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  1. WE are selling our home and I just became aware of how big our PPP is. Its 5% of 90% of the loan for 5 YEARS so we will owe around $9,000 !! I don't have exact numbers but we had two papers in the loan one without a PPP and one rider with the PPP , apparently we ( well my dh) signed the PPP form . ( our copies have no signatures) Is that amount legal in Maryland ? I thought it could only be a certian amount ? any info would be helpful !!!
  2. Thanks Methuss. I will be contacting the cra's about it . Atleast its on the positive side now. Atleast till next year when its due to fall off anyway according to the cra's.
  3. Thanks LadynRed. So far only cap1 is on his report , I will watch it carefully !! Heck I would have paid cap1 the little amount we owed them if they had not illegally charged us for more than they were suppose to ( a late and over limit fee and a yearly fee all of which were bogus ) so we refused to pay the balance. So now the war is on I guess I would still pay it if they would take the darn crap off the report , but thats never gonna happen with them hate em
  4. I have no idea who they are yet. BUt when I call cap1 number on the back of the card and put in the account # it goes right into OSI . I will do a search and try to find out more on them. Im sure they are just as evil and hateful as the rest. It seems like when I get my credit in order my dhs credit gets hit and when his is going good and almost clear mine gets it...its like an evil mind game that we cant escape
  5. Geezzz..... I need to start reading things better ! I never knew that if you were late on one card it could raise the rates on your others even if you were not late on them ! I went back and read the section on default in my CC agreement and it said " if we recieve info that you are unable to pay your debts as they come due ( I guess by watching credit reports ).... and it also says...regardless of your performance on this account we can consider your account in default based on other factors and accounts ! ( summed up here not word for word) Damn , I never knew that !! Im really gonna have
  6. Just wanted to add , I went back over old reports and the last one said Charge off as of August 2001. I have proof ( refinanced and paid all creditors off so I have reciepts for them all ) that I paid them in May 2001 . So they first had another date listed as CO date then it went to august 01 which is three months after I paid them its listed as July2005 for the charge off date. When I know thats not true ! What do I do here ?? thanks.
  7. Thanks. It's OSI collection agency. They say they are collecting on behalf of cap1 , When we call cap1 we were sent right to the OSI line. As for the inquiry , I knew they could look at the report , but I thought it would be a soft inquiry , not a hard one . bummer
  8. A while back I posted about an old credit card account that I had settled with Value city furn. for less than full balance. After many disputes and calls etc. I finally had decided to give it a rest and take it to task at a later date so I didn't get the old "already investigated" line. Well they then moved it to the positive side of my report , but it still said settled for less ?? confussed the heck outta me , but I was told this was ok , it still had a positive inpact on my score because it was no longer on the negative side. But now when I looked at my credit report it says..... Charged o
  9. OK I went and looked at dh's report and this is now what Cap1 has listed... It now says ....Chargeoff/past due 150 days $500 written off $524.00 past due as of Dec 05 It also now says CO as of DEC. 05 , NOV. 05 , OCT. 05 , SEPT. 05 It didn't have that on there before it just had 180 days sept.05 and that was it. So if its chrged off why does it say $524 still past due ? and how can it keep charging off every month ? and my balance due /high credit increases every month on the credit report to coincide with what the CA is charging ?! Also the collection agency made a hard inquiry on my credit
  10. THanks. It just really sucks that they can just put things on the report without atleast sending you something. I mean had we been applying for a mortgage that would have been awful to find out that way ! Also since the SOL is up in my state should I just write and tell them to kiss off and take it off my report or still dv them ? Thanks again.
  11. There is only one baddie left on the credit report ( Cap1) ( well a new one was added recently , but thats another question ) Its not an old account , but it is in collections now. The collection company called here and I didn't know who it was so I answered it . They told me all about my dh's account and wanted me to pay it. We usually don't answer calls if we don't know them , so it always goes to the machine and they never leave a message. I got one letter from them but it was a shock I got that one because they have my address wrong... the numbers all all messed up . I never received a
  12. OK , Its been a bit since I have been here , I have been working at repairing our credit . All was going well and all the baddies but one were off dh's report. Well I just checked his report ( haven't checked his in a a while ) and two new collections had been added. Well actually I think its the same account just slightly changed to be listed twice. They are from the same NCO collection agency and the account numbers are only one number different and the amounts only a couple dollars different for each one. We never received anything from them in writing or by phone etc. Nothing. I would ha
  13. On my verizon bill they had a notice that they would be starting live credit reporting in the near future. About three months later they started reporting to the cra's . the "limit" is always the amount of my last bill. When I called verizon and spoke with a supervisor she told me they are doing live credit reporting . If its up to date it will be listed as a positive account , if its late it will show that way. Not all states are doing it , but mine happens to be one that is so no more late payments to the phone company I guess .
  14. THank you... I wont worry about fighting it then. Im trying to restablish good new credit now , so when the bad one comes off over the next year or two ( only one bad one left !! ) I will have some good ones with history so hopefully my score wont be hit to hard when they come off.
  15. It was a value city furnature account that went to collections ( I believe their inhouse collection agency ) and I settled it for less than full balance almost 5 years ago. It says charge off/ settled so I just thought that would bring my score down or make it harder to get credit...but if it can actually help my score I may be better off leaving it alone , right ? Is settled seen by the companies I apply for credit thru or is it just the score they receive ? Thanks.
  16. Thanks again ... Methuss , they just asked if I was his wife I said yes ( didn't know it was a CA , thought it was another annoying sales / refinance call ) and then she went into the whole debt with me. I thought that was illegal , but since I am his wife I wasn't sure. She told me everything about the debt ( which I of course all ready knew ) then asked me how I wanted to take care of it ! My name is not even on the account. The CC company wouldn't even talk to me if I callled with questions , but the CA will just spout it all off and ask me to pay it ! I will dv them , although I guess the
  17. I disputed a negative account with all three cra's. The investigation is done and the account I disputed still has all the same information BUT now instead of being listed under the negative section of the cr it is listed under the positive accounts section. ?? I called the cra and the lady told me that it is now a positive account. I told her it still has all the negative history including paid in settlement , it just moved from one side to the other. She again insisted that was fine it is still a positive reporting !! WHAT !! How can it be positive when all the negative info is still lis
  18. Yes , yes they do lie !! One more question to go along with my other one.... Since this account was just turned over to OSI this month , should I DV them ? We called the CC company to pay the bill off , but were redirected to OSI , so we can pay it...Im just not sure what the best next step is ?! help.... oh , also the OC has just listed it as a charge off on the cr this past month . Does that make a difference in how we proceed with OSI ? Thanks
  19. Thanks The bill was just turned over to OSI from the creditcard company this month. They ( OSI ) are not on the credit report yet. Since it is a very recent bill / account I have no problem paying it while the balance is still low .. I just want to do it in the best way possible , and not let their agency go on the credit report as well as the original OC. I also don't want to ( and wont ) deal with harassing phone calls from them ! I will send a C&D letter to them so they will not call dh's workplace or workphone. I just thought he could do it verbally. I will also include that all cor
  20. Sorry about all the post , computer kept saying it was not working then reposted them all...I will try and delete the rest if I can ...if not sorry for the duplicates !
  21. Dh has one more baddie on his credit report. Three days ago I get a call from someone who ask for dh , I said he is not here can I take a message . They then went into the whole.... We are the collection agency and the minin miranda..this is an attemt to collect a debt etc. This needs to be handled right now etc. I said I will take a message thanks. I didn't have an idea who they were or I wouldn't have answered the phone , I havent delt with a collection agancy in a long , long time. Well then they called dh at work on this business cell phone ( its thru the company , not his personal cell
  22. DocDon ... I didn't even know I could file a formal complaint for that . I just figured they would say "oh It was just a honest ( as if they know that word) mistake .
  23. I received a letter yesterday from a CA on an account I paid off last year ( dental bill) I know it was paid in full to the OC because I went into the dentist and paid it. Well I pulled out my old checks and receipts and made sure I was right , and I had paid everything off in full ...then I called the CA. After I told her the name ( which was wrong on the letter , but I said it just as they wrote it ) and she pulled up the account she said this has to be settled today with check over phone or credit card to avoid being put on my credit report or legal action ( in a snotty little voice ) I
  24. The "Not mine" dispute has worked with me on one of my TL . But it is a dispute that can be the easiest for them to reply to.... You say its not mine , their computer sees your name and says yes it is ...dispute over But I usually try that one to start anyway , just in hopes of getting lucky. As for what else to dispute , Just pick one ..wrong date opened / closed / settled...High bal. wrong ...balance wrong ( if not listed as 0 ) anything and everything.