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  1. 1)I wasn't advocating fraud but why are they asking for a police report? I don't understand what they are asking for. Are they asking for a report that specifically states that the Primus account was fraudulent or a general report that states some other chooch in Cali is using my name and SSN? Is this standard practice for identity theft? 2.) If I don't send them anything won't they just verify back to the CRA's. I'd like to get this horrendous TL off my CR. Should I follow this up by sending them a DV? It's allready being disputed on my CR. If I have an opportunity to get it off then i want to take advantage of it. 3.) They should listen to me because it's killing my scores! lol... and it's almost or IS out of SOL. They TL doesn't look right. First it says date opened 02/1998 fine. I did buy the car then. But under the account history it says 60 days late as of 11-99, 30 days late 10-99, and 4 other times. It says repo'ed as of 6-2000 to 12-2000, 12-1999 to 2-2000. How can it be repo'ed twice? Then shows a charge off as of 1/2005 which is when I first disputed it as of not mine. Sounds like they re-aged it on me too. I'm very new to this but something doesn't seem right with this TL. How would you handle it if you were me? You seem like a damn genius with this stuff. Thanks, MuahMan
  2. Hey. I have been starting work on my credit reports... live in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Well the first thing I did was clean up addresses that are not mine and got another person with the exact same name that was using my name and SSN to open accounts. Somehow the other guy using my name addresses and a diffrent SSN at the time it led to me getting a split file. They deleted a couple fo the TL's that were totally fraudulent. While I was disputing the fraudulent one I figured I would try and sneak in a TL that was mine. A repo by Primus. Yesterday I recieved a letter from Primus whom I owe $8000(total BS) after the vehicle sale. It says... paraphrased "It's our understanding that we may have opened an account without your consent, knowledge, or authorization".... "To help us resolve this matter please provide us with the following. A legible copy of a police report. A completed theft ID Affadavit, a blank copy of which is enclosed and a copy of your drivers license" ... "Please fax these docs to us immediately or mail them. If you do not respond in 30 days we will consider this matter closed" This letter has warning lights going off all over the place. I don't have a police report and don't know if I should file one stating that this account is specifically fraudulent as it isn't. But I've definitely been the victim of identity theft. Should I do this? Also i don't want to send Primus a copy of my DL. I would prefer to send them a copy of my passport instead since I'm quite sure I used my DL at one point to buy the car originally back in 02/1998. I'm also wary of filling out this affadavit. Has anyone come accross such a letter from an OC? How would you proceed. It seems like I have an opportunity to get a really bad TL off my CR's but I don't want to a.) get sued b.) do something illegal. This thing has got to close to being out of SOL. On the Experian CR it shows opened 2/98, reported since 4/98 and repossession as of 6-2000 to 12-2000, 12-1999 to 2-2000?!?!?! How can they reposses a car for like 6 months two seperate times??!? seems like a violation right there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciatted. Regards, MuahMan
  3. Seems to be down now? I can't get to the link anymore, just times out. Can anyone else confirm? MuahMan
  4. Holy Good God I'm a tard! LOL, thanks for the Link! I pray that Swede does not see my foolish post!
  5. Been reading, reading, reading and a little posting. I've done the first go around of disputes disputing everything as "not mine" the first go around. Now I want to go after some of these 6 remaining collections accounts. I've done numerous searches like: "DV Letter AND Sample" "DV Letter", "Sample AND Letter". I am getting wayyyyy to many responses. There must be a link around here with sample letters. Is there a repository around here for the most of the basic letters? Thanks for the help, MuahMan
  6. What do you mean by "responding with phony affidavits"? They are sending forged legal docs? How do you dispute those? Thanks
  7. Man oh man. TU is impossible to deal with. I've been calling all day getting different reps and NONE of them will invesigate an inquiry. Keep telling me to call the creditor. I was thinking calling the creditors to try and have inqs deleted would be a bad idea. Should I send an ITS or just keep trying to call and get the one rep that might actually take some of them off. I try to be mean but I just can't seem to do it.
  8. Man, I gave it a shot. Got tranferred to Experian Fraud deptartment. They are NOT very pleasent at all! It was like the inquisition. I DID at least get to open an investigation. But they were definitely not going to just take them off! I will call them again on Monday and try again.
  9. Is there anyway to determine which accounts are associatted with with a particular address? I pulled my Experian report today and there are some addresses on there I want to remove so I can move forward with some disputes. I wish all the CRAs would put the personal information on there like Experian does. Thanks
  10. PG is It's a credit monitoring site that you can basically sign up for for 1 dollar. They allow you to do 1 credit report pull daily from all three CRA's. Bumpage refers to pulling your reports daily as this loads up soft inquries(the ones that don't affect your score) and eventually the hard inquiries (the ones that drop your scores) begin to fall off. I don't think it works for all the CRA's though. I'm still VERY new to this but I think i'm accurate. I'm not sure if we are even suppossed to talk about bumpage though. MuahMan
  11. DV= Debt Validation. Getting them to send you proof you owe them, how much you owe them and I believe something with your signature on it.
  12. Good morning all! I started trying to "work on" my credit around October 2004. Problem is I didn't find these boards until I met the wonderful, talanted and beautiful Swede until January and I had hired a "Credit Repair Agency" at the advice of a mortgage broker I was working with. Well they actually did get 14 items removed between the three CRA's so I guess it wasn't all bad. Although after further research I see all they did was use the copies of the CR's I sent them and used them to do online disputes as Not Mine. They did three rounds of them over a 4 month period so obviously that is too much. Anyways.... I'm trying to get a mortgage (Thanks Charles & First Source... see the Mortgages forum) and I am basically waiting for the air to clear so to speak and not do anything foolish while I am in the process of buying a home. I pull my reports daily from various sites including, TrueCredit, CreditExpert, PG, Credit Keeper, etc. There is one item that is showing up as disputed on all three reports and has been for over 30 days. It's for a Charge Off loan that I paid in full. Without some sort of written proof I guess I'm pretty much at their mercy as to when they want to say the investigation started? Can I send them a letter stating it's been over 30 days and give it a try? All that aside. I look forward to reading in here and getting lots of valuable information and friends and I embark on the long journey of credit repair... and with my 16 page report I do mean long. Thanks, MuahMan
  13. Really? I have heard nothing but bad things about the OIC. The 12-18 month wait alone is ridiculous. Then I heard they deny like 95-98% of them anyway. All I want to do is have some of the penalties and interest reduced so I can make the payment in one lump sum. What did the lawyer do for you? THanks, MuahMan