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  1. I got a call from BOA about 2 weeks ago asking if I was interested in their Worldpoints Visa card. They told me that I had already been approved for a 4k limit and they just wanted to know if I was interested. I currently have 2 secured cards from college that I am trying to close and get rid of (cause the monthly fees are stupid to keep the card), but I told them that I was interested in getting info about the card. I asked her if my credit would be ran and she said no, not unless you activate the card. So I said okay, send me the card. She said okay, let's verify your contact information and I I verified it with her over the phone. I asked her again if this card would show upon my credit and she said no, not unless you activate the card. So I said okay fine and then we hung up. I get an e-mail from TrueCredit a week later because a BRAND NEW account has appeared on all 3 of my credit reports. Sure enough...BOA/MBNA is now appearing on all 3 CRA's with a 4k limit/0 balance. So I call up BOA asking what the heck is going on?? They transfer me a few times and I finally talk to a credit card person and tell them that I did not authorize BOA to run my credit and post a card that I have yet to receive on my credit report. After a few apologies, they told me I could close the account if I wanted. So I ask will they wipe the account from my credit report and they said no, it will just appear as closed by consumer request. WTH?? I got upset and told them that I did not give permission to run my credit nor did I fill out any credit application with BOA to initiate even receiving this card. I only got a phone call saying I was a valued BOA account holder and that they wanted to send me the card and that I could activate if I wanted it, if not then just call and let them know. So now what do I? Do I keep the card? Do I fight to get the card off my CR? It's a BOA Worldpoints VISA card with 0% for 6 months then it jumps to 17.99%. I don't want this! That rate is crazy. My TrueCredit Scores are 690 (TU), 689(EQ) and 641(EX). Any ideas on what I can do to remedy this situation? I want to close the 2 secured cards with BankFirst (they are the only credit cards I have, with limits only of $500). I had planned on getting a new credit card with a good rate when I was ready, but now I don't know whether to keep this BOA card or fight to get rid of it and find a better card. Should I go ahead and close the other 2 cards anyways? I've had them since 2000.
  2. Yes, I just bought a home in 2005 and I bought the car in 2002. I haven't been late on either one of these. I thought about selling my house, but probably not for another year or two. I think I'll take your advice as for applying for a new card first then ditching the old ones. I'll probably wait until my collection comes off in December so I can get a higher CC limit. I need at leaset 5k.
  3. I probably could get them to convert it, but I've had MAJOR customer service problems out of ActionCard/Bankfirst since 2000. I am tired of dealing with them so I want a divorce! And I'm looking for a new CC with a higher credit limit. My limit on these cards are only 500 bucks and with all the grief and fees I pay, I'd rather get a higher credit limit. As for my 678 score. I have one collection that is due to come off in Dec 06 and I have a released tax lien that won't budge on all 3 of my reports. Other than that, most of my baddies are over 3-4 years old. (Lates on student loan payments, but they have been consolidated into one loan and I've never been late since 2004)
  4. Maybe you credit guru's can help me out. I have 2 secured credit cards with ActionCard/BankFirst that I am trying to get rid of. I obtained the cards in my senior year of college (2000) to clean up my credit score after the mess I made during my freshman/sophomore year. I've cleaned up my credit since college and have purchased a townhome and a new car over the past 5 years, but these secured card fees are eating me alive. I want to close them, but since they are my oldest accounts I don't want to screw up my score. They both have a zero balance and I haven't used the cards in a few years. (I've even cut them up to make sure). I hate ActionCard's customer service. They continue to put 30 day late payments on my credit reports when I am not late, then I have to go through disputing and calling just to get it off. This has gone on for 2 years and I am tired of the games. I've heard of balance transfers, but since I have no balance, not sure how to switch to a new card. My score is high enough to get a good rate (678), but I'm worried that cancelling the old cards might hurt my score. Has anyone done this before? Or does anyone know of a good credit card company that will make this a smooth transition?
  5. ***PLEASE PROOF THIS LETTER BEFORE I RESPOND TO THE CA** Apparently you have misunderstood and misinterpreted my efforts to get proof and validation from you that the debt is indeed mine. This will be my FINAL effort to request that you provide copies of the original bills and copies of letters sent to me at the various addresses which you have alleged. I have made numerous efforts both in writing and by phone to gather whatever proof you have that shows that this debt belongs to me. Below is a sequence of the efforts that I have tried to validate this debt. • March 18th – First Letter sent to your office to validate debt • March 28th – Received a response from your office that did not prove that the debt was mine. Your response included an excerpt from the law where you stated: “U.S.C. 1692g ( applies for a period of 30 days after you first receive notice of this claim from us. In this case we sent the 30 day notice to you on November 30, 2000 to XXXXX Eastbury Avenue, Apt X, Baltimore, MD.” I must inform you that your notice that you allegedly claim you sent was never received. I vacated this address in June 2000 and your notice was never received at my new address even though your letter states “Since our first letter we have tried many times to contact you by mail and phone, but even though the mail was not returned, apparently have failed to find you. Our research shows that you have had several different addresses in various parts of the country since the Baltimore address.” I wish to state at this time that your claim of trying to contact me is not true. Apparently, if you were able to research my residences and the phone numbers associated with them, then you would have reached me without fail. No other company has had a problem reaching me and I am unable to understand why you would be any different. To this day you have not proven that a notice was sent on November 30, 2000 to the Baltimore address or any other address you claim and due to this, I have reason to believe that this proof does not exist. • August 31st – Conference phone call made to CABB with Susan, billing representative from Medical Towers, LLC. We spoke with Debra and explained the situation. Debra stated that she has tried to contact me but was unsuccessful. When I asked her the addresses she sent the letter to, she stated me an address that proved to be the wrong address. When I pointed out to her that it was indeed wrong, she quickly changed the subject and stated that she would send me a CABB bill. I told Debra that I did not want a CABB bill, but I wanted the original bills to prove that an attempt was made, she said that she would send me both and mark this debt in dispute on my credit reports. Susan was there for the duration of the call and can serve as a witness of the wrong address stated by Debra and her promise to send the original bills and update of my credit report. The next day I received a CABB bill minus the original bills that I had requested. • September 7, 2005 – Second Letter sent to your office to validate debt (which specific requests to send copies of bills to show debt was owed) • September 14, 2005 – Received a response again from your office that did not prove that the debt was mine. Instead I received a rude and unprofessional letter that avoided proving debt was mind, but instead made insulting comments about my attempts to straighten this matter out. Your letter states comments like “You have obviously, a very short memory… and “Instead of spending your money on postal charges and bad advice, why don’t you invest in a phone to call us to straighten this matter out?” This type of language was uncalled for and obviously shows that you resort to childish insults because you are unable to prove this debt. In none of my correspondence have I been rude, condescending or belligerent in trying to resolve this matter, even though your correspondence on September 12th and March 28th were. I have disputed this debt twice by letter and once by phone and I have yet to receive copies of original bills to show that an attempt was made contact me. I demand that you remove your collection entries from my credit report because you are unable to prove that this debt is valid. Regards, My Signature
  6. I contacted the OC about 2 weeks ago and they called the CA on 3 way to try to straighten it out. The CA, nasty as usual tried to give me the run around, but I finally figured out what happened when they mentioned that they sent the bill to some address that I didn't even know (the wrong address!) So I asked them to send me copies of the bills they sent as proof that they made attempts. The CA stated that they would send the copies along with a copy of THEIR bill. I told them that I didn't need their bill but the original OC bill. Well the next day I got THEIR bill minus the OC copies. So I DV'd them (AGAIN) and below is the response I got. Can someone give me advice on how to respond to this letter?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Ms. XXXXX We have your letter dated September 7, 2005. You have, obviously, a very short memory because this letter appears to be another nonsensical chapter of what is fast becoming an endless book on this perfectly lawful debt. We are enclosing a copy of our reply of March 28, 2005 to the form letter you sent dated March 18, 2005. That letter and the latest one are essentially the same. Our position has not changed. There is no fraud or illegality aw far as we can determine and no matter how many letters and/or disputes you file with the various credit reporting agencies the credit reporting entry will not be withdrawn or deleted. Instead of spending your money on postal charges, internet form letters and, probably, bad advice why don't you invest in a phone call to try to straighten this matter out? If the debt is, as we believe, really your I am sure we can work something out to get it satisfied. If, as you seem to believe, it is not your debt, as soon as we can verify fact (as opposed to opinion) that prove that we can prove that we can delete the account. Sincerely, Robert S. Sherman Executive Vice President
  7. I just contacted Countrywide today for a loan. Gave my info and they told me my score was 644. He gave me a interest rate of 5.8 with an 80/20. He tried to give me the 20 with a HELOC, but thanks to reading this board, I told him that I didn't want that option, so he offered a fixed. Unfortunately, it didn't approve, so he tried to do a fannie mae 100% with a rate of 6.125 and that didn't work either. He said because I had a released tax lien and some 30 day late payments in 2003 that he couldn't approve me and I was referred to spectrum lending. I talked to Spectrum and they said my scores were good and that I could be approved for 300k, but he needed to get some things signed and work out the rate and that I should have a letter in the mail within 5 days. Not sure what to do next...
  8. What's the difference? I've done a search and I'm still confused. Also, which is best? broker or lender and can you recommend the best?
  9. Does anybody know what CR's wells fargo and countrywide pulls?
  10. what about wells fargo? countrywide and freddic mae/mac?
  11. I plan on applying for a loan this week and I'd like to do some shopping with online lenders (lendingtree, ditech, eloan, countrywide) as well as companies like Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae. I just checked my credit score from myfico.com and my equifax score was 693. I'd like to pick the best loan, but I'm not sure what's the best course of action I should take to find the best loan? Online vs In Person I'm in the Washington, DC area where the market is very competitive so I want to find a loan that will allow me to compete with the bidding wars out here. Help?
  12. Good News again, My FICO score jumped to 693...a collection account that I had been disputing was deleted. Thank God!
  13. virginiacouple147, I never figured I owed the tax lien to begin with...so that's why I was confused when TU was reporting dismissed while EQ was reporting released. I will investigate this and see if I can get some documentation on the real results of the lien so I will know if it needs to be removed completely.
  14. virginiacouple147, I have a tax lien that is showing as "dismissed" on my transunion report, while my equifax is showing it as "released". Do you know the difference?