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  1. So a question DocDon....( or others) If they dont respond ( which they have not done to my now two MOV letters ) I can't legally under the FCRA make them delete the info. right ? But I can sue them for willful non compliance of the FCRA and mabey use that as leverage to get them to delete the account . Is that right ? I put in my third letter that since they failed to respond to my previous request for MOV , I demand deletion of the tradeline . I also added that this was my third and last attempt to resolve the issue , my next step will be to sue them for continued willful non compliance in
  2. Also if you cancel PG you can't sign up for MCK using the same CC that you used at privacy guard . Not a big deal really , but since I have only one CC ( well actually its a debit card ) I was pretty much sh*t outta luck
  3. First I would recommend sending everything from this point on CMRRR . especially to the OC you are having the major trouble with. Its good to have a paper trail in case you need to sue them at a later date. When you wrote the OC what did you ask for ? OC's do not have to respond to DV's the way a CA would , so that may be why they didn't respond. What did you ask them for ? If you call and ask the OC for a copy of your application and records from your account they have to send it to you if you say you believe you may have been a victim of fraud. They can request a police report but they ha
  4. The others im not sure about , but CAP 1....They will not do anything to help anyone ! So writing , asking , begging ....does not work with them. They enjoy their position of "power" and don't like to help. I have some paid collections and OC chargeoffs also . Some are being difficuult and even 6 years later have all the records. But two were easy , I disputed them with the CRA's and they came off because the CA or OC didn't bother to verify. I assume because they all ready had their money they just didn't care. Try disputing everything , you may get lucky.
  5. Yes . Take care of all the names first. It makes it harder to prove whats his or not . Just have him call and say this is not me to all the names that are not his one true legit name and spelling. They should come off easily. I stress the word SHOULD , sometimes they're not to bright at the cra's. They will probably say they will investigate , and most should fall off , especially the bad variations and any names not connected to accounts. Any names connected to the accounts may be a bit harder. Like the accounts that are actually listed in his wrong name , they may try to leave on. Deali
  6. When I called and disputed inq. with EXP. They just transfered me to the fraud dept. The lady there asked if I was claiming fraud and I said " No , I never said it was fraud I just said I gave no one permission to pull my credit , and they transfered me here it what you want " She said OK , said she would investigate ( they were deleted the next day or so ) and put a fraud alert on . I just left the fraud alert on till it runs out at the end of this mo. With the other CRA's I have had absolutly NO luck !! I think I just got a lucky break with the rep at EXP. ( well atleast that
  7. Great. Even the small successes lead to a cleaned up report
  8. What do they have to gain ? ....Nothing , BUT ...Some little CA bast*rd just has nothing better or legitimate to do , so they might as well mess with you. I would make sure you have copies of everything you need to prove your story and if your not in a big hurry to clean up your report or get credit for some reason...just let them keep getting a couple violations , show it was willful and then sue the heck out of them.
  9. I had a simular account that I settled for less. ( I didn't know better back then and I got nothing in writing) My listing now says * paid , settled for less than full balance , CO .* and I was dealing with the OC not a CA . Paid or unpaid the settled or collection part of the listing will hurt you. so unless the agree to delete it ( In writing of course ) I wouldn't bother to settle .
  10. Great job !! I have stubborn collection(s) that im working on...Its good to know there is hope
  11. If you want to send it to the company that is listing the inq. you can click on sample letters at the top of the page and they have a good one to use. If you want to dispute them with the CRA's just make it simple like you would any other dispute. Just state you are disputing the inquiries and list them. They have to do it even if they say they don't. Then they have 30 days just like any other investigation. If they are under a year old let then know you didn't authorize them and want them removed . If they are over a year old you may try saying these were not for employment and I want them r
  12. Yeah . I will try any and every way possible to get this little score sucking account off my report I will prevail.....eventually. Pinkglass.... PR is Procedural Request . Its the same thing as MOV ( method of Verification) just different wording. I have a couple post about MOV letters so they should come up if you put them in search. Its basically asking them how and with who they verified the account and making them tell you. Although they usually don't respond at all to them its really just another step to try for deletion.
  13. Awhile back I called the OC and ask for my original application and any statements of my account. Well today I got my copy of the application with my signature ! I was SO hoping they didn't have it. It was from 1999 . Bummer Oh well I will just have to find differnt ways to dispute the account ( its a paid CO ) hopefully I will find the magic one and it will fall off. I will dispute every angle and try mov. Darn it , I can't believe they keep the rocords so long !!
  14. Do all of your credit reports have the same accounts reporting to them ? My TU is higher because they have a couple extra positive accounts that are not reported to either EXP or EQ but appear only on TU . And in turn my EQ is lower because I have a CA that is only on their report . My difference is also a pretty big gap . Eq is 605 but my TU is 701 . I don't know if the wording would make a difference or not .
  15. They hate to remove inquiries !! My luck with them has been hit or miss . EXP I called and was connected to the fraud dept. and they removed ( after an investigation) all but 3 of them . Most were over a year old though , so I think thats why. For the ones over a year old I am sending a letter stating since none were for employmnent I want them removed because its been over a year . I don't know if it will work but its worth a shot. For the newer ones you can say I want to dispute them , like you would any other account. They will say they can't but they HAVE to according to the law. So mak
  16. Have him call the CRA and just tell them thats not him. They had my name wrong and variations of my name ( including an old married name )on my report. I just called and said they are not me thats not my name. They ask have I ever went by that name , I said no and they removed them ( said they would investigate but they were gone in three days ) and sent me an updated report without them. Don't ask for any account removals until the names are cleared up ( atleast I wouldn't ) wait and see what names come off and then it should make it easier to dispute the accounts in the other names as not
  17. SCG ... You really should get a single report from each cra to work off of. Sometimes things wont show up on a three in one. You can get EXP and TU free online but equifax I had to call and request. Im sure though even with a three in one you can call the cra you disputed with and ask them the status. They will ask for the report # most likley . So just tell them you did it off a three in one so you dont have the # . They should be able to look it up thru you SS#.
  18. Thanks . I may try to get a gas card or store card . I just didn't want to try with the CO still on and get turned down and take that hit. I think I may try a gas card though. People seem to have luck with those on the board. Either secured or unsecured , atleast its a start. But there is no chevron near me at all , is there another gas card that is pretty easy to get ?
  19. Thanks. I guess its worth a shot to see if it will come off. Mabey Ill get a lucky break. The account that is listed as derogatory is a old ( 4 years) paid CO account. So I guess it is in fact derogatory , I was just thinking it had to say either open or closed not just a statement that its bad. AS for the "meets FCRA requirements" It wasnt on a CA account . It is still listed with the original creditor as a CO . I don't know who put that statement on the report. I will try calling and see if I can get an answer . I dont know how they can say meets FCRA req. Most all of the TL they verifie
  20. Thanks . That will be my first stop after im done with my reports
  21. Thanks. I wasn't going to even try to start rebuilding until I get the CO ( 2 left ) and the other baddies off my report. I can use dh's CC until then ( which I make sure to pay on time ) I do have a good long history , my oldest positive TL is over 11 years old ( joint account) so thats a plus. After I get my report cleaned up , I will go and check my actual FICO score . I thought the score I looked at was my true fico from TU , until I read the fine print. Oh well . My Fico .com gives the true fico score correct ? or do I need to order that from the CRA's . NO matter what my score , Im s
  22. breathing.... I didn't know the CRA's wouldn't use papers they ask you to send ...thats nutty !! That would drive me crazy!! We need a merry go round smiley to use when dealing with the CRA's its like a never ending circle thru hell..... When I started all this I had NO idea how stupid most of the people I have encountered at the CRA's actually were !
  23. I checked my Fako score and it said 701. ( free score from TU site but it said not a true fico ) I was happy until I read that they say the score can go up to 950 and 700 is fair but not considered good and I probably wouldn't get any good rates at that score or any good credit cards etc.. I thought in the 700's was a good score ?? I still have baddies im trying to get off my report ( 2 CO's and lates , CA's) but should I even apply with a 700 score for CC to rebuild or will it just ding my credit for no good reason. Should I wait until all the baddies are off and the score goes higher?