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  1. RE: Find a bankruptcy lawyer who will take $100 down to start your case. You are then represented and can tell the collectors you now have a bankruptcy attorney and to speak with them. I will be looking tomorrow for a lawyer, is there any tips to tell if they are a good one? What is the average cost to file BK?
  2. Thanks for replying shellieh98 Here is a few more thoughts and questions: Has anyone here on this forum actually been in jail for credit card debt? no such this a debt prison. I thought they had to compel in court to get access to anything. Yes this is a judgment at this point i'm not sure if motion the court for a vacate of the judgement would even be worth doing. They would be doing me favor taking my car lol... but I think the cost to do this would be expensive from what I read about their fees to do this. So I have to supply copies of Documents for this Request to the CA? How i
  3. Please Help - I received this Aid Of Execution This PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS seems very invasive to my privacy, its as if they want me to do all the work in findings to force Judgment. This is a Fla. Civ. Court for a 2009 Credit Card default Judgment of $19,000 against me. I was never served or new about this so I assume they did a sewer service to an old address long after the postal forwarding service ended. I have nothing they can get as im a hardship living with family. No current job for past 5 years, no furniture or anything of value. my car is 15 years old and is falling apart. No
  4. Kendra, That's what I would do... It would seen that you where not properly served... check with your state on proper procedures. Ouch, Bank account has been froze doesn't seem wright. I wounder if they can freeze Pre-Paid visa cards and Paypal accounts as well... do you know I'm looking for options in cass this happens to me.
  5. Just curious, Where you served a summons? if so... I was wondering if it was mailed certified and you signed for it or they came to your house or work and served you?
  6. Curious question? If I use my Visa Check Card to buy the(Equifax Gold $99 credit report package) online, will the CA's be able to locate me at the address connected to this card Will this address then be noted as my address Do these type of Debit Visa's show up on credit reports I already have an account with Equifax but it is my old address on file and I live with a friend...All my mail goes to a PO Box for the last two years and that is my address. It seems that I only need to find a way to pay for the report, I have no Credit Cards anymore.
  7. I assume you watched this FrontLine special... here it is, it was on Frontline. You can watch it on windows media player... add www. to the front: Watch section Three first and be ready to fall of your chair
  8. Yes, that is exactly what was on that " An inside Look at the Credit card Industry" on the CBC channel...I think it was put together by the PBS station. you could probably look it up. here it is, it was on Frontline. You can watch it on windows media player... add www. to the front of it or copy paist in address Watch section Three first and be ready to fall of your chair
  9. LadynRed That's the way I see it to So one can assume that the CC industry will crush are Economy because If you get in the trap (just about everyone) and can't pay off you could possibly : 1. lose your JOB less money for the Economy 2. have a very hard time getting hired ...most companies pull CC reports these days (should be illegal does not show your skills) 3. lose your living status (Homes, family, friends, loved ones)... 4. and so the Gap widens between the Wealthy and the poor, middle class is fading away (might just about be gone) 5. You can fill it in from here... Oh well, its humble
  10. Thanks KentWA for your words of inspiration I really think the Credit Card system is nothing more than a shell game, they are able to change the rules at will and due you in for no reasons. All CC issued by Banks are nothing more than a Loan Shark loans... I saw a inside look at the CC industry on (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Channel, which pretty much shows how they are surgically identifying peoples ability to pay...and if your getting to deep they up your interest rates. This is really wrong because you might have had a 8% when you bought something and they decide to change your rate to 19
  11. I don't even have the funds to file bankruptcy... my checking account never has more than 200 in so that would be the most they could get... I really don't have much of anything to get. I saw on TV that the new laws where even if you file bankruptcy they could still make you pay a portion of that debt back over time (5yrs) or so... this is that new law your talking about. Why file then? My point is should I just not pick up any certified letter because if I sign for it them something could start against me What to do, it is so confusing at this point They only have my PO BOX address so th
  12. Thanks for the reply I did receive a certified letter notice in my POB today... I don't want to pick it up because I think it is from a lawyer that has been calling about time is running out and action will be tacken...I have never spoken to him it just goes to my answering machine. Should I pick it up or just let it go back to whomever is sending it I don't want to open a can of Worms on myself. If someone is suing me and I don't officially received the letter and don't show up and judgment is charged against me then I guess the judgment will last 10 years? I don't ever plan on paying beca
  13. A few questions, Please help answer! I have been out of work for two years and I'm in Credit Card debt up to my ears. I get letters from collection agencies every week and phone calls but I have avoided them all. I can not pay I'm broke and below the poverty line at this point. I do not own a house I rent My car is 10 years old. Are checking accounts safe from debt collection in Michigan Are Visa Check cards tied to a checking account safe to use or will they see what your buying? Could this be frozen by collectors I use paypal to buy things I need from time to time and its tied to my check