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  1. I purchased a boe-flex for my kids for Christmas. They issued a credit card just under the amount of the boe-flex which made me look like I was over my credit limit. I've nearing paid the account in half so I could get my ratio to 50% and today they sent me a letter stating that they are decreasing my credit limit which brings my ratio back up to 95%. I am very upset. Can they do this? I have always paid more than the minimum and has never been late.
  2. I filed Bankruptcy 4 years ago. None of my accounts on my credit report is listed as 'included in bankruptcy'. Should I dispute these accounts and how should I dispute them?
  3. What service do you recommend? I know true credit bumps transunion, but what service bumps equifax?
  4. My husband insurance paid a percentage, but I was still left with paying nearly $1000. Do you know where I can find an attorney in Louisiana that handles these matters???
  5. Thanks for your responses. The account is with a collection agency. I don't understand because my sister is the insurance holder for her family and her husband co-pays do not get reported on her credit report. We live in the same area. I DVed the collection agency and disputed it with the CRA. They refused to place this account 'in dispute' on my husband's credit report. I don't know what else to do with this account.
  6. It is not listed as a joint account on my husband's credit report. I had the test ran at a hospital about 3 years ago. The hospital turned the account over to a collection agency. The only way I knew this bill was in collections is by my husband's credit report. I never received anything. They did not place this account in dispute.
  7. I went to the doctor and had some test ran. I am on my husband insurance. The hospital turned the account over to collections on my husband. The account is not listed on my credit anywhere. How can I get this off of my husband's credit report? I tried DV. They sent me a copy of the bill stating that I was the patient. Can they do this? If not, does anyone know of an attorney in Louisiana to consult?
  8. Anyone have a sample of a DV letter that can help me out??
  9. I made arrangements with the creditor to pay the medical bills. After I paid the creditor, the collection agency is still reporting it on my credit report. How can I get them to delete it?