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  1. Two years ago Portfolio Recovery Associates attempted to collect on an old debt. A DV letter and complaint to the VA AG had them stop and remove the TL from all three CRAs. Fast forward to today. In the mail arrives a dunning letter for payment. This is an old debt of my DW that went delenquint in 1999. SOL in MI is 6 years. This is well past SOL. So, my question is do we DV them again or just send a cease and desist? I will ask her to pull her reports to see if they are reporting. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I will try with the OC and see where that goes.
  3. Retmar, Thank you for your timely reply. I will stand firm on this request for PFD and have done so for two years. I will approach the hospital with your suggestion in person and see where that goes. I must believe that a recent paid collection account is much more damaging to my reports and scores than an four year old third party collection account. The journey continues......and thank you again.
  4. I have attempted to pay in full for a PFD in writing with this CA three times. They absolutely refuse and state that they cannot delete the TL from my reports. I advised them that they were a 3rd party collector and had no legal obligation to report to the CRAs. Their response is "what obligation do they have to remove". I have responded that if they want payment in full, their obligation was to remove the TLs. Has anyone had experience with this CA? Was is successful? This is a fairly small amount at about 500 bucks. I am willing to PFD, but not to have a recent paid collection on my reports. This account was for 2003. Thanks!
  5. Unifund is commonly refered to as "Uniscum". They are the lowest of the bottom feeder JDBs and have most likley purchased your out of SOL account from Citi for pennies on the dollar. I am not an attorney. I have dealt with Unifund and have found them to be lawsuit happy and they usually blanket a specific area with lawsuits at different times. I guess they go fishing for people who easily scare and cave to their strong arm tactics. It appears that you are on top of the situation. Do they appear on your CRAs? If so, did you dispute/DV? Did they pull your reports? Did you notice any address changes on your reports after they did pull? They have been known to do this so as to show an old address as current for service. Good luck and keep us updated. Your affirmative defense is obviously SOL.
  6. Is there a way to obtain a complete CR with full account numbers? I belong to TrueCredit, but all accounts are issing the last 4 digits. Thanks!
  7. Thank you all for the advice. Today TU and EX are above 620 and EQ is still behind a little at 574. Not a bad start from low 500s a few months ago. Before 9/11 I used to have 780-800 credit scores and I will work my way back with the excellent help and advice that I get from this forum. What an experience it has been so far. I believe that CAs are definately the bottom feeders of the global ecosystem, in fact they have to wait to wait for a good person to eat Sh@t before they can feed on the carcus. Oh well, Thanks to all! T
  8. Michigander


    I retained an attorney to deal with Uniscum, ( Unifund). They appeared on my CRAs about 12/05 and never sent a dunning letter, etc. They have never even called. They (I believe), played games with my current address on my TU report and had my current address changed to my previous address about 9 days after they pulled my reports. I rectified this, disputed with the CRA and had my address corrected. They have dropped off all 3 reports after an initial dispute with the CRAs. The have purchased old COs, more than doubled the amount stated as owed and, like I stated, never contacted me. My attorney says they will settle for nothing less than 80% of the astronomical ballance that they say is owed. He has been playing hard ball and we are prepared to file Ch 13 if need be. Ch 7 is not an option, which puts me in a somewhat restricted negotiating position. Has anyone settled with these scumbags, and if you have, what approximate percentage did you get from them? Thanks for the assistance!
  9. It is strange that the CRA does not report. I use true credit, also. Possibly the wrong forum, but what exactly is a split file? Thanks!
  10. Michigander


    Unifund has been deleted from all 3 CRAs. I know they are lawsuit happy by reading both this forum and Bud Hibbs board, ( in great depth). There are no real "stickeys" for unifund. But there should be. These people, and I use the term "people" lightly, are the bottom sucking scumbags of the CA/JDB market. I have sucessfully deleted 9 instances of Unifund from all 3 CRA files. What my issue is now is will they still sue. Does any member have a similar experience or ANY dealings with these scumbags. CarolinaBlueEyes has given me great advice in the past. Thanks for reading this and please respond if you have any info.
  11. Far be it for me to ever offer legal advice, however I believe that without prejudice means the case can be tried again. If it was dismissed with prejudice, it means the court system will not entertain hearing it again. I am not a lawyer and anyone with better advice plese jump in here.
  12. Unifund disappeared from all 3 CRAs after my dispute. My question is do they linger and sue or do they go on to other unfortunate victims? FYI, my EQ score jumped 43 points because of this to 618. Working on the others. Many thanks for the great information!
  13. How do you pull daily reports on TrueCredit. I subscribed and for the monthly service and seem to be able to only view the same report for 30 days at a time. Am I missing something. I ask, because the thread start is a good and valid question.
  14. A dispute with all the big 3 had them withdraw from my reports. Now, TrueCredit sent me an alert that there had been new activity on my TU report. The re-inserted, increased the ballance due and posted it as of 07/30/06. They were not even off of TU for 30 days after my dispute with the CRAs. Has any other member had this occur? How did you handle it, other than the normal CRA dispute process? I have never recieved a dunning letter from Unifund, so it is hard to DV. They are lurking in the background, and I assume waiting to pounce. Thanks!
  15. Did they offer their "Oasis program" and try and suck you into a new card agreement if you paid? I personaly like this arrangement but would not accept a new card.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I will either re-post tomorrow or wait until the moderator moves the post. Best regards
  17. What were they offering to settle, (%)? Mine is still within SOL and I have not recieved any offers from them. Thanks
  18. I am in a much better financial position then I was 2 1/2 years ago and want to negotiate with creditors for payment plans to pay off some COs. My questions are these, will OCs such as Citi, MBNA, 1st USA/Chase negotiate payment plans and change their reporting from CO? I cannot payoff the ballances at once and will need to make payments to catch up. I know I should negotiate away all fees and insane interest rates. I have already initiated a goodwill payment effort with Amex and I hope they offer the Oasis program to me. All advice is welcome and appreciated.
  19. Thanks, Thank your all for the help, experience and advice. I will fight this battle and may call upon you members from time to time for advice, experience or just possibly support. I will post all interactions with Unifund, should they happen to go in my favor, I will brag if not, then I will post all happenings for others to use. Again, thanks! Let's stay the course and stay informed. T
  20. I have disputed with the CRAs. I have not DVd yet, but you suggested that I shoud do so in one of your beginning replies. If they are going to sue, so be it. That is what they are infamous for. I have not received a dunning letter or a phone call to date. They seem to be lurking in the shadows. One point of interest is that my "present address" was changed on my TU report to an old address that I had in FL. The date of reported change was 06/02/06. I have a printed record of this and can only assume sneaky business in process service. Again, this was only TU and was done within 3 weeks after TU posting Unifund. The other 2 CRAs also show them, but not as a factoring account. I am prepared to play hard ball with these scum sucking bottom feeders.
  21. CarolinaBlueEyes and Carolina Blue, Thank you both for the information. Only shows on TU as a "Factoring Account". I am familiar with this term and it is somewhat like providing a line of credit for receivables in business. It is certainly not buying a CO, changing the DOLA and posting with the CRAs. The DVs go out tonight. Is the address that Unifund uses on my CRs as a creditior a valid address? I know that you wrote that DVs get returned as undeliverable when sent to them. I believe I may retain an attorney for this one. The original ballance was 11K, now Unifund shows it at 17.8K. Still reported by OC as CO at 11K. Maybe a DV from an attorney will get their attention. Thoughts? Thanks!
  22. Was your lawyer able to get a good settlement, considering these skank JDBs bought the account very, very cheap? Thanks again and I am just attempting to prepare for the worst.
  23. I DVd them for an old AMEX account. They did not reply to the DV and they dropped off my CRs. However, they still show up as a hard pull on inquiries, whic is not good. A few months later I was contacted by an "NC" CA from GA. I emailed Bud Hibbs for advice on connecting NCO to "NC", and he wrote back that this was vary likely a connected CA to NCO. I did a C&D to "NC" and have heard nothing from them since the initial contact in 01/06. I have since initiated a goodwill settlement attempt with AMEX. NCO did not sue me and they never mentioned an ITS in initial exchanges prior to the DV. Good luck!
  24. Osiris, thank you for the reply. I know Unifund to be bottom feeders now, more than ever. I will DV them and dispute with the CRAs. Problem is I already have an outstanding dispute with the CRAs for Unifund prior to my post here. It has been 28 days with the dispute without DV. I guess I will wait until the original CRA dispute drops them from the CR and then go from there. Thanks for the great advice. !