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  1. I haven't had any luck so far with mine, but that hasn't stopped me from trying. What I've tried (hope this helps): (1) Planet Feedback letter. No result. (2) Called and talked with sympathetic rep, gave sob story. No result. (3) Sent certified email to company CEO. No repsonse yet.
  2. I've had mine for two months, and have gone up from 551 to 556 on TU, a 589 to 599 on EX, and a 556 to a 561 on EQ. Hope this helps!
  3. I've been disputing an account with them, and they keep verifying it, even though Sterling, FNBO, CCB, and Infobank all deny my account exists. Here's what Norm Vercammen, Sterling VP in charge of dicking me around, emailed me: We have contacted FNBO and the following is their response: The account was with a collection agency CCB but was closed back by them. We are trying to get a hold of this customer to explain that this was a Sterling account that charged off and then sold to FNBO. The account hasn't been sold to anyone else. The reference that the customer makes to Conseco is a mis-descr
  4. you can get a report number from experian to dispute with free using this link: http://www.experian.com/cic
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  6. Aretha L. Glover, President (06/05) Sterling Bank & Trust, FSB One Towne Square 17th Floor Southfield, MI 48076 (248) 351-3492 (O) Fax (248) 948-8751 aglover@sterlingbank.com
  7. as a second test I decided to find email addresses for Experian. googled: "@experian.com" theresa.ho@experian.com christina.karpowitz@experian.com susan.henson@experian.com steve.lopez@experian.com DAN.MINNICK@EXPERIAN.COM samantha.sale@experian.com deirdre.higgins@experian.com Matthew.Besler@experian.com heather.greer@experian.com steve.lunt@experian.com roslyn.whitehurst@experian.com bruno.rost@experian.com donald.girard@experian.com susan.henson@experian.com JIM.GRAF@EXPERIAN.COM mary.hennen@experian.com noelle.armstrong@experian.com Hoang.Chau@EXPERIAN.COM rose.ohlendorf@experian.com peter
  8. I have found a pretty good way of contacting creditors via email. Once you find the domain of whoever you're needing to contact - Marlin Holdings for example is http://www.marlinholdings.com, go to Google. In the search bar, and it is very important that you do this exactly this way, type "@marlinholdings.com". Meaning quote, the at symbol, the domain, and then quote. Search through the results and you'll find email addresses belonging to employees, corporate officers, and the like. Most of the time you can click on the link, then hit control-F to find a line, and type @marlinholdings.co
  9. guys, I've been trying to find out which CSI (and they are legion) covers Austin Energy. Can you give me more info, please? Thanks!
  10. OK, so I'm having problems with FNBO/Sterling Bank now. I pulled a report on Friday, and they were still on it (TU)! I also disputed this and it came back verified! So I call FNBO at 800-755-5249, and was told that they haven't had my account since 9-13-01, and it was a Sterling Bank card acc't that they returned. I call Sterling at a new number that FNBO gave me (800-650-5929), and they tell me that they can't do anything becuase they don't have the account, and that I need to contact FNBO. So I call FNBO back and am told that I need to contact CCB, their collections department at 800-47
  11. I just wanted to add that the 972-390-3838 fax number for Experian goes to a department called "Profile Maintenence". Cingular and AT&T have both faxed letters to them on my behalf with that listed.
  12. I just wanted to add that the 972-390-3838 fax number for Experian goes to a department called "Profile Maintenence". Cingular and AT&T have both faxed letters to them on my behalf with that listed.
  13. FICO's- EQ- 633 EQ- 530 TU- 558
  14. FICO's- EQ- 633 EQ- 530 TU- 558
  15. emails from Experian... Report Date: March 09, 2005 COLLECTION COMPANY OF Account Number: 436.... Outcome: Deleted PORTFOLIO RECVRY&AFFIL Account Number: 492210203.... Outcome: Pending PIERCE HAMILTON & STER Account Number: 125.... Outcome: Remains NATIONAL CREDIT SYSTEM Account Number: 76.... Outcome: Updated NATIONAL CREDIT SYSTEM Account Number: 77.... Outcome: Updated SKY RCVRY SERVICES Account Number: 0000000000012.... Outcome: Pending SKY RCVRY SERVICES Account Number: 9800000000012.... Outcome: Pending FNBO Account Number: 545315200107.... Outcome: Updated