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  1. assuming JCC&A told LVNV it was disputed when they returned the debt, LVNV would not be able to communicate the existence of the debt to FFJHA without also disclosing the existence of the dispute.
  2. you need to back the F* up! Dive has been here way longer than you and has helped a lot of people. he's a moderator for a reason. he refuses to moderate threads in which he has posted on principal. and if he were in the habit of banning everyone who disagreed with him, you would have been gone a long time ago! you argue and then offer case law that supports his position while trying to argue ? what sense does that make? go back to your cave and quit picking fights with people just because they're smarter than you. (not that Dive needs my help, but nascar was annoying me too)
  3. as has been discussed ad nauseum, the SOL starts running when the contract is breached. this means the date a payment was due and not made. NOT the date of the last payment you made. (some states reset the SOL when you make a payment, but generally it's the above)
  4. um no..... they must cease all collection activity upon receipt of DV until they provide validation to the consumer. not simply stop what they already did and start a new round of phone calls or letters instead.
  5. supposedly CC's are 5, but store cards are 4.
  6. I think what the OP is asking is about NC allowing you to register a foreign (another state's) judgement in NC, if the original judgement was obtained by default (a default judgment). unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with NC law.
  7. they have to be able to get your CR to generate a score, and most of them use your SSN to find your CR.
  8. i'm guessing they have a judgement against you, or are in the process of suing you. if the bank account goes away, they will pursue whatever other legal means are available to them in your state to get their money.
  9. a CA can report a TL on your CR whether they are contracted to collect or if they are a JDB that bought the debt. either way they can still report.
  10. and you can bet I'd be MOVing the CRA asking who and how the TL was verified if they don't have proper contact info on the report!
  11. and I think with dormant accounts, the state or the bank gets to keep the money. i don't think you get that back. and since the creditor's not getting it, i bet they still come after you.
  12. i would be fighting them on that. If they pulled ur credit to give you the cards, and whatever rate you had, then they were already aware of any defaults and can't use that to jack it up later just because they feel like it.
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