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  1. When I first joined PG I had to wait for an access code in the mail , but I called the next day and they gave it to me over the phone to use right away , so MCK may do the same.
  2. What a B**** Married or not , its a crime !! and she committed the crime before they were even married ! I can't believe the attitude of the police ( well actually , I can ) but its not his mess and he shouldn't be stuck with it . She had racked up a crap load of illegal activities and should be jailed for it , not to mention thats just an awful thing to do to someone !
  3. I read a simular statement on my CR I recieved from them after my dispute . Then after I did a MOV , I recieved a complete oppisite letter saying we are not required to do anything , call them [ the OC ] yourself ..... geez , I don't think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing over there. Im still waiting to see what happens with second MOV I was wondering about the 30 vs 45 days for free reports. It seem unfair that they can have more time based on if you paid for a report or not. So it is still 30 even if the report is free ?
  4. I got the same post card ( just posted that in another thread ) . When I called today the reps didn't know what the heck they were saying . They kept trying to convince me that it was just a glich , then I get the post card ...geezz , its like mass confussion at PG
  5. I got a psot card in the mail today from PG saying ..... Dear Member.. Thank you for choosing PG ( basic small talk....yadda , yadda , yadda.....) then ....Over the coming weeks , the PG team will be making some changes . You will still have unlimited access to your credit report , but the info will be updated monthly instead of daily. It also gives this # if you wish to cancel 1 -877-202-8828 Thats the basics of the note , so I guess they are making it official.
  6. Im not real sure about the history being a factor on a collection account ?? I will bump this one up for someone else with more knowledge.....
  7. Equifax did the same to me . I was AU on hubbys old account . All the other CRA dropped it off , but equifax verified it ??!! I would call them and tell them to get a move on it , they recieved info from the OC that its not suppose to be listed so get it off the report. As for getting inquiries removed , that seems to be a " luck of the draw " type deal . But its always worth a shot.
  8. Cap One is notoriously .... If its an old closed account , I would go with not mine . But Cap One seems to keep records forever , so it may come back verified , but its worth a shot.
  9. As far as your credit rating going up after you pay your debt , you need to be careful about that. If its a collection account unless you get the account off your report it will hurt your score paid or not. So just becasue you pay everything doesn't mean it will help your score an awful lot. If they are not paid you can try a pay for delete . If they are getting money from you , they may do it ...get everything in writing .... DONT TRUST THEM to keep their word !! First you need to get your reports and see who exactly is reporting what .
  10. bumpage is when you pull your own CR for privacy guard or another credit monitoring site , and each time you do it counts as a soft pull and eventually those will bump some of your hard inquires off your report . It takes a while and if your not careful you can get a split file. Never had that happen with the CA . I have had one talk to the other while I was on hold , so I was assuming they were close or in the same building. Next time try not imputing anything and see if a real person gets on the line and then play dumb and ask them... Ask is the CA located in the same building as you I was
  11. WEll if you provided proof that your judgement proof and they still want to sue , then they seem intent on doing it. Maybe you can work out something with the owner of the perticular curves you went to. You can take in what you need to try and show how sick you truely were , and talk them into taking it back from collections and get them to update everything to paid on your CR and just let you start fresh ( thats if your willing to pay it ) If not ( since you can't use the equip ) you could always try to talk them into letting you out of the contract by letting them know how sick you were and
  12. If your dealing with a gym , Medical reason seems to be the only reason they will take. Your original Doctor won't write a note stating at the time of your treatment you couldn't go to the gym? I mean he access to your medical reports so he knows what was going on at the time. If he's worried because of the time lapse , mabey he could preface the letter with saying " from review of my patients medical records .... I would not have recommended she be in the gym during that specific time " So hes not doing anything but giving an opinion as to what he would have recommended at that time based o
  13. A Paid and Unpaid collection are about equal . Neither are postive . They may just have listed in in the wrong area of your report. Collection accounts are suppose to be listed only under collections on your CR , but some have them in other places . Even if they are listed under positive , A collection account is definitely not a positive thing. I had a paid CA taken off and my score went up 18 points. If I were you I would try to get it off the CR.
  14. I think collection accounts are only suppose to be listed under " collection" on your CR , not in with the postive accounts. Anything that says collection is bad , and won't help your score . It hurts it , even if its paid.
  15. I rechecked my CR and there is nothing that says anything about the results. I guess they just forgot or didn't bother. I will definitley send the letter after the 45 days are up. Hopefully it will come off and stay off of my CR.
  16. Just because they were both your cars they wouldn't file a hit and run , even though someone hit it and ran ? ! I mean you didn't run into it yourself !! Someone else hit your car and left , it just so happens they used your own car to do it. Man thats harsh. SUE AWAY !
  17. Well if the OC agreed to take the account away from the CA ( get that on tape too) I would send it. But keep in mind the CA probably will try to put it on your CR out of spite . But hey , Im sure you can get it back off
  18. They/ she accepted orders and money , but stopped your shipments for over two months with no notice to you , then she files an internet crime complaint , and just to top it off a police report for theft ....and you think she didn't realize it was illegal ? I don't buy it. She/they don't sound like they didn't know what they were doing. It was a thought out and executed F*** YOu move , and I still stand by my thoughts of Don't let them get away with it.
  19. I would not hesitate to destroy that kind of business ! Just think , next time they may do it to someone who doesn't have the knowledge to fight . Or if someone at the Police department had filed it as theft . Then it would be up to you to fight and clear your name. They could seriously damage peoples lives and reputations here , and they know what they are doing is illegal They DON'T care.
  20. They didn't send me anything with explanation of the results . I just recieved a black and white copy of my updated CR , and a form to fill out for any disputes ( like I would use their form ) But nothing aside from that. I originally got my TU report on line at ( put in that I was denied credit ) for free . I tried to check online after I disputed info . with them , but it wouldn't let me after the first time . I called and they said it must be a glich...but it never let me back on the site for the whole remainder of the month , until my free time was up ( at the transu
  21. Capitol One is a notorious Harda$$ company !! They won't do a delete for my dh either and we still have an account with them ( closed but not paid off yet ) I offered payment in full for a deletion of an account thats not even late right now....I got about 4 different stories ( yes we will , no we won't ...we can't ...we never ...we can ) So if you don't have anything in writing with them ...They will not honor it . They pretty much suck , and hate to say it your pretty much outta luck with them. But you can just dispute and hope it works out.
  22. Well if the CA isn't responding to your DV and is still verifing with EXP , then thats a violation , and from what you are saying they have did it many times. So that will work in your favor. Im not sure about how long you should wait before the ITS , Im still new at this and am no where close to knowing all that yet but I would think after the 30 days plus mail time on a second MOV , they have had plenty of time to respond to you. Let me know what happens , I am also on my second MOV ( with EXP ) and waiting to see what they do....