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  1. Methuss, Thanks a lot. I must be asking too much, but do you know in what section of UCC I can find that the creditor is supposed to provide notice of deficiency within 30 days?.. I am trying to find myself that & in UCC, but so far no luck.. Found it! UCC Article 9. THANKS!!!!
  2. The letter came from the bank that financed the car (signed by "recovery supervisor")
  3. Please help! Back in Sep.2003 I had a car repo. I also had a co-signer who filed bankruptcy and was discharged in Aug. 2004 (the car loan was also included in the bankruptcy). Technically I never had the car in my posession, and even the title was in co-signer's name. Until today I had not received anything from the bank that financed the vehicle (NFB), but all of a sudden (almost after 4 years!) I got a letter "explanation of calculation of surplus or defficiency" according to which I owe over $8000.. If anyone has an advice what to do (where to begin), please help!... Thank you in advance!
  4. If you want the CA to pay more than $1000 (but you are OK to get just $1000) - get a lawyer. That's exactly what I did when I realized that no matter how many violations CA made, it's still $1K per lawsuit. So, I got a lawyer (consumer lawyers don’t charge you anything – they get money from a CA if you win or if CA settles) and supplied him with copies of all the docs I sent to CA, return receipts, detailed description of who/when called from this CA, what they said, what I said, etc. Today I got a call from my lawyer. He is really happy (me 2) because CA’s in-house lawyer had to admit that he
  5. Hi! I am not a "pro" here, but would recommend to pay off your "small" ones and read carefully "mortgages” section of the Forum – specifically about “rapid re-score” or “rapid score”. Good luck !!!
  6. Welcome!! Woo-hoo! Paid as ageed is MUCH better!
  7. As for “asking for them to put this on my credit report if I send it” – I think it’s hard to give a definite answer – all CA’s are different.. Some won’t bother; others might do “just because”. From my experience, I am suing a CA now (“properly summoned” 10 days ago ) – so far they didn’t show up on my CR’s - but there is no guarantee that they won’t...
  8. Few words about FBCS Federal Bond & Collection Service: http://www.budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpages/fbcs_federal_bond_collection.htm
  9. Divemedic, Should I approach them ASAP with PFD or wait a little and see what else (if anything) they will send? FYI, this "rare" CA is RJM Acquisitions --------- Thanks, DocDon!
  10. Hi! I have recently DV'd a CA that showed up on my CR in Feb.05 (never got any letters from that CA). To my surprise, they did not ignore my DV, but sent me a letterwith OC name, acc. #, acc. balance, when acc. was opened, my ss# and stating that they".. have ceased collection activity and the above referenced acc. is currently under investigation. While under investigation, this acc. is being reported to CRA with the notation: "Acc. info is being disputed by consumer." We have ordered the info you requested. Same will be sent to you upon receipt."... Do they have any "timeframe" to respond?
  11. I am going through the similar situation as Hunterpro, only in my case the CA went a way TOO far. They keep calling me at home and AT WORK after they received already two DV's with limited C&D (both CMRRR, have both greencards). CA keep telling they never got anything from me and keep telling they will continue calling me at work!!! I am about to sue them and I already spoke to a lawyer, but the trick is (according to what the lawyer said) that at this point it doesn't really matter how many times CA violated FDCPA - they will still have to pay (if you win in court) ".. additional damag
  12. I guess they got my work number from previous "collector" (Attorneys office) who also tried to call me at work with their "scare tactics": we are calling from such-and-such law office, bla, bla.. (though "Attorneys" called before they got my DV). And this Arrow - so sneaky! When I mentioned about "validation", the rep said: "Do you mean you want to get copies of all YOUR statements?" I recommended her to go read my letter to figure out what I mean. I wonder how many "bona fide errors" they are allowed to make..
  13. It's getting ridiculous!! CA’s feel free to violate hiding behind “bona fide error”. Just got a call from CA Arrow Financial. I am at work now and got their green card back yesterday! They are trying to propose a “settlement” – ha-ha! And when I pointed to the rep. that they received my DV few days ago and now, by calling me, they are violating FDCPA, she simply said: “oh, there in no note in your file that we received your letter, there must have been a system error”. .. Just wanted to share..
  14. From http://www.jbandr.com/ "... Javitch, Block & Rathbone takes a highly focused, aggressive approach to collections while still adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other appropriate laws." DV them (to make sure they ARE still adhering to the FDCPA)
  15. Many CA offices are also Attorneys at Law (it's more scary to get a letter from Attorney than just a CA). But as long as they are collecting a debt, they are under FDCPA, and in your case they are collecting (as they included statement "unless you dispute the validity of the debt, ..."). So DV them as you would DV any CA. I personally received such letter from "attorneys" (Rubin & Rothman, Llc, Attorneys at Law) on Jan.26. DV'd them. Never heard back from them, but on MAr.2 received a NEW letter for the same account - now from CA (Arrow, DV's them also, wondering who will be next ) P.S