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  1. You have to appeal the judgment now. Try to settle if you can.
  2. Yes, then can put a lien on your house even if a spouse name is on it. But, surprisingly you can still settle a judgment after you lose. If you sell or refinance, try to offer 60% of the judgment to settle. You might be surprised what they will accept. I'm in negotiations after I lost my case in Summary Judgment.
  3. God, I wish I was offered 35% to settle my case. If you could afford it, take it. Have them send you the offer in writing. Attempting to settle a debt is not admitting guilt.
  4. And DO NOT pay them with a check by phone! Buy a cashier's check or money-order and make a copy of it for your records. If they will accept $1300 then they're desperate. Say all I can come up with is $1000, take it or leave it. Just to see what they say.
  5. Well, her small checking account always has less than $100 and her job is 4 hours per day at $8 per hour. 25% of her paycheck is about $75. Plus she's getting laid off for the summer. P.S. They will take 13K to settle. LOL
  6. Not sure on this either, but I think they will have to sue the other spouse first to make sure they are legally married.
  7. We f'up and defaulted on 5 credit cards. Settled with two, two sued, but dismiss after we answered the lawsuit, but CitiBank was the SOB. They will not settle before judgment. We offered 80% and they said no. I fought for months, requesting mucho discoveries. They had nothing but copies of statements. Of all our credit cards, Citi kept charging interest for two years after the delinquent date and 7K ending up being 13K. They had no signed contract, noting with wife's signature, but they won in Summary Judgement with the "Account Stated" argument. They now have judgment against us for 15
  8. with cash or some say an online account is hard to find.
  9. Were you served papers for the lawsuit that ended in a judgment? If not, read the thread about vacating the judgment. They may be able to garnsih her wages and her bank account. I would have her close the checking account, and get one online or deal with cash and money-orders. They could also put a lien on her house. Is BK an option?
  10. You send out discoveries: Admissions, Interoggatories, and Request for Docs.
  11. Were you served the original summons? If not file a motion to vacate.
  12. Thanks! It was one out of three. I was able to get two dismissed and now they're past the SOL. Whatcha doing with the 5 grand?
  13. Congrats Chase!!! I've been following this for over a year. Too bad I lost my case in Summary Judgment.
  14. True...I offered 75% and they wouldn't settle. At what point on a charged off account must they stop charging interest on a default credit card? Six months?