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  1. Thank you... So I will wait till after the 45 days ( 4 days left ) and pull PG and see if its still marked in dispute . Then I will send them a letter stating they must delete per FCRA statute , because they failed to send evidence of resolution to the dispute. OK , now the question I have .... ....since they sent the updated CR report and apparently verified the account that [ the updated report] considered their "evidence" ? I assuming they can't use that against me because since its still marked in dispute , its like they never completed the investigation even if they sent me
  2. OK , I started this question in another persons post , but I wanted to ask a couple of more questions , so I will ask them here instead. I disputed an account as not mine , it was verified by the CRA ( TU ) . It is still marked in dispute on PG and its well over the 30 day limit to investigate [ disputed March 9 ] . Well the investigation is over and Today I recieved my update report from TU ( finally ) and the account is still marked in dispute on my updated report ... It says ..."account info disputed by cunsumer" in the remarks section. I didn't dispute with the OC so the CRA must
  3. I didn't ask for reinvestigation in my MOV , so that may change it a bit . I just did a MOV and gave them 15 days plus mail time ( Im on my second MOV , they didn't respond to the first ) But I would think ( and I could be wrong ) that if investigation is 30+ mail time and a MOV is 15 + mail time , then after aprox 55 days everything should be done and accounted for . If its been 30 days aprox. then I would wait the 55 . I only say that because you said reinvestigation AND a MOV , so im adding the days for both to be completed. But as I said , I could be wrong ...Im not sure if investigat
  4. Thanks vrandon ... I used a sample letter and tweaked it a bit to fit the situation . I let them know its been well past the 30 days and I want it delete from my report , and a new copy sent to me. I included a copy of my PG with the date and showing it marked in dispute ( its all I had to send) and blocked out any info they didn't need to see. Hopefully it works out... TU has been a pain in my butt !
  5. Its past SOL and its a paid collection /settled account with a zero balance. The only person I ever heard from was the OC and I paid it the day they called me aprox. 4 years or so ago ....I wish I would have known about these boards then ) I disputed with the CRA and it came back verified and the dates were changed . I did call the OC and request my records /statements so I will see what they have.
  6. Well since they sent me an updated CR and I was told my disputes were done , they must have verified and then just left it marked in dispute( although I don't know who marked it the CRA or the OC ? ) do I send a copy of my PG report to the CRA that has the date and shows it was left in dispute well after they verified and sent out my updated report ? Or does that not hold weight with them ? What should the letter say ? Do they have samples for that here ? Thanks ** Don't know if it makes a difference , but the account left in dispute was a settled for less than full 0 bal acct. list
  7. So they can't leave "account disputed by consumer" on your CR indefiitley ? I disputed info with TU about 43 days ago and they have said the account is verified and sent out an updated report on the 3rd ( which I never got , and they are sending me a new one ) but since the investigation is complete and it has been verified , should it not be showing on PG as in dispute by consumer ? So I should sent them a letter stating they need to delete the TL because they left it marked in dispute ? Is that right ?
  8. Flythai834--- I didn't do any DV's since they were listed on my CR as the OC not a CA . I just disputed it as "not mine " and it came back verified and then the TL changed. Even though on the TL it says " paid collection account " it is still under the OC name not a CA , so im assuming they might have thier own inhouse collection dept. . But since it was still under the OC I never DVed them. Should I try that now ? Since it does say "collection account " ?
  9. Vrandon---- So I wouldn't be asking for validation in this case ( because of the 0 Bal. ? is that why ? ) It would be more a dispute letter with them. What do I say I am disputing ? Do I pick something like the date or something in the TL ? Or do I use the DV letter and just tweak it to say dispute , and not mention valadation. Sorry if im not "getting it " . This is the only CA I have on my CR that I have to actually deal with , so I don't wanna mess it up.
  10. just wanted to ask , because I have the same situation on my CR ....its a paid collection account , but listed under the OC not a CA. Can I still send them the letter ? and do I tell them what they are reporting wrong , or just let them figure it out ?
  11. Im hoping he sends me a certificate of destrution . like I asked him to if the record / application couldn't be found. I would love to have proof that they can't verify to the CRA's.
  12. So how do I find out which is the right date ? Do I call / send letter and ask for my last statement ? I was thinking mabey they were just correcting it , but since none of them match exactly on any of the reports ( TU's updated one says 2000 ) , it made me wonder.
  13. Its good to be a AU on someones account if they have GREAT credit and a long history ( Im AU on some of my moms that report on my account) BUT if its a less than favorable account your dw can just dipute as ' not mine ' , and it should come off . I did this with my DH. I was on his his CC as AU . When we started credit repair , I disputed one AU account as not mine and they came off all my reports except EQ . So he called and had me removed as AU , I redisputed and it came off.
  14. Thought I would share some good news . The two newer collection accounts that I posted about a while back (CA offered a PFD , and said they would remove them ) Well , They came off my reports over the last two days and my score went up almost 30 points . Even though I still have lots of work left , Its good to see some results. Thanks to everyone here that helped and gave me advice , It really worked and I feel great , ready to move on and clean up the rest of my report !
  15. Im a Joint on two of my moms accounts ( store cards ) and a AU on another account of hers ( also a store card ) She has said she will put me on as AU on her V or MC if I want her to. She has excellent credit , over 20 years of history and NEVER a late payment ...that gene seems to have skipped me . So my question is if im AU on this account and one other and joint on two others ( also an AU on DH card ) will this make me look like I have to many CC when I go to apply for my own? I want to rebuild credit , but I don't want to do anything that will hurt my chances in the long run? I would ha
  16. OK , I have been reading as much as I can about DV'ing . I have seen contridicting post about DV'ing a paid Coll. Account. Since it was listed as unpaid and I disputed with CRA without a DV ( It was a duplicate , I just wanted one removed , which they did ) They updated the TL to say paid 0 bal. and Im guessing I must have paid it off years ago , and just don't recall it ( im looking into my checks from that year ) So some say I shouldn't bother to DV a paid account thats about 4 years old , some say I should. I'm not sure what to do. Should I just dispute something on the TL and see if it
  17. Two of my accounts report like this also . I disputed as not mine first just to see if I got lucky and they dropped them , they came back verified ( of course ) so I will try and dispute the 120 past due on a paid CO . But try the " not mine " may get lucky , so far a couple of my TL came off with that.
  18. I called them again , and spoke with a different person this time. I simply said " I was calling to see if my records had been sent yet ? " He didn't seem to know what I ment , so he checked his notes and then said " I see you called , but its not really clear why on the notes." I told him I needed the records and a copy of the orig. signed app. He said " We only keep them for 2 years , your account is so old , I don't think we will even have it anymore , but I will try to get it for you and if not I will send a letter stating we don't have it anymore , and I will send anything else we h
  19. I finished my first round of disputes with the CRA's . I am having trouble with two of the accounts I disputed ( they verified ) I was alerted by PG that some things had changed on my PG report.... I looked at my report from PG and it said : HSBC ( which is one of the CC I disputed ) Date Open : 10 /98 Balance Date : 3/2005 Status Date 3/2005 4 payments past due This is an old paid collection account. I went and checked my updated CR and it had changed also... It use to read like this before the disputes... ( on EQ) HSBC opened 10/98 items as of date reported 5/2001 DOLA 4/2000 current st
  20. So if the OC , who is listed on my CR as 0 bal. Settled for less than full balance , pulls my report ( even a soft pull ) on an account settled in 90 ... its a violation , right ? They have no PP...They just wanted to see who I was or check on my disputed account after I called for the records ... so thats a violation ? This is the same account that verified with the CRA's so if they say we needed to check who you were or your account , then thats a violation considering they already verified with the CRA , correct ? I mean how could they verify if they didn't even know who I was ? What sh