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  1. Hi Everyone, A few months ago I saw a post here about the premium card issuers (MC and Visa) that give the holder an extra 2 or 3 points on their credit score because the CRAs think these cards indicate better borrowers, (lower credit risk.) I searched for the post and couldn't find it. I specifically remember the BoA and Chase were supposedly on the list. Does anyone know any other issuers that are considered "premium" card issuers? Is Citicorp on this list? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fixing the old info is the first and most important job you have in the credit repair process. Get rid of all the old data and all other issues become much easier to solve. Read these two threads and a huge number of your questions will be answered before you have to type them into your computer... its 15 minutes that are well spent. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Momof5, Best wishes, Radio_guy
  4. Hi Lady, thanks for trying to help... I'm in the state of confusion ... actually outsiders know it as Maryland, (Home of Linda Tripp School of Telecommunications Law... Interestingly, she used to live right near me.) No- these nit picky things are not in the C & Rs, (I have a copy of them.) The C & R s refer to another document called the Architectual Guidelines. That is where the HOA says you must meet certian guidelines for home maintenance. These arbitrary retaliatory actions will not stand up in court, however, they could cost me some legal fees to defend. That is the manageme
  5. Hi Everyone, Can I legally tape my side of a phone conversation? (I will put the recorder on my desk not connect it to the phone-I plan to transcribe the tape and add my recollection of the other side's comments in the discussion.) I live in a two party state and need to discuss some illegal assessments and overcharges with my homeowners association's (HOA) management company. I have sent them a CMRRR letter as suggested by the attorney in my local Consumer Affairs office but am required to call them before I can file suit in HOA Commission's Administrative court. The HOA's mangement comp
  6. BTW: under little known Federal Reserve rules your bank has three days to return a "check" or debit and still be in compliance with Fed Rules. (-and No I don't remember the exact regulation number, its been years since I was a Retail banker...) A few years ago I was able to ask my bank to bounce a duplicate payment that my mortgage company claimed they didn't get ! Unbelievably, one of the check processors had the check on her desk and told the branch manager she Knew this was a duplicate payment and that we'd be calling... of course this excellent employee was later "downsized" in a bank
  7. I hear ya.. I think "Dirtbag" is the current politically correct term to use these days...
  8. The only question here is was this account included in the BK?
  9. She needs to get the big guns in on this... She has to contact her consumer affairs office or the State Attorney General for her state and ask for help. A threat of foreclosure for a mortage company mistake is very serious. She should go to her tax collectors office and respectfully demand a printout of the payments to her tax account. This will prove what amounts were deposited in her name and when. She will have to match up the payments with her cancelled checks to prove she paid the taxes not the mortgage company. Once she has determined that there was no $11,342.00 dollar deposit into he
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of unscrupulous mortgage salespersons... I've seen this scenario very frequently, especially with first time home buyers. Yes you did get abused a bit, however, you do have the home which was your original goal. You have to wait to refi for a little while... Check with a reputable mortgage company to see what they can do for you and when. The moderator here is currently in the business and can give you some ideas. BTW: Now is the time to let your real estate broker just what you think of his services... Revenge is best when served up coldest. Tell him you wi
  11. Its even worse if you have a serious illness... Before my sister died of cancer, she was terrified that her employer would terminate her while she was on disability... According to her that was standard practice at her company (a Fortune 500 company.) So write your elected officials and complain...
  12. This is may not be correct. In my case the only loan I have added in the last year was a new car loan. My scores tanked, and the "suggestions" from true credit and PG were to reduced my installment debt to less than 65% utilization. Also, the "loan guy" at the car dealership specifically said to my that both car and home loans have a utilization factor for scoring... His exact words were something to the affect ... " I've never seen a score over 800 without being below 50% utilization on your mortgage" (At the time I had an 803, now the loan is nine months old and I'm still at 741.. ) I t