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  1. Initially, they told me the same thing,and initially denied me based on no credit history - I called back and demanded to speak to the underwriters, and I explain the EQ situation, and they had pulled an TU for opening checking acct. They said that if one bureau was not available, they would immediately pull another - this did not they agreed to pull TU.. in addition, I submitted another additional application, which looked like a list of assests v. liabilities - more something a self-employed person would use..I do W-2 not 1099's
  2. No instant..and not an easy approval EQ is not available online- requested they pull TU for CC, approved with $15K, requested CLI on activation total CL $20K
  3. You are better off getting your score up, and trying to get Biz cards, otherwise maxing out those 10 -20K personal cc with blitz your score..
  4. When I first came here, I had no idea what a credit score even was - I had a judgement, state tax lien(paid),10 CA showing...3 c/o showing and a few 30 days,3 60 days and a 90 day showing...... I had no idea that you could even fix your own credit...Citi rate jacked me for about 1yr at a penalty APR..and I could not even get a cc to transfer the balance they lsucked me dry for about a yr....I had assumed a FHA mortgage on a condo as I would have never been able to qualify for was hard trying to even find an apartment to rent - the rate was horrendous.....I just read a
  5. When I first came across CIC, my scores were in the low 500's, and I had pretty much just resigned myself to bad credit, denials...within a year,no derogs, today lowest FICO score is 750...TU FICO is an astounding 789! CIC has made me a believer, persistance is key and not taking NO for an answer
  6. Kinda gotta lazy over the holidays, and put my CR repair on hold..since I was down to one last baddie which I have disputed and DV'd to death, and notice today that it had fallen off my CR, I pulled FICO and score was like 760! It was my last baddie on the CR, now just afraid they will re-insert. If that happens and I get no notification, do I go after the CRA or the CA, or both...?
  7. I had been disputing a CA since March 2005, However, I pull my report today and find that they have entirely dropped off my transunion report, I can prob pull a myfico TU report, but want something direct from Transunion with a snapshot of what my CR looks like now in case they try a re-insertion. Call,Fax or what? I don't want to wait till monday! I am excited as this is my only derog on my report, and FAKO shot up by 40 points..which is the only reason I knew something good was going on!
  8. I think because a lot of us have to fight our way back to good credit, it is hard to say no, but this feels very fishy to me, and I am not desperate just going to voice my opinion to upper ups and if it doesn't get approved as it..stuff 'em
  9. I already have an acct with them, in good standing, so not sure why they need to re-verify info they already have......they won't even accept the info via fax, only mail to a po box which is not secure..and I am certainly not sending that via usps...I found contact info for their executive office and going fax them a letter about it..if they don't want to approve they can go eat eggs!..
  10. Applied for a Juniper CC and they want a copy of Birth Certificate or Passport with ID showing....I already have a cc with them, and no fraud alert or is clean...FICO 700+ I could understand if they needed to verify financial information, but not comfortable with handing that sort of documentation over to a creditor...especially with the amount of data breaches that go on...anybody ever heard of this? Is it even legal? I heard some stories of cc employees stealing ID's lately....think I will tell them to go suck eggs I have enough prime cards to play with...
  11. Going to depend on your company and what sort of agreement they have with them...I had a couple of personal charge-off with them...I got approved with one co with a $5K limit, after that another co approved me with no pre-set limit as that employer gurantees the card
  12. I think you will still be hard pressed to find something decent for under $160K in that area even if the market is slowing down..DC and suburbs have always had a steady growth, and was not a bust and boom area....
  13. I Dv'd a CA, and in return they sent me all of my medical records that they obtained from the OC, it shows all the procedures and codes that I was treated for, and then, for each itemized procedure, there are line items which are crossed out and edited in pen or pencil by hand , I don't if it was modified by the OC or CA..the OC will not deal with me, the total balance, after the edited and modified line, a total amount written in pen, for $40.87 says owed and then a collection fee has been added by all looks very fishy, but more so I am peeved that they have all access to my medic
  14. PHS are real difficult to deal, will not even look at at PFD, and act as though they are very prim and proper..but they are clowns and easy to collect violations for..they now go by the name of HunterWakefield but still report to the CB as PHS, and all their stationary says PHS,..did they inform you that they are now collecting as HW or are they still claiming to be PHS?