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  1. rmuse00


    ++Hey J! Lots going on. Did ya see what was happening to my company? Just missed getting laid off! My office has moved so I'm at another location now! Work too busy and by the time I get home I'm too damn tired to get on the computer! But I'm inching my way back slowly!
  2. rmuse00


    Really?? Wow J! That is amazing! Great job! I'm proud of ya!
  3. Hey Cav! I got your text! Problem is that my "texting" is not working. I've been so busy. Vacationed in Vermont over summer. Contemplating moving to the country in about a year, major layoffs where I work and just missed getting laid off. Phew!! I still have my job after 12 yrs but my office has moved so I have lots of new "stuff" to get used to but very thankful I still have my job. So, since I kept my job, I'll be spending Christmas here with my family and then another roadtrip back to Vermont with MIL. She's 80 and anytime we can spend with her is very important. I also have to use up my
  4. Hey Newbie! Need to chat! We're thinking of moving to Indiana! PM me or come out of hiding chickee!
  6. Sorry was at work and was not able to log on until now. Here's to Mama K & to CIC for many more years of empowering us to take back control of our finances instead of letting those CA's having the power over us! You're awesome Kristy!
  7. Got the e-mail! I'll be at work but I'll be loggin in!
  8. If there is no harm why not? This could be opportunity knocking and you wouldn't want to miss that! There was a reason all this happened. I believe in fate! Years ago I wasn't looking for a job and my mom called and told me they were looking for someone to work for the archdiocese and I told her I was fine where I was. She convinced me to go to the interview anyway and they hired me on the spot. I really had to decide if it was worth leaving a downtown job with all the benefits to work for the church, of course their pay and benefits would be comparable. I figured there was a reason all
  9. Oh gosh, I haven't been to Taste of Chicago in ages! Mostly because it's not the most practical place to go if you have 4 small kids! Too many crowds is not fun! A couple of weeks ago we did head out to North Avenue beach in the evening and took the kids to walk on the beach. There is nothing like walking the beach, at dusk when the weather is perfect. Baby freaked out when her little toes touched the sand but kids, DH & I enjoyed the evening.
  10. Deannatx, Yes! I lost grandma in '01 (she was like a second mom to me), then mom in '05 & sister in '07. I feel them all the time. I once was terrified because DH and kids were out of town and suddenly became frightened all alone. I started to ask grandma for some protection and I kid you NOT! I felt someone sit on my bed, I don't have any pets! The strange thing is that instead of it freaking me out I felt this peaceful feeling. I knew at that moment that my grandma was comforting me. I thought how could that be? I thought ghosts were spirits so I should not feel the bed sink like that.
  11. Happy Birthday to you too Someone!!
  12. How did I miss this? HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAV! Here are some flowers & balloons!
  13. rmuse00


    Jen!!! How ya been? Missed ya! Lots to get caught up on! I've been pretty busy getting into our families summer routine. Nice to see you back!