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  1. Ok , I have been reading and reading and while I am still a bit intimidated by all of this I am ready to start repairing things on my CR. BUT I need some advice , please. OK , I will start with this .... I have some paid collections and a paid settlement ( says legally pd for less than full amount ) on my CR. They are from 2000 and 2001 . What is the best course of action. Do I send a DV letter to the company and ask for the original records or a cert. of Destruction ? Or do I just send a dispute letter to the CRA ? and what would I say in the dispute if this is the way to go ? Like I said I a
  2. Yeah , I guess three years isn't really "old " in credit land . I just thought they would be easiest to remove because the company no longer has anything to gain or lose from it . So they might just do it. Is that what a goodwill letter is ? I have seen that term , but not sure what it was exactly. Thank you
  3. Thank you... I did order all three reports . I did ( Experian and TransU ) on line and printed them out and I am waiting for Equifax by mail. I did not however order the credit scores they were talking about because I just didnt think about it. I just wanted to see the reports. I will go and get my scores , and hopefully start on the road to recovery another question, since all my negative accounts are old and im trying to have them removed ( I have another post about that , not sur how to do it. ) If I do get them all off of my report , I will only have one thing on my CR . My mortgage . Is
  4. OK this may be stupid ..but like I said I just started the credit repair process. I wasn't even aware it was possible to do credit repair yourself till this past couple of forgive the newbie for being somewhat dim about these things I have seen on these boards my fico . com ? Is that where the credit scores come from ? How do I find out my score ...I know its bad I think I heard that 700 is good , is that right ? See , I told you Im new and I have lots of questions ...dont get to annoyed with me
  5. Im not sure exactly if I should post this here or under collections ? but I will try here first. OK , I pulled my credit reports and alot of my old information is still on there. quick run down... Credit card opened 1998 says CLOSED last reported 2002 CC opened 1999 CLOSED last reported 2002 CCopened 1998 CLOSED last reported 2001 CC opened 1998 CLOSED last reported 2001 Then one CC ( Macys) says opened 1997 OPEN last reported 2005 , but I dont have this card anymore and was told over a year ago it was closed. So my first question...can I have Macys deleted for inaccurate info ? if so
  6. Can a CA make me pay fees and intrest if I already went into the OC ( medical office) and paid the bill in full to them after it was already in collections ?