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  1. I am filing for chapter 7. I was making less than 38K, but was just laid off. I was told i could file a bankruptcy petition in Alexandria, VA US Courts myself. Is the petition just the first step?? I don't know which form/s to fill out? I do not own property or many assets other than clothes, a few pairs of shoes, a bike, a bike rack, computer desk, few jewelry, a mattress, dresser, lamp, one vehicle 7yrs old (no lien). My lawyer friend said a lawyer won't charge me more than $500-$900 for my situation. I was hoping to get some feedback because i want to understand the filing process bet
  2. My father migrated here in the 70's and my mother came shortly after him. He busted his a$$ off so that my family could have a future. For the first few years, both my parents catered to the family that helped them get here. Over time, they were able to communicate, but very little. Just Hi, How are you, Thanks you... etc. I've explained to them whats going to happen and they understand, but never would they on their own understand or even know where to begin to resolve this matter!
  3. So basically you need to know whether or not to itemize. TurboTax will tell you this based on prompted questions. My back-of-the-napkin calculation tells me you are looking at something like a $1400 federal tax return ($5516-4098). You may be looking at more due to recent tax goodies thrown in to allow standard deduction filers to deduct certain things from their income even though they did not itemize. If you have your tax forms such as your W2 and whatever else you need (such as 1099-OIBs or 1099-INTs), you can even do your taxes online with TurboTax for something like $20 then efile. Its ea
  4. http://taxes.about.com/od/2008taxes/qt/quicktaxfacts08.htm http://taxes.about.com/od/2008taxes/qt/2008_tax_rates.htm I'd suggest TurboTax. It will prompt you to answer simple questions that may dig up some deductions. And it does all the arithmetic for you and spits out suggestions for '09.
  5. If you are claiming 0, you should definitely get a decent return imo. Standard deduction is $5450 then personal exemption is $3500. That means your taxable income is now $30,000 ($39k - $5450 - $3500). I'm betting the simplest of tax programs will find additional deductions for you. Now applying your taxable income to the 2008 marginal rates: First $8025 taxed at 10% (thank you GW. Bush): $802.50 Then $8025 -$30,000 taxed at 15%: $3296.25 Estimate Total Due: $4098.75. Does the personal exemption (3500) automatically apply? is that standard too? My Federal Tax is $5516.
  6. I see there are few income tax credits etc... I am curious if there is anything i can take advantage of that may apply to me. Filing single and earned $39,000 from one employer. I have nothing to write off that I know off. I had about $15,000 in doctors bills, paid about $2,000 out of pocket. Credit Card Providers screwed me with high interest (28%) in 2008 and now i have $20,000 CC debt. My employer hasn't given me a raise in 16months. It would be nice to get a big return this year, I really need it. I claim 0/0 on my paycheck, about $400 is taken out of each check and I'm only left w
  7. I have a Sports Hernia from Player soccer/football. It happened April 2007 and I'm still not 100%. Now my core is weak and I have some sort of imbalance and my pelvic is twisted. I found Dr. Meyers who did Donovan McNabb's (Philadelphia Eagles) surgery, but there are a lot of problems with Mesh, which is his method. The best and Dr. is in Munich Germany who has done over 14,000 surgeries. Its been 20 months and I have yet to see a doctor that has even mentioned a Sport Hernia, let alone how what one is. I've had more success researching this on the web for 2 weeks they any doctor I've se
  8. What if she added me as an Authorized User to the card with the promotion??? Couldn't I do something that way?
  9. The convenience checks was what i was thinking. I've received them before, but i dont think everyone does that. In the event she gets them, I wonder if they'd there would question the transfer. Any suggestion no to ask around without having them shut this down?
  10. How can i get my CC balance transfered to someone else's account? A close family member is willing to help me out with my hardship. She has a promotion for zero interest (0%) for 1 yr. The plan is to have all 3 of my CC's transfered to her account, and I would just make payments on those without the interest, which will help me pay my debt off quicker.
  11. I have some more good news.............. I got my 30-day late payment removed from my credit I faxed a letter to FCU explaining my hardship asking they remove my 30-day payment mark. I was about 65 days late. Their policy is 30 days to apply skip-a-payment. I asked them to make this one-time exception. I called to follow up on the fax and spoke with someone that was very nice. She told me as soon as make my payment, she will have it removed. I'm stoked!!!!! How quickly/much will my credit score go up once this 30-day late is removed?
  12. Wait there's more!!! The 3rd phone call was to NASA CC. By far the most challenging. I checked my credit and they've reported a 30-day late for September. I called them up and spoke to a Rep. Its wasn't going anywhere. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained my Hardship, but she was unable to consider this a Skip-A-Pay because it had been 60 days. Their policy is 30days. My cell phone cut off at this point. I called back and spoke to the same supervisor. She eventually advised me to write a letter explaining exactly what i told her and the more details the better. She told me
  13. Last week I was in the BK forum preparing to file for Chapter 7. After some sound advise and support from everyone here on the site, i have implemented a come-back plan thats already worked wonders for me. (see link below for original Post in BK) http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290599) Today alone I accomplished so much! I started with my Amex CC. I choose them because I have a payment coming up and they seem to be best at working with me. I wanted to gain confidence with my first attempt and work my way down to sticky icky. First things
  14. just checked my credit report. NASA CU is reporting a 30-day late payment!!!! Is there anything i can do at this point to try and remove that 30-day late? I have the money NOW to make the payment, anyway i can call them up and make that happen?