____. It is sent to you as required by s. 83.49(3), Florida Statutes. You are hereby notified that you must object in writing to this deduction from your security deposit within 15 days from the time you receive this notice or I will be authorized to deduct my claim from your security deposit. Your objection must be sent to (landlord's address) . If the landlord fails to give the required notice within the 30-day period, he or she forfeits the right to impose a claim upon the security deposit.
  2. And let me guess, the person who made that note two years ago is no longer there? How convenient that they lost your papers. I know in some states, apartments are required by law to replace the carpeting and padding after every two tenants, regardless of how long each tenant lived there. Sanitation reasons. If FL has such a law, then they'd have to change the carpeting after you moved anyway, and you shouldn't be charged a thing. Just an idea if you don't have any luck taking another route.
  3. I just had a phone call from Capital Management Services, Inc. The caller didn't leave a message for anyone, or anything business related. Instead, she was whispering to her coworker about going outside to smoke. The funny part is that in the next sentence she said she was going to leave about five minutes early so she could "go get it and roll it" and they could smoke it in the car! Nice!
  4. If the attorney signs this letter, isn't he required to have reviewed the account and/or have firsthand knowledge of it?
  5. There's a sticky on this in the credit repair forum. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=10789
  6. I got a lot of that message today when I was trying to post.
  7. No, you can send a DV at anytime. There isn't a 30 day window to request validation.
  8. The whole purpose of the DV is for them to prove that they have a legal right to collect this debt. And since you have not done that yet, you have not "established that they have no right to collect" as previously posted. They need to show you documentation that they own this debt, or have a right to collect it on behalf of the OC. Just because something is past SOL doesn't mean that can't attempt to collect it (except for what Willing posted). A debt being beyond SOL simply means that if the CA were to sue you for it, then you could defend yourself with the SOL against their lawsuit. They can still report it to the bureaus and attempt to collect on it by sending you letters, making phone calls, and reporting it to the CRAs. What state are you in?
  9. Check with Charles over in the mortgages section about it. I would really try to let that sleeping dog rest until your past SOL if you can.
  10. Forgive me... (Them TX laws are beautiful!) In that case I would file complaints against each one of them with the AG and the OCCC and include copies of your documentation.
  11. Just curious if anyone using True Credit 3in1 has compared their scores to myfico.com. How are off were they?
  12. The CAs aren't required to respond within 30 days, but that's just a timeframe we give them. They are, however, required to mark that TL as "disputed" once they receive your DV. If you haven't heard anything after 30 days has passed, then send them another DV giving them 15 days to respond or delete the TL. I'm not quite sure I undertand the "cannot locate" part of your post.
  13. I think for $10k I'd try to wait out the SOL unless there is some reason you need it off right away. You would have to have them on quite a few violations to make it worthwhile with a debt that large.
  14. That's not necessarily the only reasons for "closed by credit grantor". I have two accounts that are marked that way that aren't negative at all. One was a credit card based through my employer, and when I left the company the grantor closed the account. The other one is for a company that went under and closed the account. Both are paid as agreed/current but are listed as "closed by credit grantor" and show in my positive TLs.