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  1. bumpity bump Seasoned folks plz chime with any additional input - this firm the poster is dealing with does NOT mess around. Is there anything further the poster can do to either reset the payment amount, or vacate this perhaps based on a platform of improper service? I am not real savvy in this stuff the only input I can lend is my own personal dealing with this firm. Firm located in WI. This is happening in MI, yes? Does the firm need to be licensed to do biz in MI?
  2. Take it from someone who was served by these people they do not waste time in finding paperwork if you ask for validation - but - it was not complete validation in what I would consider clear and concise. It was 10 days from mailing the statements, no further communication, and then they served a summons, which was filed with the Courts. Like, how about even giving me a chance to respond? They DO NOT mess around and they do pursue whatever legal avenue they can to "git er done". They also will upfront advise they tape calls and "are you now ready to talk with one of our paralegals about this" kind of stuff. Prepare yourself the best you can, and btw there is very good advice given within this thread.
  3. I've prepared a DV to this 2nd CA (Atty/CA) with a notification in there that this alleged debt is already involved in an unresolved dispute, since March 2005 and that they are now in the middle of it. Seems I read somewhere sometime ago about a similar situation and that when a 2nd CA gets in the middle of a current dispute (resolved or not) they could be potentially liable for a countersuit. But I cannot find info on this. Anyone? Any thoughts on letter noting outstanding vio's to orig CA with copy to OC?
  4. Here it is: We have been authorized to start a lawsuit for recovery of the amount shown above, which our client claims you owe. Unless you dispute the validity of this debt, or any portion of it, within 30 days after receipt of this notice, we will assume that this debt is valid. If you notify us in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice that you dispute the validity of the debt, or any portion of it, or want to know the name of the original creditor, if different than the creditor named above, we will obtain verification of the debt, or a copy of the judgement against you, if applicable, and the name and address of the original creditor, and mail it to you. Please note that all payments, which you choose to make toward this debt, must be sent to XXX XXX Firm, Address xxxxxxxxx. Your account number at XXXX XXXX Firm, is XXXXXXXXX. Please use this account number for any payment you choose to make or correspondence you choose to send to us about this debt. (and then in bold) We are debt collectors. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. --------------
  5. Scenario: Ran CR's in March. Found entry by OC and same entry by a CA for a Utility bill. Amount matches. Did initial round of disputes with CRA's as a not mine in hopes of stuff falling off. Some did. Not this. The CA then did a hard pull on my CR. Two days later I DV'd (CMRR) them. In April the CRA reported back "verified, no change". Account not marked in dispute. No response to my March DV from the CA. Disputed with CRA again. Came back again in late April, "Verified, no change." Again, account not marked in dispute. Still no DV response as of today from CA. Forward to May. May 9th get letter in mail from new Atty/CA firm saying we are prepared to file suit against you unless you dispute this bill, etc. with mini-miranda on their letter. So now, since the original CA has verified 2X to the CRA's but has not provided me any communication to my DV request, I am asking for advice on how to proceed. Seasoned vets, please chime in. I plan to DV the new Atty/CA to stave them off, but I request direction on how to handle the first bunch of slugs that verified 2X, did not mark tradeline in dispute either time, and provided no DV to me. With your advice, I'd also like to let the OC know of the violations CA #1 has racked. How many do you count? Should I advise the OC of the shenanigans of the first CA? I am in a State which has Consumer Protection Statutes that I guess generally speak to that the OC can be potentially held liable for the actions of those they direct to collect. I am not refusing to pay the debt. But I also want to if I can hang this first CA out to dry. All advice and direction is most welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  6. On the same account...If the CRA comes back with "Remains", "No Change", etc. Somewhere I saw a post that spoke to giving 30-60 days in between and the poster met with success in doing this, but I cannot call other parts of the post as to what other things they may have done to accomplish a successful deletion of the TL. Your thoughts?
  7. I've got a CA where I DV'd, still no response, yet they did TWO hard inq's. What's the best route for this - via the CRA (will they delete inq's) or back to the CA and ITS them?
  8. Last month I raised you know what with a CA for a med collection and more or less enticed Skippy the Manager to get sassy with me. So I sassed him right back and told him I was going to the OC. The SNOT replied "Go ahead, they will just send you back to me anyway!" So my two parting words (which were not Happy Birthday, or Let's Dance) concluded the call. I hung up and got ahold of the OC and respectfully requested to get the CA out of the middle of this, that I had full payment in hand and wanted to pay them directly. But payment only on the condition that Skippy got a good talking to, and a reprimand when it comes to the delicacy of information on a medical collection...blah, blah. Also a polite reminder that in our State, the OC potentially is liable for the actions of those they employ to collect...enough said. I also told the Billing Manager at the OC that I didn't think they should pay the CA commission on this, as they were useless-why pay them when they are not doing the job for you, etc.. I came to them to settle, they did nothing. And on, and on. It's paid and off my records.
  9. Curious on this. Are you pulling daily?
  10. I just did a dispute to TU for several hard inqs. One company did hard pulls 2X in 2 DAYS. Mentioned it was poisoning my score, plz remove. Another 2 hard pulls by same CA, diff names, within 3 days of each other. Mentioned DV'd and no response, therefore no PP. We'll see if this works. I know it may not. But I tell ya, some of the things I see popping up on my reports info, ah yes, they are inundated and cannot keep up. The stuff is to the positive from what I have seen.
  11. No not S/A. It's the nasty one out of Colorado, as seen on the Hibbs site.
  12. Scenario, requesting input from all: OC lists C/O on CR. CA is not listed on CR reporting this C/O. CA is DV'd. No response. Current CA is an "affiliate"/subsidiary of a parent CA. Both have done hard pulls on CR within 3 days of each other (thank you very much...) Advised OC of ITS naming them in pending suit given OC in my State can be held responsible for actions of those they deploy to collect. Have documented 9 violations since this began. OC sends me letter saying sorry, we forwarded this to CA and you deal with them. We are also sending a copy of this letter to them (parent CA). They sent the letter to the parent CA, not the subsidiary CA that originally dunned me. Do I send a 2nd DV to current subsidiary CA or just sit and wait, not stirring the pot, so to speak. My concern is, since the OC apparently does not know who's on first when it comes to actual ownership of the collection (parent or subsidiary) - if the parent CA now attempts to collect, while I have the outstanding DV with the subsidiary, what do I do? Sorry for rambling, new to this - signed, very confused
  13. Speaking of NCO with these inq's, curious if anyone has ever collected from them for the Non-PP ? I'm currently seeing 2 on my TU report, yet I have nothing from them in the mail or by a call.
  14. Your story is a true inspiration, and I thank you for sharing this with us. Continued success to you and yours in all aspects of your life! Good health and smiles too!