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  1. I went to free credit profile .com and signed up for the 30 day free trial ( looks like TU type site , but im not sure) My question is about a statement on two of the accounts. In "condition " instead of closed /open it says derogatory ? (it is a paid CO account) is it suppose to say closed or can it say derogatory ? It also says "account info. disputed by consumer , meets FCRA requirements " I disputed it almost two months ago ( only disputed with the CRA not CA or OC's so the CRA added this to my report ), should that still be on there? I wrote a letter saying something to the
  2. Well I would call the OC and have them fax that to you right away. Then you can redispute it with the CRA and send them the proof that it was not your fault. Apparently the OC may not have updated its records to match what they told you. The CRA does a crappy job of verifing anyway , so if the info matches , even a little , they say its correct.
  3. They never seem to answer MOV letters , if they do it has nothing to do with what you requested. I am doing MOV letters right now with EXP. I sent two mov's that they ignored ( naturally) so I am sending them a letter demanding deletion of the tradeline . I doubt they will do it but I atleast will have a paper trail started if needed. If you search under MOV im sure sample letters will come up
  4. Hendu...kick them hard one time for me to !! Hate them !! SCG... What dispute did you use the first time that they verified /updated ? And how did your TL change ?
  5. Was it a legit late payment or do you have proof that it was not late ? That would help determine your next step . Just consider anything that falls off in the first round of disputes a blessing or luck. After that just be prepared for a long drawn out battle with some happy times in between . It goes slow most of the time and some things need to be redisputed many times ( with time in between ) before they will budge . I did my first round of disputes in mid Feb. I haven't even sent my second round ( for other accounts) off yet . I want to take my time and make sure I do it right and le
  6. Wasn't sure if this was a legal or Mortgage question or a bit of both....BUT , Long story short...We applied for home refi. Had lots of problems with the company , they kept changing everything , so we finally said no deal and loan didn't go through . Then about three weeks later we get a call from a totally differnt finance company saying our loan was ready we just needed to come in and sign papers. Well I called to see who the heck it was and it turns out that Mr. Harold from the first company sent this company all our paperwork , our paystubs , our bank printouts and everything we had gi
  7. IM not sure if I should ask here or in the lawyer section , but I will try here first . DH and I were doing a refi. on our home through a mortgage company( not the same mortgage co we have now) . Everything seemed fine but then long story short our " no problem" loan was nothing but a problem , and we didn't get the refinace with this company. They tried to get us to do a different deal , but we said no. So we were just content to not refi. for a while. Nothing more thought of it. So about two and a half / three weeks later we get a call ( on the answering machine) from someone from a diffe
  8. Wow ...You guys seem to make them very nervous over there . I guess they just hate it when people won't roll over and just hand them cash . And if im going to learn anything from a site like this , who better to learn it from than a " Litigious little bastard" who has handed them their a$$es many times
  9. Sometimes an ITS letter is all they will understand.
  10. Thanks Gadsby and Radio... I will definitley use spell check before I send the letter !! I always make sure the ones I actually send are correct. I will check out the statute you gave me and the links. I just didn't want to put anything in the letter that didn't belong. Thanks again I will be sending the letter ( well a better version of it ) out soon.
  11. So far I have sent off two Method of verification letters to EXP for an account they verified . They didn't respond to either . I am now going to send my third letter demanding deletion of the TL because they didn't respond to my two MOV letters. I need opinions on the letter and if there are any laws/section codes I should include or have wrong , let me know........Thanks ( by the way I wont abbriviate in the actual letter I send ) MY NAME ADDRESS SS# EVIL EXP ADDRESS To Whom It May Concern , This letter is in reguards to my previous request for the Method of verification used to verify t
  12. Im not really sure , it would depend alot on how much you were paying and what kind of debt of debt it is. Since you know your FICO score , you can go to and they have a score simulator . I filled mine out the first time with what my cr actually said and the score was really close to my FICO( or FAKO in my case) , then I filled it out like I had paid off all my CC and debt ( just to see what I could try to do ) and the score it gave me was alot higher than my FICO and as I started paying things off and getting things deleted , my fico is creeping up to around the simulated # I
  13. If you just paid the CC off , they may not have updated with the CRA yet.
  14. OK the other dates you had listed were confussing. Yes they only get the 30 days + mail time because it wasn't a free report. So if you didn't recieve anything from them to resolve your dispute one way or another , then they have to delete it.
  15. Im confussed , unless im just missing something ? You diputed by letter to the CRA's the first time on 4/13/05 , correct ? They have 30 days plus allow 5 days mail time to respond to your dispute. So if you disputed on 4/13 they have till about 5/18 ( including mail time ) to respond. So their time to repond isnt up yet. Then you disputed ( was it the same accounts ? ) on 5/2/05 ? and sent a letter to them 3 days later because they did not respond ? Is that right are are the dates mixed up ?
  16. Is there a specific part of the law I should include in my next letter ? Or is just sending copies of my other letters along with the demand to delete the TL sufficent ? Thanks.
  17. I sent out two MOV letters for an Paid , settled account I disputed as not mine , that Exp verified. I sent the first MOV letter , waited the 15 days + mail time after they recieved it response from them . So I sent out the second MOV letter and included a copy of my first letter and reciepts and stated that if they cant provide MOV they need to delete the account , they have 15 days to respond. I have not heard anything from them and its been just a day shy of the 15 + 5 days time limit on the second round of MOV . So what is my next step. Do I wait a while and send another MOV
  18. Im dealing with the same situation. I think...and I could be wrong , that if you claim fraud the OC has to send you any docs they have. They can ask for a police report from you , but I think if they dont ask for it within 30 days of you asking for the docs , then they cant ask for it and have to send you the docs. I have been going round & round with an OC also trying to get docs...The people I have been dealing with are pretty much useless
  19. Good for you , and good luck on the case if they don't settle.
  20. Well im on my second MOV letter to them with still no response , so needless to say ...not much luck with them. I did have some old inquiries removed after they put me in touch with the fraud dept. but thats it.
  21. Chase --- I hope you and your lawyer hand them their a$$es on a silver platter ! I hate them GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I cancelled PG and tried to sign up with MCK ( using the same debit card I used with PG ) but it wouldn't let me. I said I already had an account with them so I called cust . service and they said since it is the same company as PG just "better " ( her words ) it said I already had an account . So even though my account is cancelled with PG , I will have to wait 30 days to sign up with MCK using the same CC.