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  1. Your right , Capitol 1 is notorious for being difficult . Since you settled with them for less than what was owed , chances are they sold the rest of the remaining debt to a junk buyer who may come after you anyway at some point. So offering to pay off the rest for a deletion probably won't happen . You just need to dispute things in the TL. Dispute everything , pick it apart ....but only dispute one or mabey two things about the TL at a time , so you have others left for future disputes . The best you can hope for with Cap 1 is to catch them committing violations and use that against them
  2. If the accounts are not positive , dispute them. Depending on how old they are and if they are paid , the creditors may just let them fall off the reports. As for inquiries the cra's will tell you they can't delete them and you can't dispute them , but you can. Just keep hanging up and calling until someone lets you file a dispute for the inquiries. Just tell them you never authorized any of them.
  3. keep disputing the ones that are truely not yours , they should come off easy . I say should be because we all know how the cra's can be. Did you get all your personal info straight on your report ? That helps with getting accounts that have no connection to fall off easier. As for paying accounts , I would only do that if they will do a pay for delete... in writing BEFORE you pay them . And make sure you include that they can't sell the remaining debt off to someone else who will then appear on your cr trying to collect. If its already in collections it really doesn't matter if its paid o
  4. OK more question... I have noticed on my EQ reports they don't list Date of maj. delinquency , but they do list DOLA. but the 7 years starts from the 1st maj.deliquency ...right ? so how do I find that out , by estimating the time from the DOLA more or less to 7 years ? On my EXP. They list nothing except Status so I use that date to figure out the 7 years ? at the end line it says " status details " and list the payment history and has something like placed into collections 4/2000 so I can figure the 7 year date from about that time ? TU list the estimated time it should be remov
  5. Thats why I was concerned when I saw Status Paid 2005 and date reported 2005 . I thought it ment the bill/CA was paid at that time and it would re-age the account. But I had paid it way back in 2000 or close to it. So just to get this right. Date opened...when account was opened ....or with a collection account it may say 'date assigned.' Date reported...the last date the account was reported to the cra , but this does not affect the 7 year time period ? and for a collection account this may be listed as status ( the last time the CA reported to the cra ) ? DOLA = Last payment made on the acc
  6. those percosets sure made you happy !! Im gonna tell your wife your posting on perc's again
  7. Same thing happened to me Cancelled PG and MCK wouldn't let me use the same card to sign up ( my debit card) she did say I could go to my bank and have them call and sign me up . You may try and ask someone about that. I didn't get all the info . I was to mad to listen to them. But they did say something like that. I am going to wait and sign up for
  8. Yeah , I see your point. That has got to be frusterating !
  9. Do you have a copy of your credit reports with it on , and a copy after they removed it ? That will help. They can't reinsert a TL without notifing you , which they didn't. So I think they now have to delelte it permanantly. As for being AU , They can't make you pay for anything , its not your account. They know that , they are just hoping you don't. If they keep it up send a ITS letter to them listing all the violations they are committing .
  10. I called the OC today and they couldn't find my account at all based on name and address that it would have been under. They transfered me to someone else ( manager ) and she finally found my account. Then she told me they were contacted automatically by the cra ( from the way she said it I took it to mean they never spoke to anyone ) and on my account it had a notation that they responded the account was to be deleted ! It was over 5 years old there were no records of what the balance was and it only had a 1 payment of 30 day late in 99 , so the TL was to be removed !! I told her what the c
  11. I will call the OC in the morning and see if I can find out who they verified with and what info they were given. ( if any) and I will send a letter CMRRR explaining what the CRA has listed on the account and a copy of their listing from my cr . Does that sound good ? Oh , and I will be sending a MOV to Experian !! Thanks.
  12. Miss a payment , then it will show back up ....just kidding. Mabey you can have them transfer that account ( like it had been a stolen card) and open it under a differnt account # , or would that cause you to lose the postive and long history ? I don't know .
  13. NO . I have never had that happen. All the wrong variations of my name and my old married name were removed from my report on my first round of personal info disputes . Except for EXP who had the old married name tied to a account ( a positive one ) so I just left it for now. I will call the CC company and change my name with them , and then dispute the name again later.
  14. Well it has me baffled...which I admit , may not take much As for getting your reports to check from TU and EQ . I signed up for a free 30 day trial and receieved my TU report and score from free credit profile .com . It says it was from TU , and a TU site will lead you to it ( or you can just click on the link at the bottom of this site) It doesn't update , atleast not so far for me , but I just signed up a couple days ago ....I think it only shows one report and score for the whole 30 day trial , but its OK. I also went to TU when I first started ( a couple months ago , and put in I was
  15. Im on my third letter for my first attempted MOV. They never respond to any of the letters . I sent out my third letter and demanded they delete the tradeline since they failed to respond , I doubt they will but its worth a shot. Atleast it creates a paper trail for the future if its needed .
  16. I disputed an account with EXP at 4:30 yesterday. Today the investigation was done and my report changed. So they did a thorough investigation in less than 18 hours , including the time the office was closed ! Come on !! And to top it off , I disputed the high balance was wrong and the account was closed not open ( which it is and has been for over 3 years) and they didn't change the High balance at all , listed under my statements the account was closed by me and changed the Tradeline from open/ current was 30 days past due one time ... settled for less than full balance /settlement
  17. Hopefully when they get my DV , they will just drop off the report. I mean they don't even have the client listed so I had no idea who they even collected for. I had to research my own check stubs. Since its a paid account from over 5 years ago , hopefully they will just let it go. I know they can't possibly have records , the place the collection was for is not even in business anymore , and hasn't been for almost 5 years! I was all set to send my DV letter out . Should I change it to include anything about this tradeline or should I just leave it as though I dont know anything about them .
  18. I have no idea...mabey a three way call between the three of you , so the lady from Marshall Fields can tell the a$$ at the CRA to reinstate the TL and they can have you on the line for questions ? I dunno .
  19. They can try to collect the whole time the item is on your report , regardless of SOL. SOL just means you have a defense in case they try to sue you for it. But they can continue to report it and try to collect it . I don't think a promise to pay or payment restarts the SOL clock in your state .
  20. Yes they will use the SS # and birthdate to help verify an account , but thats still better odds than if they have all the names and address to use to match it with also . I don't think they can keep track of anything at the cra's , much less calls. I have called them every five minutes for hours ( atleast it felt that way ) to try to get someone helpful ( to try and remove inquires ) and I never had anyone say ..."we see you just called " I think if you file a dispute by phone , they would note that in the computer , and can see when you called , but for just basic calls I don't see how
  21. .....sorry , computer glitch double post...mabey it really was a glitch
  22. I can't see that it would be a glitch , it would seem like a good one OC's don't have to respond to DV letters , so I can't see why just that would change the TL ? These are OC's right not CA's ? If it was a CA they might have just sold it to another CA who will the start reporting , if its a OC ...I don't know , but watch incase they try to reopen it with a different account # or something or start a new listing as a CO.
  23. It should be in your "personal info "section. With EQ its at the begining of the report. With TU is'a at the begining but with EXP , its at the end of your report. If they are just sending you results of an investigation , they may not be sending the whole updated full report , so you may not be getting the page with your personal info on it. When I contacted exp about an old name on my report , they said they would investigate it which they did and they deleted it . But I found with the other CRA's I had an account attached to that name , so it remained. I called them ( the OC ) and had m
  24. Sounds to me that your doing fine... You disputed with the CRA's , they verified which we all know is a half hearted joke of a process . You sent a Procedural request for the ones that remained , which they most likley will not respond to in any way . If they do it will be something that has nothing to do with your request. I would sent out atleast two procedural request for each account to build up your paper trail and prove non compliance with the FCRA on their part. You will most likely have to take them to court at some point. As for sending proof from one CRA to another , They usually w
  25. After I disputed a old collection account they updated it. Is this a form of re aging an account ? The TL appeared originally like this... Date Collection reported ...... no date here Date Assigned....... 2001 Client.....No name here Status ......UNPAID as of 2001 Balance...... $800 It now has been updated to..... Date Collection reported......4/2005 ( which is when I disputed it) Date assigned .....2000 Client ....still not listed Status .....PAID as of 4/2005 Balance.....0 So since it now say date collection reported as 2005 and paid as of 2005 that they will try to leave it on my report fo